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Slotobit Review

Slotobit is arguably one of the more serious new players in the online bitcoin casino scene. This is not some run-of-the-mill or fly-by-night venture. This online casino is at the very least decently and thoughtfully developed. It has a good-looking and responsive website. Its game client functions well enough. It offers 24/7 player support. It is also one of the few we encountered that has a real mobile app for playing the games.

Slotobit is arguably one of the more serious new players in the online bitcoin casino scene. This is not some run-of-the-mill or fly-by-night venture. This online casino is at the very least decently and thoughtfully developed. It has a good-looking and responsive website. Its game client functions well enough. It offers 24/7 player support. It is also one of the few we encountered that has a real mobile app for playing the games. As the name somehow implies, Slotobit is a bitcoin gambling site. It is being promoted as “the #1 totally anonymous bitcoin casino.” Slotobit guarantees player security and…

Slotobit Rtings:

Trust - 92%
Quality - 93%
Promotions - 93%
Games Diversity - 92%
Support - 91%


Top Rated!

User Rating: 3.6 ( 1 votes)

As the name somehow implies, Slotobit is a bitcoin gambling site. It is being promoted as “the #1 totally anonymous bitcoin casino.” Slotobit guarantees player security and anonymity, especially since it only accepts bitcoins. If offers a platform that is claimed to be fully secure and enables totally anonymous online gambling. Additionally, this online casino claims to offer unique gaming experiences, high payout rates, generous bonuses, and fair wagering requirements.

Slotobit requires a software download. The games are not web-based. You have to download and install the game client to your Windows computer or install the app if you want to play using your Android device. Read further into our Slotobit review to find out if Slotobit has enough advantages to make you disregard the inconvenience of having to download a game client. Also, find out if the claims made on the Slotobit site are true. Get to know this relatively new bitcoin gambling site and allow us to help you in evaluating whether or not signing up for an account with Slotobit is worth it.

Slotobit Homepage

Website Design and Performance

The website is neatly presented, with the navigation bar clearly stating important sections like the steps on how to play, information about bitcoin, the promotions offered, how to download and the available games. Each page loads easily and you will not find difficulty looking for something that  you need. The account page is also simply as it clearly indicates the  transaction history. If you want to get access or withdraw money, you can easily see what you have to click. Best of all, no ads will bother you while you are browsing.

However, we have to note in this Slotobit review that we are not fond of the oversized buttons and texts of the site. It’s like the site is intended for toddlers or perhaps seniors who are already having difficulties reading or perceiving texts and images on a computer screen. It may look good on small displays but it’s awkward on typical 17” or bigger desktop or laptop screens.

Super Fast Signing Up Process

Registering for an account with Slotobit is a notably fast process. It probably takes around 10 seconds. The online form for signing up only requires a username and password. After hitting the Register button, we were automatically signed in to our account. This is one of the fastest registration processes we have encountered.

Account Dashboard

As we were automatically signed in to Slotobit, we were greeted with the Profile page. It presents fields for adding a nickname and email address. It also provides the option to change the password. It is not necessary to do anything here although adding an email address would be useful in case you forget your password.

Slotobit Account Dashboard

The Games on Slotobit

There are dozens of games on Slotobit. As usual, we did our regular manual count for this Slotobit review since to know how many games there really are on this site. We still haven’t moved on from getting deceived by a few sites that make grand claims of offering hundreds of games when their collection don’t even reach the 100 level.

We found 54 games on Slotobit. They can’t be viewed according to game type. Instead, they can be sorted based on popularity, newness, what’s “hot,” and the maximum payout. Hovering your mouse pointer over the game thumbnails reveals important information about the games.

Slotobit Games

Listed and briefly described below are some of the notable games on Slotobit. There isn’t just a “bit” of “slot” here. Slotobit has a lot of slots games to offer. Well, it’s not really that different from what other popular online casinos offer.

  • Steampunk Keno 15 – This innovative game simulates a civilization that requires mastery of steam engines. Players can choose from the Keno card’s 80 numbers. They just have to mark them with at least 1 but not more than 15. If marks coincide with the default spots, the player wins.
  • Lucky Mobsters – This 5-reel, 20-line slot machine will welcome you to the world of mobsters; their wonderful winnings and fun adventures. Feel the excitement of being part of gang boss’ secret plan.
  • Falcon Spirit – This is a 5-line 10-reel slot machine that will take you to the world of Red Indian tribes with notable symbols and great winning combinations.
  • Olympians – You will appreciate this game especially if you are into Greek mythology as it takes you to the adventures of heroes and gods. Get ready to earn winnings with the characters of Olympus.
  • Keno Classic 10 – This game features a card with 80 numbers. Players can choose 2 to 10 numbers. 20 balls will be drawn, and matching numbers will be considered Hits, which will be counted and accumulated to earn winnings.
  • Ducky Powerball Keno – A funny and attractive game that is easy to learn. It has almost the same mechanics as Keno Classic 10, but a droll duck will assist gamers in quacking.
  • Diamond 7 – This is a 5-reel game that requires you to match 5 symbols on a win line. Symbols must be next to each other without different symbols between them.
  • Beetle Mania Slot – Get ready to enter the world of beetles and win by spotting symbols equivalent to various credits.
  • Atilla Slot – This game lets you join Atilla and his army as you fight and enjoy the rewards. Be sure to spot symbols such as the military leader, warrior with shield, archers and more.

Game Software, Provability, and Game Interface

As mentioned, playing with Slotobit requires the downloading of a PC client. This client works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. You can download the Windows client from this link (clicking on the link initiates the download). https://s3.amazonaws.com/slotobit-downloads/slotobit.msi

There’s also an Android app available. The discussion for this app and the download link are presented below.

Slotobit’s game interface looks slightly dated. It’s colorful but and mostly intuitive but it does not have the look and feel of a modern online casino. Nevertheless, it gets the job done. It’s something to be expected since the installer is a meager 2.2 MB only. Anyway, it’s responsive enough and enjoying the games shouldn’t be hampered by the way the interface looks.

Slotobit Game Interface

Slotobit Is Mobile-Friendly

Although it doesn’t mean anything much in the context of Slotobit, we have to mention in this Slotobit review that its website is mobile-friendly. This mobile-friendly website doesn’t matter that much since Slotobit is designed to be played on desktop/laptop computers and Android devices.

Slotobit Is Mobile-Friendly

Still, Slotobit is indeed mobile-friendly. It is in fact one of the few online bitcoin casinos we encountered that actually provides a mobile app for playing the games. The Slotobit Club Android client can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Looks like Google has really loosened up a bit with its policy on banning gambling apps on the Play Store. An APK may also be used for installing this Android app. The APK is available in this link.

Currencies Used

Slotobit uses only bitcoins and no other currencies.

To start playing, get your access code and deposit at least 1mBTC to your account. If the money on your account is sufficient, you can simply click “Get Access” and select “Pick Money” to specify the amount you want to spend for your access code. Otherwise, you have to make a deposit. Slotobit’s website has a great guide on making bitcoin deposits so check it out if you are not familiar with the process.

To withdraw winnings, go to your account, go to the code and click the closing icon. All the money will then be transferred to your account. If your code is over the Max Cash Out limit, the balance will be credited with the amount of the Max Cash Out. Just go to the “Withdraw” option and enter the amount and withdrawal details. Minimum amount of withdrawal is also 1 mBTC. The withdrawal commission is 0.2 mBTC.

Free Access Available

If you don’t have bitcoins to deposit yet, you can still try the games using a free access code. Just go to the Get Access section and find the Free Mode. Copy the free access code shown You will be granted 200 FUN credits that you can use to try the games out. Of course, the FUN credits and the winnings you make with them are not convertible to bitcoins.

Slotobit Free Mode

Slotobit Bonuses

Slotobit offer a number of bonuses,. You can increase your deposit up to four times or win up to 25% of credits spent on your account. You have four options on bonuses, namely Bonus Admirer, Bonus Gambler, Bonus Adventurer or Bonus Cashback.

  • 25% Cashback  – If you lose a game, you can gain access to Bonus Cashback. You can spin the reels for another chance to win back as much as 25% of spent credits. This bonus, though, cannot come from bonus game codes.
  • 300% Adventurer Bonus of up to 600 mBTC – For this bonus, there is a minimum deposit requirement of 60 mBTC. The wagering requirement is 30x. There is also a cash out limit of 800 mBTC.
  • 200% Gambler Bonus of up to 400 mBTC – To be able to avail of this bonus, a minimum deposit of 40 mBTC is required. The wagering requirement is 25x. There is also a cash out limit of 600 mBTC.
  • 100% Admirer Bonus of up to 200 mBTC – This is a deposit bonus that requires a minimum deposit of 20 mBTC. It needs to be wagered 20x and has a cash out limit of 400 mBTC.

Slotobit Player Support

Unfortunately, Slotobit only provides assistance to players via email. This is through the 24/7 Support button on the upper right corner of the website. Clicking this button pops up an online form for sending your questions, messages, concerns, or complaints. You can also directly send email inquiries or support requests to support@slotobit.com.

We tried making inquiries through this email support channel but we have not received a response. We wanted to know if Slotobit has a policy of rejecting players from certain countries.

[Update]. We finally received a response after almost a day of waiting.

Slotobit Customer Support

All Players Are Welcome to Slotobit

The Slotobit website does not impose country restrictions when it comes to accepting players. Players from the United States, the UK and other parts of the are welcome to play on Slotobit. We tried to do some research regarding this since there is no clear information provided on the site. Most of the pages we found online did not indicate that there are country restrictions. Slotobit’s rules, however, states that it only accepts players who are of legal age (well, there’s an “18+” icon/image on the homepage) and are not from countries or jurisdictions where online gambling is outlawed.

[Update] We were finally able to get a response from Slotobit regarding our inquiry on country restrictions. They are saying that they accept players from all parts of the world. They only transact in bitcoins and maintain players’ anonymity so it’s unlikely to encounter legal issues.

Slotobit Licensing, Regulation, and Security and Privacy Assurance

We could not find information regarding Slotobit’s licensing and regulation. We are inclined to write in this Slotobit review that it does not have a license.

Slotobit Privacy

More about Slotobit

Be sure to read the site’s Terms and Conditions to avoid committing violations that could possibly lead to the cancellation of your account or winnings. Also, don’t forget to drop by the Privacy Policy page. For a complete guide to playing on Slotobit, there’s also a How to Play page you can conveniently refer to.

Pros and Cons


  • Nice distinctive website that comprehensively provides the information players need
  • Free play allows players to try playing without making deposits.
  • Decent variety of games with attractive graphics
  • Fast and simple account registration
  • No country restriction


  • Requires software downloads (game client for Windows or Android app)
  • Email-only support, no live chat or telephone contact channels
  • Complicated playing setup (requires a registration online and an access code to be obtained from the registered account)
  • No Mac and iOS client and app
  • Games are not provably fair

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