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LTC or Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocoin based on Scrypt proof of work. It was created on October 7, 2011 by its founder Charles Lee, a former employee of Google. Like Bitcoin, it is a cryptocurrency that can be generated through the process of mining. LTC was created based on an open source protocol. In addition, it is fully decentralized which means it is not reliant on a bank, but dependent on the network and the community that use it. In terms of transactions, Litecoin is way faster than Bitcoin. The LTC Network processes a block for every 2-1/2 minutes, while the BTC Network requires 10 minutes per block. A total of 84 million Litecoins can be created compared to 21 million Bitcoins. Another similarity that these cryptocurrencies have is that LTC transactions are also being recorded in a public ledger known as the blockchain. However, due to its faster block generator, the LTC blockchain is able to handle a higher number of transactions than its counterparts.


Where to Spend LTC

Believe it or not, there are a lot of merchants that are accepting LTC, as they will not be charged any fees to receive payments and they also have a hundred percent chargeback protection. Litecoin can be used to pay for services like website development. There are online fashion and beauty retailers that are using this kind of currency. Not only that, you can use your Litecoins for your next flight, cruise, hotel or car rental. Whether it is for food, beverages, clothing or transportation, Litecoin can be as good as real money for decentralized technology enthusiasts.

Since LTC is a cryptocoin, you can download LTC paper wallet on your computer or mobile device that allows you to instantly send Litecoin anywhere in the world to anyone. You can also receive cryptocoins from another user.

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LTC in Casino

Litecoin Casino is a game of chance. It may be risky, but if you play briskly and smart, it can also be a fast way for you to earn some money. Known as Bitcoin’s little brother and the second most popular cryptocurrency, LTC has been trending in the community of gambling. This cryptocurrency is getting more and more popular in different online gambling sites. With its relatively fast transaction method, a lot of players actually choose LTC over Bitcoin!


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LotitBit is a cryptocurrency lottery site. It is a litecoin and bitcoin lottery site, in particular. There aren’t that many games in it but with its distinctive features, it may be something worth considering if you are looking for a decent bitcoin betting site to try. LotitBit claims to offer …

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Satoshi Buttons

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