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Rollin.io Review

Rollin goes by the tagline “One of the biggest online bitcoin casinos.” Sure, there’s nothing dubitable about that. However, we’d prefer to point out the things that make this cryptocurrency gambling site interesting.  In this Rollin review, we will be shed some light into this literally dark but pleasantly sparse bitcoin gambling site that only has a virtual digital LED display as its centerpiece.

Rollin goes by the tagline “One of the biggest online bitcoin casinos.” Sure, there’s nothing dubitable about that. However, we’d prefer to point out the things that make this cryptocurrency gambling site interesting.  In this Rollin review, we will be shed some light into this literally dark but pleasantly sparse bitcoin gambling site that only has a virtual digital LED display as its centerpiece. Rollin is a dice site although it does not seem to look like one at first glance. The virtual LED digital display looks like some timer but it is actually what indicates if you win or…

Rollin.io Ratings:

Trust - 95%
Quality - 93%
Promotions - 97%
Support - 87%


Fun Dice Games

User Rating: 3.7 ( 1 votes)

Rollin is a dice site although it does not seem to look like one at first glance. The virtual LED digital display looks like some timer but it is actually what indicates if you win or lose. It serves as the indicator for the completed rolls. It shows numbers in different colors, green for a win and red when you lose. It features an aesthetically and functionally pleasing interface that you rarely see or you may have not seen before.  The system for betting is not complicated. Even better, the system is provably fair. If you have been to many dice sites before, you might think that Rollin is offering something that rolls most of the advantageous features of these sites into one compelling bitcoin gambling site.

You will not find a long list of winners on the homepage here, unlike what other dice sites have been accustomed to doing. Moreover, the game mechanics are very simple. You just have to place a bet and then decide whether the result will be high or low. That’s all there is about the gameplay. It’s simple and easy, just like how dice games are meant to be. Rollin provides dice gambling enthusiasts an excellent option.

Rollin with the default tutorial popup being flashed:

Rollin.io with the default tutorial popup being flashed

Rollin with its distinguishing virtual LED digital display:

Rollin.io with its distinguishing virtual LED digital display

No-Registration Account Creation But You Can Elect to Log In Traditionally

Aside from its distinctive look, Rollin is also different from many other bitcoin gambling sites because it does not require players to undergo the typical registration process. Instead, it automatically creates an account for users. You should be able to easily notice this. There’s an account link to the upper right corner of the homepage. If you hover your mouse pointer on it, a drop down menu appears, presenting the following options: Profile, Affiliate, Transactions, and Sign out. If you click on it, you will be brought to your Account page (shown below).

Your account allows you to edit your username, add a password, enter a recovery email, enable two-factor authentication, and add an emergency address. If you add these details, you will be able to log in traditionally later on (by entering your username and password).

Otherwise, you just have to save your Login URL (as shown above) so you can return to this page. There’s no need to add or edit anything in your pre-created profile. All of the functions of the account will work as they would usually do with or without the addition of a username and password. However, bear in mind that if you forget your login URL and you haven’t set a username and password, you will essentially lose your account along with all the winnings you may have made with it.

We are not a big fan of this kind of setup but it’s good that there’s the option for players to have something like this. This is more like a bait for players to play and decide to maintain an account as they realize that they like playing on the site.  We’re not saying this in a negative way, though. We still recommend doing the traditional login coupled with two-factor authentication. Even the guys behind Rollin, deliberately labeled the Login URL as an “unsafe” (see above) way of maintaining your account. It’s obvious that having a username and password is the better way to maintain an account.

The Rollin Game

So what is the Rollin game all about? Well, as already mentioned, it’s an online dice game that focuses on the use of bitcoins. When you play, you just have to set your focus on the section shown below. A summary of the steps in playing is provided below:

  1. Place the amount of BTC you want to bet.
  2. Click “Roll High” or “Roll Low” You click on high if you think the result will be higher than the amount indicated on the Prediction box, low if lower.
  3. Wait for the result.

winner or loser

Really, that’s just it. It’s a very simple game that’s largely about luck. You may not realize it but you will eventually get addicted to doing this simple routine, especially if you are experiencing a roll.

If you don’t want to keep repeating the process of clicking either “Roll High” or “Roll Low,” you have the option to use the Robot function. This is not something that randomly picks bets for you. What the Robot does is to allow you to set parameters for the succeeding bets you will make. It pops out the dialog box shown below.

dialog box


By using Robot, you no longer have to wear your finger and mouse out with the repetitive multiple clicking. However, it may take away some of the fun. In our case, we thought it was more enjoyable waiting for the result then doing some changes after every result. To each his own, we just have to note in this Rollin review that it’s good that this bitcoin gambling site offers different ways for players to enjoy.

Provably Fair Gaming Platform

Rollin is running on a proprietary gaming platform. It is in HTML5 and fully browser-based. There is no need to download anything, not even a browser extension like Flash.

As already mentioned earlier, Rollin is also a provably fair gaming system. The site has a button that readily shows the server seed hash and client seed that can be used for testing the game’s fairness. More details about this provability are shown in the site’s Provably Fair page. We can say that we have no reason to doubt the claims of fairness in this Rollin review.

To help guarantee fairness, Rollin keeps a record of all game histories. They are removed, however, after a period of two weeks.

Moreover, Rollin comes with a chat facility that allows players to communicate with each other.

Not so Mobile-Friendly

Rollin.io on mobile

Unfortunately, Rollin’s minimalist website is not mobile-friendly. Well, that’s according to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. We also tried the site on our tablet and quite old smartphone for this Rollin review. Our old Motorola Razr smartphone failed to  load the site because it could not process a secure connection (https). We suspect this has something to do with the OS or the Motorola browser. Our Lenovo Yoga tablet, on the other hand, loaded it quite well. The site does not fit perfectly on the tablet screen but it’s not that much of a hassle navigating it. There’s just a few millimeters of panning needed (in portrait orientation) to see the entirety of the site but there is no problem when viewing the site in landscape orientation.

Still, the point is that you can play Rollin on mobile devices. It’s not a perfect gaming experience but we have to say it’s not worth calling it “not mobile-friendly” as how we assessed real non-mobile-friendly online casinos we have tested in our other reviews.

Currency, Payment Methods, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Rollin, for now, only accepts bitcoins. For those who don’t have bitcoin wallets and bitcoins yet, the site recommends getting them from Coinbase, Blockchain, Bitstamp, BTC-e, and Localbitcoins. The team behind Rollin will also provide assistance to those  who may have difficulties setting up their bitcoin wallets and getting bitcoins through email support (support@rollin.io).

There are no limitations imposed on deposits. However, 1 confirmation is required before the deposit is credited to your account.

When it comes to withdrawals, a minimum of 1 mBTC is required. There is no maximum withdrawal amount set but a transaction fee of at least 0.1 mBTC will be charged. Also, 2 confirmations are needed to process a withdrawal.

Rollin’s official FAQ page states that a maximum payout of 6,900 mBTC is set for each individual bet.

Bonuses, Rainbot, and Free Bitcoins

As usual, this Rollin review will not be complete without a section devoted to the bonuses.

Unfortunately, Rollin does not offer the typical first, second, and reload bonuses. What it offers, though, are free bitcoins. Right beside Deposit button is another golden button for getting free bitcoins. There’s no need to deposit anything to get this bonus. You just have to click on the Free Bitcoins button and get through the CAPTCHA part. You don’t even have to enter numbers and letters for the CAPTCHA part. All it takes is just one click.

We gather than you will be getting varying amounts as you do this. The first time we did, we were granted 0.00200 mBTC or a very small 0.0000200 BTC. We learned that the minimum faucet/free bitcoin amount used to be 0.005 mBTC but of course we are not complaining that we only got less than half of that.

free bitcoins

We did some research regarding the minimum bet on Rollin and we found that last May 2015, the minimum bet for this dice gambling site had been reduced to 1 satoshi. That’s equivalent to 0.00001 mBTC. Hence, the free bitcoins we get can indeed be useful for a few times of dice rolling.

Rollin also has a feature called Rainbot that allows players to send bitcoins to random players via the chat board. This is done by keying in “/rain” in the chat board. This command randomly selects 10 lucky players from the last 500 games who have placed a bet of at least 1 satoshi, who will be given free bitcoins. Players with higher levels will get more bitcoins.

Moreover, Rollin offers  1,000 mBTC to the “Casears of Rollin” or the players with the most amount of bitcoins wagered for a particular week. This 1,000 mBTC or 1 BTC is divided among those with the top 10 highest amounts wagered. The top three players get to receive 500 mBTC, 250 mBTC, and 125 mBTC respectively, while the 7 other top 10 players receive 25 mBTC each.

Rollin House Edge and Player Levels

Rollin, on its FAQ page, provides a comprehensive guide regarding its house edge, player levels, bitcoin faucet amounts, and the corresponding wager values.

wager value

The more you play and the higher the accumulated amounts you wagered, the higher will be the amounts you can get from the bitcoin faucet. Inversely, the house edge is diminished. Rollin’s house edge starts at 1% and eventually lowers to 0.8% after a player reaches Level 11 or after  wagering 2,000 BTC.

Rollin Customer Support

Unfortunately, Rollin only provides customer support via email. If you have complaints, questions, or other concerns, you can send your email directly to this address: support@rollin.io.

You may also find other players who will want to help you with the issues you encounter through the chat box.

No Country Restrictions for Players

Rollin does not impose or specifically state country or region-based restrictions in accepting players. However, it emphasizes that players should be of legal age and that there are no laws in their country that prohibits online gambling. After doing some inquiries and consulting other online sources, we can say in this Rollin review that this site accepts players from the United States.

Rollin License and Security Guarantee

We could not find information regarding the licensing and regulation of Rollin but we learned that it is certified by eCOGRA, an independent company committed to ensuring fair gaming, player protection, and the responsible undertaking of site operators.

Know more about the Rollin Dice Site

If you are new to the site or the concept of playing an online dice game in general, be sure to check out Rollin’s Tutorial and Rules by clicking on their respective buttons on Rollin’s homepage. They are javascript popup boxes so we can’t link them here. Also, ascertain that you check out the FAQ page before you send inquiries or contact customer support. The answers you are looking for might already be there. Most importantly, don’t forget to read the site’s Terms of Service to be fully aware of this gambling site’s rules, policies, and service conditions. You can also learn about the site’s promotions through the Promotions page.

Pros and Cons


  • Distinctive dice gambling site with a neat and responsive interface
  • Simple game with simple rules and freebies
  • Bitcoin faucet / free bitcoins for all
  • Provably fair system
  • Registration not required but there’s the option to set up username and password to maintain an account in the usual fashion
  • Anonymous playing


  • No deposit bonuses and only the top 10 players get to enjoy rewards
  • Email-only customer support
  • Mobile gaming compatibility could use some improvement

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