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SatoshiDice Review

Satoshi Dice is dubbed as the original blockchain-based bitcoin dice game. From being a simple dice game site, it has evolved into something bigger. These are what’s being written on the SatoshiDice website. We’re just not sure if we can believe these claims as the site also writes that Satoshi Dice is a “subroutine of an advanced artificial intelligence which arose spontaneously as one of the less-harmful consequences of the United States’ quantitative easing monetary program.” Additionally, it is claimed that the SatoshiDice system “exists solely within the RAM of an abandoned Nokia 3310 mobile phone which was left in a subway station in Tokyo, and powers itself by feeding off the ghost of the late Satoshi Nakamoto.” We can always tolerate some humor but when it’s put alongside supposedly real or believable claims, the result is silliness. They should have just kept this humor in the game interface instead of having it in the About Us section.

Satoshi Dice is dubbed as the original blockchain-based bitcoin dice game. From being a simple dice game site, it has evolved into something bigger. These are what’s being written on the SatoshiDice website. We’re just not sure if we can believe these claims as the site also writes that Satoshi Dice is a “subroutine of an advanced artificial intelligence which arose spontaneously as one of the less-harmful consequences of the United States' quantitative easing monetary program.” Additionally, it is claimed that the SatoshiDice system "exists solely within the RAM of an abandoned Nokia 3310 mobile phone which was left in…

SatoshiDice Ratings:

Trust - 96%
Quality - 90%
Promotions - 90%
Games Diversity - 55%
Support - 81%


Great Casino!

User Rating: 3.16 ( 4 votes)

In our first impressions of the site, we had this uncertainty whether or not the site even deserves to be reviewed. The Satoshi Dice website does not look exciting or attractive. The homepage has some claims that we couldn’t verify on the site at a quick glance. Moreover, the site keeps disconnecting us for supposedly being idle. It flashes this message: “Hey There! You seem to be away…we stopped all data…click OK to get back in.” The long list of players is also something we don’t like. It would have been better if it were shown in a different page.

Still, we think this bitcoin gambling site deserves a closer look. It offers a good affiliate program, an API (for the dice game) for writing a bot for getting Satoshi Dice data in JSON format,  as well as a provably fair game system. Read further into our review and find out if it’s worth it keeping an account with Satoshi Dice.

Satoshi Dice Homepage

Account Registration – SatoshiDice Calls Us Asicer03581

It’s not necessary to register for an account to be able to play on SatoshiDice. The site automatically creates an account for anyone who visits it. It even prepares a name for its guest. We were given the name Asicer03581. I allways wanted to be Asicero! Fortunately, this name can be quickly replaced by clicking on the Change Alias below it.

You wouldn’t actually find a Sign Up or Register link/button on the Satoshi Dice homepage. Basically, you are granted an account and it’s up to you if you want to keep it. If you want to keep it, you have to bookmark it or copy the URL and save it somewhere. This URL is your only way of getting back to your account again. If you lose it, you lose your account. However, you have the option to set a password for your account by going to the Invest tab (in between the Play and Affiliate tabs located just below your account name).

Satoshi Dice Account Creation - Copy

By the way, we like how the color theme changes whenever we go to the different tabs. It’s green when we’re on Play, reddish when we’re on Invest, and bluish when we’re on the Affiliate tab.

To set a password, just click on the Set Password link right below your name (it takes the place of Change Alias in the Play tab). If you set a password, others who know your personal address or unique Satoshi Dice URL will still be able to access your account but they can no longer do changes or perform actions without entering the right password. We think it would have been better if the password prevents anyone from viewing the information in an account although we submit that nothing much can be done by simply being able to view information in an account.

Satoshi Dice Password Setting

The Game Interface

There’s nothing special about the Satoshi Dice game interface. It does not even have keyboard shortcuts. Still, it gets the job done. We actually like how it is relatively easy to see statistics regarding the bets, big wins, rare wins, winning streaks, losing streaks, and leaderboards. However, it would have been better if this were shown on a separate page because it’s a little distracting especially for those who are new to visiting the site and more so for those who are not yet familiar to how casino dice games work.

The Games on SatoshiDice

Contrary to what’s written on the SatoshiDice homepage that it already features several games, we actually found only two games. These are Dice and Slot. This is one of the things we mentioned earlier about claims on the homepage that we can’t verify at first glance. Actually, we even thought that there was only one game on Satoshi Dice (the dice game). The site’s layout is far from ideal, as it does not properly highlight or make the important things conspicuous, but it’s not bad to be unusable or frustrating.

The Dice Game

Satoshi Dice Dice Game

Playing the SatoshiDice dice game is similar to how it is done with most other dice games. There are two types of games to play: the Off Chain or Session Based Game and the Classic Block Chain Based Game. The second game, however, does not exist on the site at the time we were doing this Satoshi Dice review.

For the Off Chain game, you just have to set the Bet amount then adjust the Profit on Win, Roll Under to Win, Win Chance, and Payout amounts. You can enter the numbers yourself or just use the bet slider to adjust the amounts. Next, click on the Roll Dice button and wait for the result. If you win, the Profit on Win amount will be transferred to your balance. If you lose, the bet you placed will be instantly deducted from your balance.

The Slot Game

Satoshi Dice Slot Game

The slot game works just like how other slots games work. You just have to place your bet, set the bet multiplier, and spin. There’s an Autoplay option but we suggest not using this since it tends to take away the excitement of spinning the slots. Unfortunately, the free bitcoin faucet does not seem to apply to the slot game. You really need to make a bitcoin deposit to play the slot game.

Also, the slot game takes time to load. We even encountered a number of browser freezing and crashing instances as we tried to evaluate the game for this SatoshiDice review.

House Edge

Since we are dealing with a dice site here, we have to include a House Edge section in our Satoshi Dice review. The house edge, as indicated on Satoshi Dice’s website, is 1.9%. This is not close to being the best house edge around. There are others offer better chances of winning, Rollin.io, for instance, has a house edge of 0.8% to 1.0% only.

Game Software and Provability

Satoshi Dice uses its proprietary software that offers a provably fair gaming system. Both the dice and slot games come with their respective provability widgets. Just click on the Show Provably Fair option below the game interface. The fairness provability testing involves the use of server hash and server salt. Everything is shown on the screen so you don’t have to consult other tools to see if Satoshi Dice is indeed provably fair.

Satoshi Dice Provably Fair Widget

Satoshi Dice Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Unfortunately, those who want to play Satoshi Dice on their mobile devices cannot expect to get a good experience. While it is still possible to run the Flash-based game, navigation is an issue for mobile devices. The site and games are not optimized for mobile playing although playing through tablets may be okay.

Satoshi Dice Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies Used on Satoshi Dice

Satoshi Dice only uses bitcoins (BTC). A personal bitcoin deposit address is shown on the game interface.

There is a fee for every transaction on Satoshi Dice. It is 0.0001 BTC that is deducted from the payment amount. If this fee reduces the payment to zero, Satoshi Dice automatically lowers it to 0.00005430.

Free Bitcoin Faucet

Satoshi Dice has a free bitcoin faucet so if you don’t have bitcoins to deposit, you can tap on the free bitcoin faucet to have some balance to try the games. The faucet provides 200 satoshis (0.000002 BTC) to any player who taps on the faucet in every 60 seconds.  There’s nothing much to do to get these 200 satoshis. You just have to click on the “I’m not a Robot” reCAPTCHA button and you will immediately get the free satoshis in your balance.

Satoshi Dice Free Bitcoin Faucet

Satoshi Dice Promotions and Affiliate Program

In addition to the free bitcoin faucet, Satoshi Dice also allows players to earn more bitcoins by topping the leaderboards. Satoshi Dice offers 0.4 BTC daily. A prize of 0.1 BTC is given to the player who makes the most profit, 0.05 BTC for the player with the most wins, 0.1 BTC for the player with the unlikeliest win, 0.1 BTC for the one with the longest winning streak, and 0.05 for the player with the unlikeliest winning streak. A countdown for the day is shown on the leaderboard to let players know if they still have time to qualify for the contest. Only those who place bets of 0.001 BTC or higher qualify for inclusion in the leaderboards.

Satoshi Dice Promotions

For the affiliate program, players can earn 10% revenue for the house edge of each bet made the player referred. Since Satoshi Dice has a house edge of 1.9%, this revenue share translates to 0.19% of each bet amount. The earnings are instantaneously credited to the referrer’s account every time the referred player makes a bet. The amount can be withdrawn anytime. There is no rollover or wagering requirement.

Satoshi Dice Affiliate Program

Player Support on Satoshi Dice

If you have questions, complaints, or other concerns, you can send them via email to support@satoshidice.com. Unfortunately, support is only provided through email. You may also reach Satoshi Dice through the Bitcointalk.org forum. It has its own thread on the forum. Satoshi Dice may answer as SDice_CTO, SatoshiDICE_PR, or Randian Hero on the forum.

If you have questions regarding your account, be sure to include your personal address (the URL you are supposed to remember). It is preferable to write the following in the Subject field of the email: “Account Issue<your personal address>.” On the other hand, if you are going to ask about a block chain game bet, you have to include your transaction ID.

We tested the responsiveness of this player support channel for our Satoshi Dice review and unfortunately, we failed to get a reply. Maybe, though, it’s because we didn’t have an urgent concern. We only asked if there are country restrictions.

Satoshi Dice Contact Support

Country Restrictions

The Satoshi Dice Terms of Service page explicitly mentions that players from the United States are not accepted to play on the site. Also, players on Satoshi Dice are expected to be of legal age and to are supposed to ascertain that there are no laws that prohibit online gambling in their respective countries. Considering how anyone can play anonymously on Satoshi Dice, there’s the possibility that US players will try to circumvent this US restriction. This constitutes a violation of the terms of service and merits the cancellation of the account and balance therein.

Satoshi Dice License and Regulation

Satoshi Dice does not state anything about its license. However, it mentions that its terms of service are governed by the laws of Canada. In case disputes arise, they will be resolved under Canadian jurisdiction.

More about Satoshi Dice Bitcoin Dice Casino

Satoshi Dice has a very short FAQ page but you can still get something out of it. If you are new to the site, be sure to read the End User Agreement or Terms of Service page to make sure that you will not be committing violations that could lead to the cancellation of your account and bitcoin balance. You may also enjoy some Satoshi Dice trivia and historical information at the Satoshi Dice Statistics & Historical Data page.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous playing guaranteed
  • Winnings and affiliate earnings are instantly credited to player accounts
  • Provably fair dice and slot games


  • No option to keep a typical account that uses a username and password
  • Some things mentioned on the site don’t actually exist. There are only two games (dice and slots) as opposed to the
  • No live chat support
  • The Flash based slot game can crash your web browser.

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