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Satoshi36 Review

Satoshi36 is described as a “perfectly fair lottery” on its website, although at first glance you may think it’s a roulette or spin a win game. It claims to have a clear and transparent algorithm for placing a bet and following the result.

Satoshi36 is described as a “perfectly fair lottery” on its website, although at first glance you may think it’s a roulette or spin a win game. It claims to have a clear and transparent algorithm for placing a bet and following the result. As the site’s owners put it, Satoshi36 was created to be a more user-friendly alternative for the other online lottery games online. It is supposed to “bring together a convenient interface designed by a good usability bureau.” It is dubbed as  a new generation lottery that allows players to employ mathematical algorithms to verify the fairness of…

Satoshi36 Rating

Trust - 84%
Quality - 92%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 50%
User Rating: 3.5 ( 1 votes)

As the site’s owners put it, Satoshi36 was created to be a more user-friendly alternative for the other online lottery games online. It is supposed to “bring together a convenient interface designed by a good usability bureau.” It is dubbed as  a new generation lottery that allows players to employ mathematical algorithms to verify the fairness of the results. Satoshi36’s makers assert that the game is free from fraud and that they only get 2% of the bets placed by players, nothing more.

Satoshi36 does not require account registration, unless you want to participate in the affiliate program (more on this below). It supports anonymous online gambling.  It features an intuitive game that allows you to win BTC prizes without hassles and without having to go through a learning curve. However, it also has some drawbacks, which you will get to know if you read further into our in-depth Satoshi36 review.

Satoshi36 Homepage

No Account Registration, No Account to Maintain

There is no need to register for an account on Satoshi36. You can immediately proceed to playing as you load the site, as long as you already have your bitcoin wallet. However, unlike Rollin.io and the other dice sites we reviewed earlier, there is no option to sign up for an account with a username or password. There is also no option to maintain an account through a unique URL or personal address.

To play, you just have to send your bet by making a wallet to wallet transfer. There is no account to maintain. There is no profile page on the site. Your account dashboard is the same page everybody else gets to access. Satoshi36 is essentially a casual bitcoin betting game open to all players.

The Game on Satoshi36

Satoshi36 features only 1 game. The goal is to guess the winning number. Although what appears on the game interface is something roulette-like, Satoshi36 is mostly a lottery style game.

To play, you just have to choose any of the “slices” on the circle known as sectors. There are 36 of them. You can choose more than one. Choosing a sector or sectors automatically adjusts the Multiplier and Win Odds shown to the right of the game interface. Then, click the Play button. Doing so will generate a bitcoin wallet address to where you are to send your bet. The bet amount allowed is from 0.01 BTC to 10 BTC.

Satoshi36 Game

To emphasize, the bet should only be from 0.01 BTC to 10 BTC. If you send an amount lower than this range, the amount will be stored in the system and not refunded. If you send an amount higher than the range indicated, the amount will be returned to you but with a corresponding deduction for the transfer fee.

The game is periodic, which means that there is a specific duration for every game or round of game. You can’t just choose your preferred sector or sectors, hit play, and see the results after a few seconds. There is a countdown in the circle at the center of the game board. You will have to wait for the countdown to end before the results are revealed.

The prize you will win is equivalent to your bet amount times the multiplier number indicated on the round you are playing.

There is only 1 winning number for every round but you can choose more than 1 number to bet on. However, the more sectors you choose, the lower the multiplier becomes. Hence, the resulting prize gets reduced. You can actually choose all of the 36 sectors, which means that you will have a 100% chance of winning. This, however, would mean that your multiplier goes down to 0.98x, which means that you will lose 2% of your bet. Basically, you win the game but you lose a part of your money.

Satoshi36 Games - 100%

The game is as simple as that. We did not encounter bugs with it. If you want to randomly choose sectors, you can just click on a sector and quickly drag the mouse pointer around the game board. The sectors will be randomly selected by doing this. This is something we only discovered by playing the game. It’s not really part of the game’s design but it’s a good way to do a random play.

Note: To unselect a sector, you just have to click on it again. If you have already clicked on the Play button, you can no longer unselect sectors. If you want to make changes, what you need to do is to have the page refreshed so you can start fresh with a new game round. However, take note that refreshing a page does not reset the round countdown. The countdown will just continue running. Also, you cannot refresh a game round if you have already placed your bet or if you have already sent bitcoins to the wallet address indicated on the game interface.

Satoshi36 Game Software, Fairness, and House Edge

There’s nothing mentioned about the game’s software on the site so we presume in this Satoshi36 review that the software is proprietary, just like the ones used by most other similar BTC gambling sites.

The game, however, is not provably fair. Instead, Satoshi36 describes it as a “perfectly fair” lottery game. Being perfectly fair for Satoshi36 means that all the bets and rounds are visible to all players. The winning numbers are randomly selected. Accordingly, the lottery results conform to the laws of mathematical statistics. Satoshi36, however, does not offer any proof as to this reliability of the random number selection. There is no certification for the fairness of the game algorithm used. If you want to verify the results, you need to examine all of the statistics of the game to determine if they indeed adhere to the principles of mathematical randomness.

Satoshi36 Schedule of Games, Bets and Winners

Satoshi36 says that they get a profit of 2% of all players’ winnings, which is basically what can be considered as the site’s house edge.

Satoshi36 Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Unfortunately, Satoshi36 does not provide the mobile gaming convenience or advantage associated with a bitcoin mobile casino. This was at least the case at the time we did this Satoshi36 review. The site’s layout or appearance that gets loaded on mobile web browsers is the same one shown on full-size or desktop browsers. It’s still possible to play the game but the texts and images look too small that you may have some difficulty tapping on the right sector. Simply put, the game is not optimized for mobile playing. Satoshi36 also does not provide an app for playing the game on Android, iOS, or Windows mobile devices.

Satoshi36 Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Satoshi36 only uses bitcoins (BTC). Deposits and withdrawals are done through wallet to wallet transfers.

Technically, there is no deposit or withdrawal scheme with Satoshi36. This is because when you transfer bitcoins to the bitcoin wallet address indicated on the game interface, what you are doing is the actual betting. You don’t get to send an amount to put up a fund from which you can draw your bets as you play. In every round you play, you need to send bitcoins to the wallet address shown on the game interface.

The game generates a new bitcoin wallet address for every round. The bitcoin addresses are not reused for the succeeding games. As such, there are only two possible history items in the bitcoin addresses generated: the deposit and the possible withdrawal (if the player wins). To view the history of the bitcoin address generated for a specific round, just click on the Info button. You will then be redirected to the Blockchain.info page for the bitcoin address, where you can see the transaction history and Hash 160 code.

Satoshi36 Betting - Deposits

Moreover, payouts on Satoshi36 are instant so the term “withdrawal” is no longer applicable. You get your prize sent to the bitcoin wallet you used to place the bet. There’s no need to initiate a withdrawal. There are no bitcoins held in some hot or cold storage so theft is unlikely going to happen. The only problem is if Satoshi36 refuses or delays the payment of the winnings—in such a case, you should be wise enough to decide to stop betting more of your bitcoins on the site.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Player Rewards

Since there’s essentially no depositing or withdrawing done with Satoshi36, you can’t expect deposit bonus, sign up bonus, reload bonus, and other similar bonus offers from this site. At the time we did this Satoshi36 review, we did not find any promotional offering. If you are looking for VIP programs and rewards, this site has none. It also does not have a bitcoin faucet that would allow you to get some satoshis to play without having to place any bet from your bitcoin wallet.

What Satoshi36 only has is an affiliate program that offers a 50% share for all the winnings of the players you refer to the site. To get this affiliate bonus, you need to sign up for the affiliate program by going to the affiliate program page and entering your bitcoin address to generate your affiliate URL and security code. You have to remember these details because you will need them to access your affiliate account dashboard, through which you will be monitoring and withdrawing your affiliate earnings.

Satoshi36 Affiliate Program

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

Satoshi36 is a bitcoin betting site that guarantees player anonymity. After all, you are not required to sign up for an account to be able to play here. It also does not impose country restrictions. It does not block players in certain countries from accessing the site. As such, we can write in this Satoshi36 review with certainty that it is comparable to a US-accepted bitcoin casino.

The site is only available in the English language.

Satoshi36 Player Support

If you wish to contact Satoshi36 for technical assistance or support, unfortunately,  there are no contact details presented on the site. There is no email address, telephone number, or a live chat facility. Obviously, this means that the site cannot provide 24/7 customer support. The closest you can get to be able to contact the site’s admin are links to its Twitter account. However, these have not been updated. The last Twitter post was in August 2013 while the last post on BitcoinTalk was in September 2013.

Satoshi36 License, Regulation, and Security

There is no information about licensing and regulation presented on the Satoshi36 site. Again, just like what we usually say in our reviews for similar BTC gambling sites, this is not that much of an issue considering that others similarly don’t divulge details about the legitimacy of their online gambling operations.

We were a little worried about the security of the site since there’s nothing mentioned about having transactions protected by SSL encryption or some other security measures. However, we realized that the site does not really maintain bitcoin balances of players online or offline, since there are no deposits maintained and payouts for winnings are generally instant. As such, it’s not unreasonable to presume that the risk of bitcoin theft is very minimal. We reckon the Satoshi36 system is reliable enough.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous bitcoin betting supported
  • No registration required, no personal URL to bookmark or remember
  • Instant payouts


  • No player support (no email, live chat, or telephone support)
  • No bonuses, player rewards, VIP program, and bitcoin faucet
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • Not provably fair

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