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Distributed under the MIT/X11 software license, Primecoin Developers started the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency called Primecoin. This is unique in a sense that it applies a computing method that searches for prime numbers. At first, Primecoin did not gain the traction needed to compete with other cryptocurrencies. It had problems related to the shortages of dedicated servers. It has also become a huge target among malware writers. Eventually, they overhauled the system and became a huge hit.

No fraud

The improved version of Primecoin promises that no one will be scammed during the process. One of the biggest issues with earlier cryptocurrencies is the nature in which transactions take place. There is a possibility that coins are sent as payment to the merchant only to find out that the amount sent is of no value. This is mainly because after sending the coins to them, the payer also sends the coin to himself. He will then show that the said transaction happened first. As a result, the merchant end up losing more. This is not possible with Primecoin due to the nature of the algorithm used.

Widely accepted

Given the clean and secure transaction involving Peercoin, it has become a popular option among online casino gamers. It is accepted as a form of payment. Confirmation of the transaction would only take a few seconds. Therefore, if you wish to keep playing without interruption, this is the perfect partner for you.

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Understanding the concept

When searching for mines using Primecoin, the use of prime numbers is the key. There is complicated math involves in the process and it might be difficult for you to understand it too. However, if you give it a try, you will realize that this unique feature makes it even more secure to use Primecoin. Despite all the criticisms it has experienced at first, it still became one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies today. They also continue doing the necessary changes to ensure that their clients will be provided the best possible services.


A lot faster

On average, Primecoin is 8 to 10 times faster than Bitcoun. This is because Primecoin blocks are generated a lot faster. In short, using it for various transactions would be smooth and easy. Even if you have not used it before, you will get the hang of it right away. You can start by signing up now and see how it can be used for online casino purposes.

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