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While LottoCoin [LOT] is somewhat new, it is already being used in many different online gaming sites like LOTwin Casino and Lottocoin Casino. According to some online players, LOT is one of the most exciting cryptocoins, as it is a coin that is a game. As you mine Lottocoin, you play the lotto game at the same time. With its great distinctive features and benefits, LottoCoin [LOT] really has taken the world of cryptocurrency by storm.

LOT is the symbol of a cryptocurrency named Lottocoin that was created in 2013 and today LottoCoin casinos may be the “next big thing”. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocoin based on Scrypt proof of work and a successor of Litecoin, which makes it a wonderful cryptocurrency for online. Coins are made through the process of mining, wherein the participants verify and record their payments in order to get LottoCoin [LOT] that are newly minted. Generating random coins between 256 and 65,536 (256 x 256) coins for every block, it also creates random superblocks for players to be given an opportunity to win big.  They might find a whopping 1,048,576 coins for the daily block; 262,144 coins for the semi daily block; and 131,072 for the hourly block. Even with high difficulties, miners still have a chance to win the jackpot.


Quick and Simple

LottoCoin [LOT] is considered one of the quickest cryptocurrencies as of today. It has shorter block times, as it only requires 4 confirmations unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that have to go through 6 confirmations. This means transactions can take up to 15 minutes for the others, while it only requires around 30 seconds for LottoCoin [LOT].

Cryptocurrencies have been increasing in number, and are considered as a legitimate online medium of exchange as the technology develops. It is a fast, distinct and convenient method of completing transactions. A good alternative currency for sites, more companies are choosing LottoCoin [LOT]s for their platforms.

Other Benefits of LottoCoin [LOT]

Aside from miners, LottoCoin [LOT] also provides benefits to merchants and consumers. Merchants can get paid instantly with no fees, and they have a hundred percent chargeback protection. They can enjoy fast transactions anytime and anywhere with no merchant or bank account needed. As for consumers, they are able to make payments to anyone in an instant and enjoy a lot of merchants and online games. In addition, they can also claim their winnings quickly without the requirement of having a bank account or credit card.

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