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Wheel of Doge Review

Wheel of Doge is a single-game gambling site that makes use of dogecoins. It is not limited to dogecoins, though, as it also accepts other altcoins through a special payment method. This site was launched not too long after dogecoin was introduced. It features a colorful wheel with mug shots of a yellow shiba inu dog at the center and along the edges. Why? Because Wheel of Doge, maybe.

Wheel of Doge is a single-game gambling site that makes use of dogecoins. It is not limited to dogecoins, though, as it also accepts other altcoins through a special payment method. This site was launched not too long after dogecoin was introduced. It features a colorful wheel with mug shots of a yellow shiba inu dog at the center and along the edges. Why? Because Wheel of Doge, maybe. Wheel of Doge is similar to Wheel of Satoshi in being a spin-a-win game but it has notable differences and offers slightly more features than regular Bitcoin roulette. It has a…

Wheel of Doge Ratings:

Trust - 95%
Quality - 92%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 93%


Top Notch!

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Wheel of Doge is similar to Wheel of Satoshi in being a spin-a-win game but it has notable differences and offers slightly more features than regular Bitcoin roulette. It has a very simple interface that may look a little too sparse for some but it particularly looks great on mobile. It is similar to Wheel of Satoshi in not requiring account registration and giving a unique URL to everyone who visits the site. However, it’s different and in a not so flattering way.

Know what these differences are by reading further into our Wheel of Doge review.

Wheel of Doge Homepage

Automatic Account Creation

Just like the other single-game gambling sites we featured here before, Wheel of Doge has a system that automatically grants an account to anyone who visits its website. There’s no need to register to play. You just have to save or bookmark your unique URL so you can return to your account when you want to. You can immediately add and withdraw funds and proceed to playing.

You can change your nickname by clicking the Change Nickname link below the volume toggle. Bear in mind though that you can only change your nickname up to three times throughout the lifetime of your account. If you really feel the need to change to a new name more than thrice, just forget about your old account.

Wheel of Doge Account Registration

There is no option for adding a username and password to your account. We really spent some time to make sure of this before writing it in this Wheel of Doge review, because it’s rather unusual. Most similar sites provide the option to at least add a password. A mere unique URL is not enough to have a secure account. You can’t even add a password here, to prevent unauthorized playing or withdrawals. This is something we would consider a major drawback.

The Wheel of Doge Game and Game Interface

There is only one game on Wheel of Doge. Before you can play, you need to make a deposit (more on this below). Your deposited funds usually appear after around five minutes.

The Wheel of Doge game has 3 fields: How Many Bet, How Much Chance, and So Win!. To play, you just have to fill out two of these fields. The third field gets automatically filled out based on the details you entered on the other two fields.

Notice that when you enter a value on the How Much Chance field, the wheel gets divided into shaded and unshaded parts. The unshaded part is the part that allows you to win a prize. The value you can enter in this field is any number above 0 to 95. It can be in decimal points.

If you are ready with the numbers in your How Many Bet, How Much Chance, and So Win fields, you can then click Spin and wait for the results. If your marker lands on the unshaded area, you win the prize stated in your So Win! field.

Wheel of Doge Game

It’s as simple as that. The wheel spins just like a real wheel so you can get that similar experience you get from playing with an actual spin a win wheel.

In case your browser freezes or your Internet connection gets disconnected while the wheel is still spinning, you don’t have to worry. The spinning wheel is just an animation intended for your visual enjoyment. The spinning of the wheel has no effect on the results. The results are quickly generated behind the scenes. If you actually won as your browser crashed, your prize is automatically added to your account balance. Conversely, if it’s a loss, the corresponding amount is removed from your balance.

Wheel of Doge has a great video tutorial for playing the game so in case we failed to properly explain the game mechanics here, just view the video tutorial embedded below.

Wheel of Doge Game Software, Fairness, and House Edge

Wheel of Doge uses its proprietary software that makes for a provably fair game. To check the fairness of the game results, after each bet, you can click the Click link under the Proof column to see the Server Seed, Client Seed, and SHA512 Hash. You can also check for these provability variables before you place a bet by clicking the Help button (near the upper right corner) and going to the Provably Fair tab.

Wheel of Doge declares a house edge of 1.5%.

Wheel of Doge Is Provably Fair

Wheel of Doge Is Mobile-Friendly

The Wheel of Doge website actually looks better on smartphones and tablets. It’s as if it’s really meant to be played on mobile devices. The site looks sparse when viewed on desktops or laptops but it has this seemingly perfect fit on mobile, with the wheel neatly positioned at the center and the other game function buttons conveniently accessible with a little scrolling below.

Wheel of Doge does not have iOS, Android, or Windows mobile apps for playing the game. We can say, though, that the mobile-friendly website is enough to provide a good mobile gaming experience with Wheel of Doge. It’s even arguably better since you no longer have to download any app. All you need is a web browser, which is most likely already installed on your mobile device. Just avoid using Opera Mini since it presents a different version of the site and the game no longer works the way it should).

Wheel of Doge Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Bet Particulars

Wheel of Doge, as the name implies, uses dogecoins (DOGE). However, it can also accept other altcoins through ShapeShfit. With this payment method, you can pay in bitcrystals (BCY), Black Coin (BLK), Bitshares, Clamcoin (CLAM), dash (DASH), digibyte (DGB), emercoin (EMC), ether (ETH), factoids (FCD), gemz (GEMZ), litecoin (LTC), nxt (NXT), reddcoin (RDD), storjX (SJCX), startcoin (START), counterparty (XCP), monero (XMR), Monacoin, Novacoin, Peercoin (PPC), Shadowcash, Vertcoin, Nubits, Counterparty, and ripple (XRP). Ahh and BTC!

Wheel of Doge ShapeShift Payment

The process of using ShapeShift is very simple. On the Add/Withdraw interface of Wheel of Doge, just click on the Pay with Altcoins button. A pop-up window will then appear and that window is basically the ShapeShift window. There’s no need to sign up for an account separately. You can immediately proceed to processing your payment. This window also automatically shows the DOGE equivalent of the currency you are using, along with the prevailing exchange rate, the deposit minimum, and deposit maximum. If you pay in bitcoins for example, at the time we did this Wheel of Doge review, the exchange rate was 1 BTC = 1993500.00000000 DOGE. ShapeShift is not a free service, though. A miner fee is charged for every transaction. It varies for every altcoin. If you want to know the specific miner fees, you can go to ShapeShift’s About page.

Anyway, to add funds to or withdraw from your account in dogecoins, you just have to click the purple Add Funds/Withdraw button. It’s a straightforward process. You just have to fill out the fields shown on the interface. Your deposit requires two confirmations so it may take around five minutes for it to be reflected on your account. There is no fee imposed on deposits but 2 DOGE will be automatically deducted from your payout in the case of withdrawals.

Wheel of Doge Deposits and Withdrawals

The Wheel of Doge Help page says that bet limits are listed on the entry fields. However, we found none of these bet limit details. As usual, we tried multiple web browsers to make sure that we provide accurate representation for this Wheel of Doge review. In all browsers we tried, none of these bet limit details is shown.

No Demo Mode, No Play Money, No Bitcoin Faucet

Unfortunately, Wheel of Doge does not offer a demo mode of the game. It also does not provide free credits that allows you to try playing the game even if you don’t have dogecoins yet (its not Free Bitcoin Casino as we call it).  Also, it has no free dogecoin faucet. This is a letdown considering that other similar sites usually come with free bitcoin faucets. We can’t be sure if the earnings made from the affiliate program can be immediately used for betting on Wheel of Doge.

Instead of a dogecoin faucet, Wheel of Doge has a Put-Up Doge program, which is a program that allows players to contribute to the game’s bankroll. The profit rate is not detailed on the site. We sent a separate email inquiry regarding this but we have not received a reply since the time we asked for information about restricted countries for the third time.

No Bonuses and Promotions

There arent any deposit, welcome, or signup bonuses on Wheel of Doge. There are also NO no deposit bonuses offered. Likewise, there are no VIP programs and rewards. What the site offers is just an affiliate or referral program.

Just click on the Affiliate button near the upper right corner of the site. A modal window will appear, readily showing your referral link. This modal window will also show a table for monitoring the affiliate earnings you’ve made so far. The Wheel of Doge affiliate program gives a 20% share of the profit made by Wheel of Doge from the players you refer to the site.

Wheel of Doge Customer Support

You can quickly contact Wheel of Doge for support, inquiries, or other concerns by clicking on the question mark button located on the lower right corner of the site. It opens an online form for sending an email to Wheel of Doge’s support team. Also, you can send email directly using the following address: info@wheelofdoge.com. The site also has social media accounts. The links are presented below (the Important Notes and Links section).

Wheel of Doge Support

Wheel of Doge License, Regulation, Security, and Player Anonymity

On its Help page, Wheel of Doge’s creators claim that the site is a product developed by expert game developers. There is no information regarding its license and security. There’s also no information about the security measures implemented on the site. What is certain, though, is that this online gambling site supports player anonymity. There’s no need to sign up for an account here. As such, players are not required to reveal any information about them. Email addresses are not even required.

Countries Served and Site Languages

We repeatedly asked Wheel of Doge’s admin/support staff (via email) whether or not it serves players in the United States but they never gave a proper response. Instead, they kept asking questions about us. This is rather off-putting since we don’t really find anything wrong with the question. We even avoided asking them about their license and the software they use because we somehow know, based on experience, that bitcoin gambling site owners/support staff are not that comfortable answering these questions. We just wanted to know how extensive is “you can play from anywhere” as mentioned on their YouTube video tutorial.

The site can be viewed in English and Chinese language versions. And yes, the website is a US-accepted Bitcoin Casino – Players from the USA can play.

Important Notes and Links

We have to emphasize this again. If you did not save the unique URL for your account, you will no longer be able to access it again. Wheel of Doge clearly writes it on its FAQ page that it can no longer do anything to help you recover your account. The support staff or admin can no longer help you in finding your unique URL.

If you want to quickly get acquainted with the Wheel of Doge website and game, the most important link or button you need to click is the green Help button near the upper right corner of the site. It presents answers to frequently asked questions from players, contact details, and information on how to play and the provably fair system of the game.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple but enjoyable game with a highly user friendly interface
  • Accepts dogecoins and altcoins
  • Provably fair game
  • Fast deposits and payouts


  • No live chat support
  • Security issue: you can’t add a password to your account and you can’t convert it to a standard account that requires a username and password for logging in.
  • Account can’t be recovered if you forgot your unique URL
  • No free dogecoin faucet

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