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MTLMC or Metal Music Coin [MetalMusicCoin] is a pretty new cryptocurrency based on Scrypt proof of stake, which was launched on October 4, 2014 by the longest running Metal site online called Death Metal Underground. As the first heavy metal currency, Metal Music Coin is also known as the Bitcoin for underground metal scene – this sounds like the perfect match: MTLMC casinos, in our opinion, is the future of gambling and bitcoin casinos.

MetalMusicCoin [MTLMC]

According to the creators of this cryptocoin, their main goal is actually to support underground music and the up and coming artists. They are aiming to help Metal bands in promoting their album and merchandise, and the Metal Music Coin will be used as an alternative method of payment for the stuff.

In terms of transaction speed, Metal Music Coin Network only requires a minute to generate a block, and for every block there are 666 MTLMC coins [MetalMusicCoin] created. Believe it or not, a total of 2.5 billion coins of this type can be made over time. MTLMC transactions are being recorded in its block chain database, making it similar to the other cryptocurrencies.

Where to Get or Purchase Metal Music Coins

If you are into heavy metal and you want to support the Metal Music Coin community, you can do it by purchasing MTLMC from coin owners or mining them like what you do with the other cryptocurrencies. If you are already lucky to have Bitcoin funds, you can exchange them for Metal Music Coins at some online cryptocurrency exchange sites like Cryptopia, SouthXChange, Yobit and Bitcoin Market or btc-market.org. You can gamble with this cryptocoin by downloading and creating your Metal Music Coin wallet be it on Windows or OSX. Next we will talk about MTLMC casinos – the future of BTC gambling!

MTLMC Casinos

While MetalMusicCoin is new in the online gambling community, there are players who choose to play on MTLMC casinos and play with this coin over the other cryptocurrencies. These people are most likely the ones who appreciate Metal and they want to express their fandom and loyalty by using the cryptocoin created by the Metal heads. This amazing coin can be used to play in online gambling sites like Lotwin Casino.

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The objective of the Metal Music Coin is not really to make a huge amount of money, but to save and promote underground metal music as well as its artists. But with its potential and the successful results that this project has already achieved, there is a great possibility that in the future, the Metal Music Coin will be more desirable and popular amongst cryptopeople and in the leading online casinos.

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