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TheCoins.net Review

At the time we did this TheCoins.net review, we were somewhat baffled by the less than favorable feedback it has been getting. It’s intriguing because the site is far from bad. It’s not impressive but it’s definitely not bad. We just had to deal with a little issue with the account registration but everything turned out fine as we proceeded with the review.

At the time we did this TheCoins.net review, we were somewhat baffled by the less than favorable feedback it has been getting. It’s intriguing because the site is far from bad. It’s not impressive but it’s definitely not bad. We just had to deal with a little issue with the account registration but everything turned out fine as we proceeded with the review. TheCoins.net appears at least decent and even offers three games as compared to similar sites with just a single game. It also has a free bitcoin faucet so if you are not interested in wagering your bitcoins…

Thecoins.net Ratings:

Trust - 95%
Quality - 91%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 81%


Great Bitcoin Games

User Rating: 2.25 ( 2 votes)

TheCoins.net appears at least decent and even offers three games as compared to similar sites with just a single game. It also has a free bitcoin faucet so if you are not interested in wagering your bitcoins here, you can just play and enjoy with whatever you can get with the faucet.

Moreover, this online gambling site is also provably fair. If you have doubts about the reliability of the games, you can test them yourself. Just follow the instructions presented on the site or refer to third party tools for verifying the hashes.

Get to know more about this bitcoin gambling site through our TheCoins.net review. Decide for yourself if it’s worth signing up for an account with it.

TheCoins.net Homepage

Knotty Account Registration

As mentioned, we had a problem with the account registration. We tried several times to sign up for an account by filling out the online form, even adding our email address when it’s supposedly optional. We simply couldn’t register for an account. We tried different passwords (including numbers, symbols, and capital letters). We changed usernames and email addresses but no account could be created.

We initially thought that we already had an account since the TheCoins.net’s homepage already shows Deposit and Withdraw buttons. It wasn’t the case, though, as we were asked to sign up or log in again as we clicked on these buttons.  We finally found the way to get an account. Apparently, we needed to click on one of the games first (any of the three shown in the middle of the homepage) and sign up for an account through the online form that appears. The online form that automatically comes out when you load the TheCoins.net website is apparently defective.

TheCoins.net Account Registration

We were about to give up on reviewing this site because of this issue. It’s a good thing we exerted a little more persistence. This account registration problem is likely only a very minor bug and should be easily fixed.

Anyway, it took us less than 10 seconds to register for an account (of course not counting the time we spent in figuring out how to make things work). The online form only asks for a username, password, and email address (optional). There is no email confirmation required.

Account Dashboard / Game Interface

TheCoins.net has a simple and intuitive user interface. There is no profile page that needs updating. If you click on your account name on the upper left corner of the page, the online form you used to sign up will reappear. It basically serves as your profile page, the page that allows you to change your username and password. This kind of setup is as good indication that you can be anonymous while you play on TheCoins.net. You will not be asked for your address and contact details. Even the email address is optional.

The account dashboard and user interface in general is very simple so there should be no problem figuring out how to make things work. Even those who are new to the games offered on TheCoins.net hsould be able to quickly find their way around the site.

TheCoins.net Games

TheCoins.net features 3 games. These are Dice Roller, Spin to Win, and Minesweeper.

The games are obviously what their names infer. We have to mention in this TheCoins.net review, though, that at the time we examined the site, only Spin to Win and Minesweeper were working.

Spin to Win is a typical wheel spinning game. It features a plain interface with which you just have to enter your bet amount and click on the Spin button. The minimum bet here is only 0.0000001 BTC. We like the animation of the wheel here. There’s nothing impressive about it but it gives you the feel of playing with an actual wheel. Also, you can choose from five different wheels with different colors and sets of prizes. The orange wheel gives you higher chances of winning albeit with smaller prizes. The black wheel offers the highest prize at 15x of your bet amount but there is only one x15 mark on the board. The rest are x0’s and -x0.85.

TheCoins.net Games - Spin to Win

By the way, to navigate back to the homepage so you can see the other games, you just have to click on the TheCoins.net logo on the upper left corner of the page.

The other game, Minesweeper, is another simple but enjoyable game. With it, you can choose the number of bombs to be placed on the 25-cell (5 squares by 5 squares) panel. The more number of mines you choose, the higher your stakes will get. You can choose from 1, 3, 5, or 24 mines. The minimum bet amount is similar to that of the Spin to Win game, at 0.0000001 BTC. Just like in standard minesweeper games, you have to open all of the bitcoin or non-mine cells successfully without opening any mine cell. If you open a mine cell, the game ends and you will lose all of your bet amount regardless of how much stake you have already accumulated.

TheCoins.net Games - Minesweeper

All of these games load fast and have responsive interfaces. We also like how they don’t slow down our web browser even after opening them for a long time, which shows that the games have been properly coded or meticulously developed and optimized. It’s unlike one dice site we encountered before, Dicecoin, which caused our browser to freeze after having it on for a long time.

TheCoins.net Game Software and Fairness

TheCoins.net makes use of proprietary software for its games, which offers a provably fair gaming system. The games appear to be in HTML5 so they are highly responsive and are not prone to crashing. There should be little to no issues to be encountered in playing the games across platforms, from desktop to mobile. Instructions on testing the fairness of the games using the server and client seeds are provided on the site.

TheCoins.net Provably Fair Game

Mobile-Friendly Website

Here’s bad news for those who are fond of playing through their mobile devices. TheCoins.net is not mobile-friendly. The site that gets loaded on mobile web browsers sports the same layout and content as the one found on the desktop version. It is not suitable for a swipe and tap style of navigation. Additionally, it does not have apps for playing the games on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

TheCoins.net Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals on TheCoins.net

TheCoins.net only uses bitcoins. If you don’t have bitcoins or a bitcoin wallet yet, the site recommends (and provides links) using Coinbase, BTC-e, Paymium, and Bitcoin.de. You will be asked to generate your personal bitcoin address first before you can make a deposit. Deposits are directly credited to player accounts. Withdrawals, on the other hand, can be only be done from one bitcoin wallet to another, from your generated personal bitcoin wallet address to your own bitcoin address. Before a withdrawal cna be made, at least 1 confirmation is required. Also, there is a minimum withdrawal amount and transaction fee, which are 0.005 BTC and 0.0001 BTC respectively.

No Bonuses but with a Bitcoin Faucet and Affiliate Program

Unfortunatley, TheCoins.net does not offer deposit bonuses. It also does not have no deposit bonuses. However, it features a free bitcoin faucet that applies to all of the games on the site. Your balance is automatically updated as you obtain free BTC from the faucet. The faucet provides 0.000005 BTC every time you tap on it. We couldn’t be sure if there is a possibility to increase the amount of how much can be obtained from the faucet just like in Rollin.io, which raises the faucet amount up to 0.0015 from 0.00002 based on the player level.

TheCoins.net Faucet

The affiliate program, on the other hand, offers participating players a chance to earn 10% of the house edge. This is what TheCoin.net’s affiliate program page states but it does not mention the site’s house edge. We couldn’t find information regarding the site’s house edge.

TheCoins.net Player Support

Player support on TheCoins.net is rather limited. It’s only through email. Send your inquiries, complaints, or other concerns to support@thecoins.net.

This site has a chat facility but we couldn’t be sure if it’s intended for providing live chat support to players or it’s only for facilitating chat among players because it wasn’t working at the time we were doing this TheCoins.net review.  Clicking it only opens a blank black column on the right side of the site. We tried the site on multiple browsers but the chat function still did not work.

Country Restrictions and Site Languages

TheCoins.net does not mention specific countries that are banned on the site. As such, we would like to assume in this TheCoins.net review that everyone is welcome to play on this site as long as the players are of legal age and are not prohibited by laws in their respective countries to place bets on bitcoin gambling sites like TheCoins.net.

Also, if there are legal prohibitions against making deposits on online gambling sites, it is possible to just use the bitcoin faucet and enjoy playing.

Anyway, the site can be viewed in a number of languages. These languages are enumerated in the screenshot below. Just be a little patient if you are switching to a new language because the change will not be instant. It may take a little time and even longer if you have a not so reliable Internet connection.

TheCoins.net Site Languages

TheCoins.net License, Regulation, Security, and Player Anonymity

There’s nothing mentioned on the site regarding the licensing and regulation of TheCoins.net’s online gambling operations. Similarly, there are no details regarding the security measures implemented except for the storage of most bitcoins accumulated from player deposits in a cold wallet (offline storage) to significantly reduce the possibilities of theft. Only a little amount of bitcoins are stored in a hot wallet to address the daily operating requirements of the site.

With regards player anonymity, as mentioned,  TheCoins.net is highly compatible with anonymous online gamling. Since you don’t have to volunteer information other than your username, password, and email address (optional), you will not be forced to reveal your identity not only to third parties but to TheCoins.net as well.

More about TheCoins Casino

We couldn’t link to specific pages on TheCoins.net here because the site only makes use of modal windows or pop-ups within the page. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the site’s Terms of Service, the link is on the upper right corner called TOS. For information about the affiliate program, just go to the upper left corner of the site. Also, for details on the provably fair system of TheCoins.net, just click on the Provably Fair link on the lower right corner of the site.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous playing
  • Simple but enjoyable games
  • Free BTC faucet that offers 0.000005 BTC, which is slightly higher than what other similar sites offer
  • Provably fair games


  • Only two of the three games are working
  • No bonuses and promotions
  • Insufficient information about the games and the site. No details about the house edge and site license and regulation.

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