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Top DOGE Accepting Sites:

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BitcoinPenguin Review

Dogecoin or DOGE is one of the newer cryptocurrencies or digital currencies that are used today. This open source currency is a combination of two online hits, bitcoin and dodge. As we all know, Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency, and doge is a Shiba Inu that became popular because of its Internet memes. Today, DOGE is also increasing in popularity as a cryptocurrency. Casino sites are also starting to support it along with other digital currencies.

Using DOGE on Casino Sites


Dogecoin works like regular currencies, except that it can only be used online. If you have used bitcoins before, then this is much like it. In order to start using this currency for online gambling, you need to have a dogecoin wallet first. Create an account for your wallet on one of the dogecoin wallet providers. This is where you would be saving your dogecoins. You’re now ready to get your dogecoins and there are various ways on how to do this. Mining is one, although this is complicated and it’s best to be left to the professionals. The most common way is to buy or exchange them with your currency. There is also a website called “Faucet” that gives out free dogecoins.

Once you have your dogecoins, the next thing to do is to find a casino site where you could gamble. Not all online casinos support this currency. Determine if the casino you chose offers dogecoin casino games so you could use your coins. If the site does, it’s also worth checking if it offers dogecoins bonuses. Many online casinos offer bonuses that range from 20% to 200% of your deposit. This is a great way for you to increase your balance and play more. See if the site also offers the games that you would like to play. Even if it supports dogecoins and it offers bonuses, if it doesn’t have enough games or it doesn’t offer the ones you like, it may not be fun to play there.

Other DOGEAccepting Sites:

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Some online casinos would require you to create an account before you could play. The sign up process is typically quick since only a few data are asked. Others would just ask for your dogecoin wallet address for the deposit and payout and you could start playing. Read the rules of the games that you would play. They may have minimum and maximum deposit and payout conditions. Deposits and withdrawals made with dogecoins are usually immediately done so you would have the coins instantly or within a day.


MoneroDice Review


At first glance, MoneroDice looks like a typical simple dice site. For the most part, it is. It’s a simple game with an intuitive interface and familiar mechanics. If you need another dice site option, MoneroDice is something worth considering. It has the usual house edge for a dice game. …

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FairProof Review


FairProof is a cryptocurrency gambling site that accepts bitcoins, dogecoins, bytecoins, darknote or digitalnote, and monero. It features lottery, cards, and roulette games that are provably fair. Yes, this multi-cryptocurrency site supports not only bitcoin betting but also accepts a number of other popular bitcoin alternatives or altcoins. Even better, …

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Bitroulette Review


Contrary to what this bitcoin betting site’s name may imply, Bitroulette does not only offer roulette games. It has several of the games typically featured by other online casinos. Bitroulette is a full-fledged bitcoin gambling site that offers a variety of casino games including HD slots, poker, video poker, blackjack, …

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Bitcoin Casino Games Review


Bitcoin Casino Games is an online casino that supports not only bitcoin betting but also online gambling using other cryptocurrencies. It offers a decent collection of games along with the standard features of most online casinos although it may not be the most compelling BTC gambling site you would encounter. …

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Satoshi Buttons Review

Satoshi Buttons

If you are new to bitcoin betting and you are looking for a gambling site that lets you play and win prizes quickly, Satoshi Buttons is one of the good options you may want to consider. This is not a full-fledged online casino that offers a multitude of games, bonuses, …

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Wheel of Doge Review

Wheel of Doge

Wheel of Doge is a single-game gambling site that makes use of dogecoins. It is not limited to dogecoins, though, as it also accepts other altcoins through a special payment method. This site was launched not too long after dogecoin was introduced. It features a colorful wheel with mug shots …

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All Coin Casino Review

all coin casino logo

All Coin Casino is a cryptocurrency gambling site based in Dublin, Ireland. It is one of the many projects of a company that specializes in digital currency. Despite the “All Coin” part in its name, this online casino does not really support an extensive list of cryptocurrency or altcoins. Nevertheless, …

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999Dice Review

999dice logo

999Dice is another dice only gambling site. It accepts multiple cryptocurrencies. It features a simple dice game. However, it distinguishes itself from other games because of its astoundingly low house edge of only 0.1%. This means that the site has a payout rate of 99.9%, hence the name. 999Dice uses …

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Weathbet Review

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Looking for an online cryptocurrency gambling site that offers something unique and interesting? Weathbet might be that answer you are seeking. This cryptocurrency gambling site allows you to bet on weather conditions, wind speed, and atmospheric pressure. These are things not anyone can influence. If you are looking for a …

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Multicryptos Review


Multicryptos is not an online bitcoin casino in the traditional way an online bitcoin casino is being defined. It is described as a “platform of online investment games to be played with cryptocurrencies.” It is an investment-gambling site that makes use of cryptocurrency. Yes, it’s an online game that involves …

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