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Wheel of Bitcoin Review

Wheel of Bitcoin distinguishes itself from other spin-the-wheel sites with its “instant payouts and no claim intervals.” It actually claims to be “the first and only spin the wheel site with instant payouts and no claim intervals.” It also claims to offer higher payouts and touts its unlimited free bitcoin spins and “instant deposits.” What’s more, registration is not necessary to make use of the site.

Wheel of Bitcoin distinguishes itself from other spin-the-wheel sites with its “instant payouts and no claim intervals.” It actually claims to be “the first and only spin the wheel site with instant payouts and no claim intervals.” It also claims to offer higher payouts and touts its unlimited free bitcoin spins and “instant deposits.” What’s more, registration is not necessary to make use of the site. However, Wheel of Bitcoin is not really a bitcoin betting site. It’s not the typical BTC gambling game you may have in mind. It’s not the bitcoin counterpart of Wheel of Doge. Despite all…

Wheel of Bitcoin Ratings

Trust - 84%
Quality - 90%
Promotions - 85%
Games Diversity - 75%
User Rating: 4.7 ( 1 votes)

However, Wheel of Bitcoin is not really a bitcoin betting site. It’s not the typical BTC gambling game you may have in mind. It’s not the bitcoin counterpart of Wheel of Doge. Despite all of the enticing words written on its homepage, if you are looking for a full-fledged online casino or BTC gambling site, it would be better skipping this Wheel of Bitcoin review and look for other options.

Wheel of Bitcoin is part of a group of bitcoin faucet sites with different strategies for attracting new players or members. It is basically a site created for those who want to earn some bitcoins without having to gamble anything. It also offers a number of other good points, in addition the fact that you don’t have to register for an account to start spinning and earning bitcoins. The site allows you to get bitcoins, albeit in very small amounts, that you can accumulate to something that can be useful in the future.

Wheel of Bitcoin Homepage

Account Registration

As mentioned, you will not be required to register for an account with Wheel of Bitcoin. To start spinning, you just have to enter your bitcoin wallet address, Xapo address, or email address. We have to clarify, though, that there are two fields where you can enter your bitcoin wallet address or Xapo address/email address. The first one is on the upper part of the homepage, as shown below in the first screenshot, while the other field is near the mid-part of the site (the second image).

Wheel of Bitcoin Account Registration 1

The first field clearly indicates that you can enter either your bitcoin wallet address, email address, or Xapo address. We weren’t too attentive that we thought both forms could accept any of the three addresses. Maybe it’s also because of the account registration guide that emphasized the use of a Xapo address.

Wheel of Bitcoin Account Registration

We feel we need to emphasize this because at first we thought it’s not really possible to proceed to spinning by simply entering your bitcoin wallet address. We thought the site only works with an email address or a Xapo address. We only belatedly realized that we couldn’t use a bitcoin wallet address to get an account because we used the wrong field (the second field in the middle part of the site). It’s the first field on top of the site that accepts a bitcoin wallet address.

Xapo, by the way, is a third party digital money service. You will have to go to the site to create your account. Wheel of Bitcoin’s homepage has a link to it (the green Get a Xapo Account button). If you get a Xapo account, you will automatically get 50 free bits.

Wheel of Bitcoin - Xapo Account

It should only take less than 10 seconds to create your account. Once you enter your email address, Xapo address, or bitcoin wallet address, you are set to start spinning. It’s only the CAPTCHA that takes some time to load that makes the process longer.

Obviously, since there is no account registration with Wheel of Bitcoin, there is also no account dashboard to discuss. You don’t have to worry about maintaining an account and promptly withdrawing your balance.

The Wheel of Bitcoin Game

Wheel of Bitcoin is a very simple game. You just have to spin and win. The game’s colorful wheel has 8 sections with the following prizes: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 satoshis. Spin and win any of these. There is no losing spin. You are bound to get at least the minimum prize every time you spin. In our experience, it’s actually difficult to win an amount higher than 20. Well, maybe luck was just not on our side as we did this Wheel of Bitcoin review but that’s what we experienced. We are not saying, though, that the system is rigged to only yield low prizes.

Wheel of Bitcoin Game

Before you can make a spin, you need to choose the “power” of your spin. It’s either Low, Mid, or High. Just like in a real wheel, if you spin with High power, the wheel will turn faster and longer. If you spin low, it will turn a little slowly and in a shorter duration.

One thing we just have to complain about the game is the need to do a CAPTCHA before every spin. This CAPTCHA, based on our experience, takes a few seconds to load. Well, it’s not as fast as the other CAPTCHAs we have encountered in other similar sites or bitcoin faucets.

Wheel of Bitcoin Software and Fairness

Wheel of Bitcoin makes use of a proprietary software. Since it’s not one of those usual bitcoin betting sites that offer games like bitcoin baccarat, blackjack, dice, slots, or poker, the advantage of being provably fair is not something you should expect from it. Well, being provably fair would perhaps lend some credibility to the game but we doubt if there’s anyone who would want to complain about the game’s fairness. There are no losing spins on Wheel of Bitcoin. Every spin is guaranteed to get you at least 5 satoshis.

Wheel of Bitcoin Is Mobile-Friendly

If you are interested in Wheel of Bitcoin and you are looking forward to playing it on your smartphone or tablet, here’s a bit of good news. Wheel of Bitcoin is mobile-friendly. It may not be the usual bitcoin mobile casino that offers various online bitcoin betting options, but it’s not a bad option if you just want to occasionally kill time while earning satoshis.  It does not have an Android, iOS, or Windows mobile app but the mobile-friendly website should already suffice in making it conveniently playable on mobile devices.

Wheel of Bitcoin Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Obviously, the currency on Wheel of Bitcoin is bitcoin, usually expressed in satoshis. There are no other currencies used in the site.

There are no deposits to be made on the site. As mentioned, you just have to enter your bitcoin wallet address and all of the bitcoins you win from spinning will be immediately sent to that address. There’s a specific amount you need to accumulate, though, before the bitcoins or satoshis you win are sent to your bitcoin wallet address. This amount is 5430 satoshi.

If you want to get your winnings instantly, you have to get a Xapo email account. If you entered an email address (not a Xapo address), you will get an email notification every time you win satoshis. This notification has a Claim button (as shown below) that actually directs you to the Xapo website for you to create a Xapo account and claim your winnings. Essentially, entering your email address (instead of creating and entering a Xapo address or just entering a bitcoin wallet address) is just going to prolong the process. It would be better to just create your Xapo account and use it if you don’t have a bitcoin wallet address or if you don’t want to use it on the site.

In summary, you have three options for creating your account (and automatically logging in) but only two of these options allow you to claim your winnings.

  • Entering your email address – This is the fastest way to create your Wheel of Bitcoin account but you will eventually have to create a Xapo account to be able to claim your winnings. There’s no other way to claim your winnings other than the creation of a Xapo account. You can’t use a bitcoin wallet address through this option.
  • Creating a Xapo account and entering your Xapo address – As mentioned, this option allows you to instantly get your winnings.
  • Entering your bitcoin wallet address – With this option, your spin winnings are going to be transferred directly to your bitcoin wallet address but you have to accumulate a minimum of 5430 satoshis first before a transfer can be initiated.

Bonuses, Promotions, Player Rewards, and Affiliate Program

Wheel of Bitcoin, expectedly, does not offer bonuses and promotions. It does not have a welcome or sign up bonus, reload deposit bonus, first deposit bonus, and other usual bonuses you would find in a BTC gambling site. What the site offers is just a player referral or affiliate program. Immediately after you enter your bitcoin wallet address or email address, you will see your custom referral URL near the bottom part of the site. Use this on your blog, forum signature, or social media page to help promote the site and get commissions from the satoshis the players refer earn. The referral commission is 20% of all referred sessions.

Wheel of Bitcoin Referral-Affiliate Program

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

Wheel of Bitcoin does not impose country restrictions. It also does not implement IP filtering to block those who are based in certain countries. We may not be able to classify it as a full-blown US-accepted bitcoin casino but it accepts players who are based in the United States. Anyway, the site is basically just a bitcoin faucet with a game component so it is unlikely for it to be affected by existing laws and regulations on online gambling in the United States or in other parts of the world. Still, we presume that it also requires those who want to use the site’s services to be at least 18 years old (or whatever legal age in their respective state or jurisdiction).

The site, based on the account registration and setup, allows full anonymity. You will not be asked for your personal details. There is no identity verification required.

The site is only available in English language texts.

Wheel of Bitcoin Player Support

If you have questions about Wheel of Bitcoin, complaints, or if you need some assistance on technical matters, the only way to contact the support or admin team is through email. There’s a Contact link at the bottom part of the site. It’s an email address that will open your email client as you click on it. If you want to use your web-based email account, though, the address to use is info@wheelofbitcoin.com.

Although it was not presented on the Wheel of Bitcoin website, there’s actually an official Wheel of Bitcoin Twitter account. You may also use this to send messages to Wheel of Bitcoin in case you don’t get a response through email.

Wheel of Bitcoin Twitter Image

Wheel of Bitcoin License, Regulation, and Security

There’s nothing about Wheel of Bitcoin’s license and regulation mentioned on the site. Well, just like what we say for the other similar sites we have reviewed, this is not something we would consider a drawback. Most similar sites, after all, don’t really divulge details about their license and regulation. There were a number of times we tried inquiring but we were only given elusive answers.

When it comes to security, your transactions with the site will be mostly through your bitcoin wallet and the amounts involved are not really that high so theft would be quite unlikely. However, it’s a letdown, however, going over the site’s Terms and Conditions, as it explicitly states that Wheel of Bitcoin does not guarantee the safety and security of its software and whatever content that is posted on the site. The Responsibility of Website Visitors section of Wheel of Bitcoin’s Terms of Service asserts that it is the responsibility of site visitors or those who have accounts with the site to make sure that they are protected from computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other “harmful or destructive content.” This part of the Terms of Service is notably unreassuring. It’s like telling site visitors that they did not bother ensuring that the site is well-maintained and that, at the very least, the site should not be a source of harmful content.

Wheel of Bitcoin - Terms and Conditions - Responsibility of Visitors

Pros and Cons


  • No registration required
  • 20% share of the bitcoins earned by referred players
  • No losing spin


  • Not a full-fledged bitcoin betting site
  • Slightly lousy wheel animation
  • Low prizes (5-40 satoshi)
  • CAPTHCA loading time is slightly long

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