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Ripple Lite or XPL is an experimental cryptocurrency that was introduced by an anonymous team to support and compliment other decentralized cryptocoins. It is a scrypt based coin and a hybrid of proof of work and proof of stake. 100 million pre-mined proof of work XPL coins were distributed privately to the chosen groups of individuals, artists, activists, organizations, anonymous investors, members of the Ripple Lite team, as well as anonymous individuals associated with the CryptoCommunity who were determined to be deserving and worthy of this help. Everyone agreed to only part with the Ripple Lite coins made as part of the 50% annual proof of stake emission, while making sure to keep the distribution intact to add more security and value to the coin. It only takes a minute to generate a block with Difficulty Retargeting each block, and only 2 confirmations are required for quick and secure anonymous transactions.

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Where to Get XPL Coins


Aside from mining, there is another way to get some XPL coins. If you have other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, you can use them to buy Ripple Lite coins at cryptocurrency exchange sites like Cryptopia. In addition, you can purchase XPL with alternate cryptocoins like Feathercoin or Unobtanium.

Ripple Lite in Casino

In spite of its developer’s anonymity, the Ripple Lite coin has been known to cryptocurrency owners as well as online casino gamblers. This coin is accepted in some online Bitcoin casinos, such as the LotWin casino. LotWin is a cryptocurrency gambling site, which hosts different entertaining Bitcoin casino games. Even though it may look very plain at first sight, it is actually filled with great features that will really keep the players hooked. In addition, LotWin casino makes sure to keep all its players engaged by offering high payout rates for each game. Those who win will get 99% of their winnings and only one percent will go to the casino. This gambling site accepts 7 different cryptocurrencies, and Ripple Lite is one of them.

According to the Ripple Lite Team, everyone is allowed to join them and the XPL community. They will welcome any individual or group who would like to participate in their discussions in a positive way and not only to throw questions or accusations based on FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt. People who prefer anonymity and safety in their financial matters will be perfect for this team.

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