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  1. I recieved a check from Slots.lv after winning $500. Check arrived within 3 business days. I was going to wait to cash or deposit the check before I played on their website. I didn’t and deposited a little more than $300. I evnually got around to going to my bank to see if I could deposit it. My bank said no they couldn’t cash it or deposit it because it being an international check. They said they would have to send it to “collections” and that’s would take up to 16 weeks. I then spoke to a representative at Slot.lv and they said I needed to get a letter from my bank stating why they couldn’t cash the $500 check. I think this is absolutely absurd for them to even ask me to have my bank write a letter. I now have a $500 check that I can’t do anything with. I’ve never had an issue like this with any other gaming site.
    BEAWARE of Slot.lv

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