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Webetcoins Review

Webetcoins is not just any ordinary  bitcoin gambling site. It one of the relatively old sports betting sites on the web and was created by a group sports and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As such, it offers the advantage of having been created with the real understanding of what players really need and want.

Webetcoins is not just any ordinary  bitcoin gambling site. It one of the relatively old sports betting sites on the web and was created by a group sports and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As such, it offers the advantage of having been created with the real understanding of what players really need and want. Webetcoins offers most of what typical bitcoin gambling sites offer, albeit focusing on sports betting. It claims to offer “the best odds.” It features games in a wide range of sports. It has live sports betting using bitcoins. To make sure that players get the assistance they need…

Webetcoins Ratings:

Trust - 92%
Quality - 82%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 75%
Support - 82%


Great Bitcoin Sportsbook

User Rating: 0.6 ( 1 votes)

Webetcoins offers most of what typical bitcoin gambling sites offer, albeit focusing on sports betting. It claims to offer “the best odds.” It features games in a wide range of sports. It has live sports betting using bitcoins. To make sure that players get the assistance they need while playing on the site, customer support by real people is also provided.

Although we had to inconveniently and annoyingly suspend our review of Webetcoins because of a prolonged “Error 504 Gateway Time-Out,” this Webetcoins review is guaranteed to have been conducted with a great sense of objectivity. We have thoroughly evaluated the various aspects of this sports betting site.

Webetcoins Homepage

Fast Account Registration

Registering for a Webetcoins account is supposed to be fast but it took us three attempts before we could finally get an account. The online registration only asks for a few details but there were some glitches and a little confusion on our part. At first, the account registration simply failed. Nothing happened after we clicked on the Submit button and we’re sure our CAPTCHA was correct.

On our second attempt, we entered a name on the referral username field (thinking that the account registration failed at first because we did not enter anything in this field). An error message was then displayed, telling us that there was no such (referral) username in Webetcoin’s database. Apparently, the Referral Username is for the name of the Webetcoins player who referred us to the site. We thought it was a name we want to nominate for our affiliate account. It took us more than a minute to have an account registered but we think it is possible to complete the registration process in 15 to 20 seconds if there are no glitches encountered.

Webetcoins Account Registration

Account Dashboard / User Interface

The Webetcoins account dashboard allows you to update your profile (email, password, and preferred currency). It also has a Settings page where you can change your account name, add a profile picture, replace your email address, change your password, and specify your location and bet type (American or Decimal).

We looked for the Terms and Conditions page of Webetcoins to find out if it’s okay not to specify anything under the location and not to add a real picture. However, the site does not have a Terms and Conditions page so we could not ascertain if we are allowed to not fill out those blank fields in our profile while playing on this online casino without violating the site’s policies. The Terms of Use link at the footer of the site points to the About Us page. We also tried Google’s in-site search function to look into the indexed pages of Webetcoins but we found nothing.

Webetcoins Account Dashboard

Webetcoins Games

Sports betting on Webetcoins does not cover an extensive variety of sports but there’s a good deal of sports events to bet on. These sports are soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, golf, football, boxing, UFC, hockey, volleyball, and handball. Webetcoins also handles betting on major political events.

Webetcoins Games

For soccer, Webetcoins features the European Cup as well as games and events in Sweden, Norway, Peru, Japan, Colombia, Korea, Russia, Poland, China, and Germany. For basketball, NBA and international games are covered. The football games covered are those of college football and the NFL. For hockey, the games included are those of the NHL as well as some Euro and international event. Moreover, Webetcoins features Rugby League, Rugby Union, and Aussie Rules.

The betting can be done in straight wager, order, or parlay.

Refer to the Webetcoins House Rules page for the wagering rules of specific sports games or events. The Webetcoins website presents comprehensive information on proposition bets, wager limits, and rules for wagering on specific sports.

Webetcoins Game Platform

There’s nothing on the Webetcoins website that presents details about the game platform or software used. We are inclined to believe in this Webetcoins review that  the software is proprietary. It’s an intuitive sports betting software or platform. We can safely say that novice players shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out how to deal with the controls.

However, it’s just a letdown that the site keeps having a downtime. Every so often, we get an Error 504 Gateway Time-Out. As already mentioned earlier, we had to postpone this review because the site went down for quite some time. The problem has still persisted and there doesn’t seem to be any active effort on the part of Webetcoins’ admin to address this.

Mobile-Friendly Website

The Webetcoins website is mobile-friendly. Since it is a sports betting site, issues or difficulties encountered when playing on mobile devices are very minimal. Flash or other browser plugins are not required. It does not have apps for iOS or Android devices but the mobile-friendly website sufficiently makes up for this lack. It is even arguably better not having to download any app since browser-based playing does not require you to download and update anything. It’s far from being the best mobile implementation for a sports betting site but it’s acceptable.

Webetcoins Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals, on Webetcoins

Webetcoins’ website states that it uses three types of cryptocurrencies. These are bitcoins (BTC), litecoins (LTC) and dogecoins (DOGE). However, when we checked the account dashboard, the Profile section in particular, we learned that dogecoin (DOGE) is yet to be accepted. It’s still labeled as “coming soon.” Most pages of Webetcoins mention DOGE as one of the accepted cryptocurrencies but it was not yet being used at the time this Webetcoins review was made.

Deposits on Webetcoins are guaranteed to be fast as transactions are completed within minutes. No confirmation is required.

When it comes to payouts, there is no ceiling set and no additional fees imposed. Withdrawals are processed within a day or 24 hours.

To protect the bitcoins accumulated from the player deposits, Webetcoins stores them in cold storage. Only a limited amount of bitcoins is stored in an online wallet to address the needs of daily transactions.

The site does not offer FUN currency, play money, or free credits to let players try the games out first

Bonuses and Promotions

Webetcoins is a very stingy in providing details about the bonuses and other promotions being offered. In fact, it does not have a page for detailing its bonuses and promotions. We had to dig for information from various sources to learn about what this gambling site offers in terms of bonuses and rewards.

According to one earlier review online, Webetcoins provides a free 0.005 BTC. This supposedly appears automatically on your account after it has been created. However, in our case, as we did this Webetcoins review, we did not find a 0.005 BTC free bitcoin on our account. We tried looking for possible buttons that might allow us to obtain this free bitcoin but we found nothing on our dashboard.

Additionally, according to some online sources that claim that Webetcoins sent the information to them via email, a 25% deposit bonus is also being offered. Unfortunately, we could not verify this on the site. Our email inquiries to Webetcoins also failed to get a response. We did not find bonuses or promotions on the site. Perhaps the site was still being updated so we will have to update this section of our review if these bonuses and promotions are already being offered.

Before you make deposits, if you are really interested in obtaining bonuses, be sure to contact Webetcoins first. We would even suggest not playing on Webetcoins altogether if you don’t get a response from them.

Customer Support

Player support on Webetcoins is available through email (support@webetcoins.com) Mondays through Fridays during business hours (EST). If you send your questions, concerns, or complaints, it is recommended that you indicate your Webetcoins username for higher chances of getting a response. We sent an email inquiry to Webetcoins (with our account name indicated) but we failed to get a reply.

If you have issues with your cashouts or withdrawals, the email address to use is help@webetcoins.com.

Countries Served and Site Languages

The site does not mention country restrictions but it also does not specifically mention that it serves major online gambling markets like the United States. There are some sites that say that this site accepts players from the United States. However, we have reservations in writing the same information here. Based on the dropdown list of countries under the Location section of the Webetcoins Settings page, it is more likely that US players are not accepted on Webetcoins. The United States is not included in the list of countries for specifying player location. We sent an inquiry to Webetcoins regarding this but we have yet to receive a response.

Webetcoins Country Restrictions

Just like in other online casinos, it’s important for players to be of legal age and to be sure that there are no laws in their countries or jurisdictions that prohibit the wagering of real money or bitcoins on sites like Webetcoins.

Webetcoins License, Regulation, Security, and Player Anonymity

The Webetcoins website does not mention anything about its licenses. There’s also no information about the authorities that regulate its online gambling operations. In terms of security, Webetcoins promises secure accounts and transactions without mentioning specifics. It only says that the bitcoins deposited by players are kept in an offline cold storage with split keys to avoid theft. For the possibility of anonymous playing, we are inclined to state in this Webetcoins review that players can possibly enjoy some anonymity when playing on the site. Account registration does not require information that could divulge the identity of a player.  While there’s a section for uploading a player photo, there is nothing on the site that says that it is essential for players to upload their real profile pictures. We also did not find terms and conditions that compel players to only state their real personal details.

Important Webetcoins Links

To get more quickly acquainted with Webetcoins, be sure to go over its Terms of Use and House Rules pages. If you want updates about the site, just head to the site’s official blog. All of the links are located at the footer part of the site. Also, Webetcoins has a Twitter page. It hasn’t been updated since September 2015 at the time we visited it but you can try sending messages via Twitter in case you don’t get a response from the site’s support email account.


Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous playing. Registration does not require a lot of information and withdrawals don’t demand proofs of identity.
  • Withdrawals processed within 24 hours
  • Mobile-friendly website


  • No live chat support
  • No verifiable bonuses or promotions
  • Frequent downtime problems


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