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Clam Coin or CLAM is a new form of digital currency, which is created, transferred and verified through the combined effort of the computers that run the CLAMS software. It allows you to make payments and value transfers without authorization or censorship. CLAM was forked from Nova coin and was launched on May 24, 2014.  The term CLAM is an abbreviation of Caritas, Libertas, Aequitas, and Monetas, which stand for charity, liberty, equity and money, respectively. Since the present monetary system does not aim to support fairness, equality and freedom, CLAMS provides an option. It gives freedom from confiscation and taxation, and was distributed to accounts equally. Since it’s the most fairly distributed coin, this currency is getting popular in casinos. Like bitcoin, the native technology over which Clam coins were created, this network adheres to a meticulous protocol to make sure that agreement and verification are sustained.

clam coin

A Form of Digital Money

As a new payment network and digital money, CLAM uses proof-of-stake with blockchain in order to attain distributed consensus. Transaction management and the issuance of CLAM is actually based from Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world, created by a completely new technology known as the blockchain. It is a free open-source software accessible to everyone who wants to build up on it. A lot of people have done so, generating plenty of new cryptocurrencies. Most of the new coins are only rebranded copies and only a few, like Clam coins do innovate differentials of bitcoin.

Clam Network

The Clam Network is a peer-to-peer network of computers that operates the CLAMS software. People like you can be part of it by running the software using your own home computer. Unlike centralized networks, the CLAM network gets stronger as more people join in. The collective computing power of this network is utilized to build and maintain the blockchain, where the transactions are being processed.

CLAM in Bitcoin Casinos

Gradually, the cryptocurrency sector is becoming highly populated with different virtual currencies, and Clam is one of them. With its stable growth since it was launched, this digital coin has grabbed the crypto owners’ attention that love to play gambling games using their coins. The flow of investments appears to be continuous since the day this currency arrived. In just a month or two, the market capitalization was raised from $800,000 to $1 million, causing its price to go up considerably. For now, Clam appears to be steadier than most of the other currencies. While it is very new, there’s one crypto casino that has openly embraced it, which is called FortuneJack.

As opposed to banks, there are no intermediaries in cryptocurrency. It is only the community that uses it and the network, which will absolutely keep you free from tyranny.

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