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One of the reasons why Feathercoin (FTC) became an instant hit is that in just two weeks after it was first released, it captured more users than other alternative cryptocurrencies did in the past. It is more or less like its predecessor, which is the Litecoin, but it is deemed faster and easier to use. Bitcoin was one of the earliest forms of cryptocurrencies. Since then, alternative options were available and they banked on improving what Bitcoin has done.

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Bitcoin used the SHA-256 algorithm. This used to be really fast, but relative to newer versions, Bitcoin became less appealing. Feathercoin for instance uses Scrypt, which is a password-based key derivation function. The best part in using this modern algorithm is that it becomes easier for ordinary people who don’t have large amounts of money to use the cryptocurrency. In short, it has expanded its audience, making it look like an easy financial transaction. For the longest time, many people are afraid of using cryptocurrency since the concept sounds so foreign to them. Feathercoin simplified it and made it easier to use.


A good alternative

Another way in which Feathercoin easily penetrated the market is when it branded itself as an alternative to other cryptocurrencies that are difficult to use. In the same manner, it also does not compete with others. Both Bitcoins and Litecoin are not deemed as competitors. Instead, it is considered as complementary to these currencies. This made people even more curious on how they can maximize the benefits that it has to offer.

Feathercoin Growing popularity

Since the time Feathercoin was introduced to the public, it has not yet reached the level in which other cryptocurrencies have reached. However, it has made a significant mark with millions of Feathercoins that have already been created. Mining pools have also been created and it is gradually taking over Litecoins. Currently, Bitcoin has started moving to compete with newer cryptocurrencies. This only means that you have all the reasons to give Feathercoin a try. It is deemed as a threat because more people trust it despite being just new to the market.

Therefore, if you are interested in using this cryptocurrency for paying online casino transactions or other financial transactions, you won’t have any problem at all. Given its modern features and planned changes for improvement, you can partner with it and expect it to be better over time. More people consider giving Feathercoin a shot too. This means that it is heading to a brighter future.

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