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Profit-Bitcoin.com Review

Seriously, we had a hard time determining this online casino’s name. There’s one instance (on the website) when it is being referred to as “Bitcoin Casino PROFIT” but this name does not sound so sensible. It also does not coincide with what is written on the image on the homepage. The homepage uses the name “Casino Profit Bitcoin.” That’s why we prefer to refer to this bitcoin gambling site with its URL to avoid any confusion.

Seriously, we had a hard time determining this online casino’s name. There’s one instance (on the website) when it is being referred to as “Bitcoin Casino PROFIT” but this name does not sound so sensible. It also does not coincide with what is written on the image on the homepage. The homepage uses the name “Casino Profit Bitcoin.” That’s why we prefer to refer to this bitcoin gambling site with its URL to avoid any confusion. Profit-Bitcoin.com is an online gambling site that offers a limited number of games at the moment. These games make use of software developed by…

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Trust - 94%
Quality - 93%
Promotions - 95%
Games Diversity - 92%
Support - 95%


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Profit-Bitcoin.com is an online gambling site that offers a limited number of games at the moment. These games make use of software developed by Profit-Bitcoin.com. Nevertheless, the games are provably fair so there should be no or very minimal issues about their trustworthiness, at least when it comes to the fairness of the games. Also, this online casino does not require proofs of identification for the account registration and withdrawals. If you like to play anonymously, this online casino could be one of your options.

Profit-Bitcoin.com, however, has a number of drawbacks that may make you think twice before signing up. Get to the know the strengths and weaknesses of this online casino by going over our Profit-Bitcoin.com review.

Profit Bitcoin Homepage

Account Registration Process

Signing up for an account with Profit-Bitcoin.com is a quick and easy process. The online form you need to fill out asks for only a few details. An email address will be sought but there’s no email confirmation step needed to complete the registration. The email verification may be done later on and there’s nothing on the website that indicates that you should do an email verification. We completed our account registration in less than 15 seconds.

Profit Bitcoin Account Registration

Account Dashboard and Website

Profit-Bitcoin.com has a very intuitive account dashboard. It provides most of the functions that can be found in online casino account dashboards. It enables the quick and easy editing of the email address and password. It has a separate page (and balance) for monitoring bonuses. This page conveniently shows the bonuses you have, the bonus state, and the percentage of the completion of the wagering requirement. Additionally, it shows a detailed game history or sessions archive which includes details on the game date, initial and final amounts or balances, results, session ID, and closing date. You can find the details you need for game fairness verification here.

Profit Bitcoin Account Dashboard

We have to mention in this Profit-Bitcoin.com review that we are not that fond of the website and overall presentation of this online casino. It looks like a website from 10 years ago. The font and graphics choices leave much to be desired. These don’t affect the navigability of the site but it could definitely use a lot of visual improvements.

The Games on Profit-Bitcoin.com

Profit-Bitcoin.com has a total of 23 games. It has 8 slot machine games, 3 roulette games, 3 lotteries and tourneys, and 9 card gambling games.

Profit Bitcoin Games

The game pages present the game rules as well as the minimum bet requirements.

The games load in pop-up windows and they load relatively quickly. Well, except for the roulette games, they don’t have impressive graphics anyway so it’s only to be expected that they should load quickly.

You can play without having to make a deposit on these games. You can simply use the FUN currency or the demo versions of the games. Playing with FUN currency allows you to explore all of the features of the games since they are not limited even as you play for free.

Anyway, to make it easier for you to skim through the different games on this site, the different game titles are listed below:

  • Roulette – European Roulette
  • Roulette – Roulette with Return at ZERO
  • Roulette – Roulette with Increased Payout
  • Slot Machines – Lucky Haunter
  • Slot Machines – Fruit Cocktail
  • Slot Machines – Book of ra
  • Slot Machines – Seven Gems
  • Slot Machines – Fairy Land
  • Slot Machines – Crazy Monkey 2
  • Slot Machines – Garage
  • Slot Machines – resident
  • Card Gambling – Oasis Poker
  • Card Gambling – Russian Poker
  • Card Gambling – Russian Poker x3 with Round Straight
  • Card Gambling – Draw Poker
  • Card Gambling – J Poker
  • Card Gambling – Oasis Poker +6+6
  • Card Gambling – Oasis Poker with Exchange of 1, 2 or 5 Cards
  • Card Gambling – Oasis Poker with Exchange of 2 or 5 Cards and Purchase of 6th Card
  • Card Gambling – Poker with 5 Cards and Purchase of 6th Card

Profit-Bitcoin.com Game Software and Fairness

Profit-BItcoin.com uses a “self-developed software” for its games. This software is web-based so all of the games can be played through browsers. There is no need to download anything.

Profit-Bitcoin.com claims that all of its games “are subject to the laws of probability” and are compliant with the rules of original live games. It has a page called “Fairness Control,” which is basically how the site says that it has a provably fair game system. The site employs a SHA-256 algorithm.

Before the game starts, Profit-Bitcoin.com’s software generates a line random sequence of numbers or cards.  This sequence is then converted into a code (hash) and sent to a player. The initial sequence is made available in the game history after the cards have been dealt or after a series of spins have been made. The player can then check the code and compare this code to the code initially to him or her. Profit-Bitcoin.com readily provides a hash calculator in the game history page. If players don’t feel reassured using this hash calculator for verification, there’s always the option to test other hash calculators available online. There are actually a few links to these third party hash calculators posted on the site.

The different types of games on Profit-Bitcoin.com have their respective fairness control (provability) information. You just have to click on their corresponding links under the Fairness Control page.

Profit Bitcoin Fairness Control

Profit-Bitcoin.com Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendliness is not one of the strengths of Profit-Bitcoin.com. When loaded on mobile browsers, this bitcoin gambling site does not redirect to a mobile version or does not adjust its contents to be more conducive to mobile browsing. The texts are too small and the links are too close to each other. Also, it does not have mobile apps for Android or iOS.

Profit Bitcoin Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals on Profit-Bitcoin.com

Profit-Bitcoin.com is a bitcoin-only site. All transactions are in bitcoins or BTC, mostly in mBTC denomination. Deposits and withdrawals are made on a wallet-to-wallet basis. Unlike other online casinos, though, withdrawals can be made using a bitcoin wallet that is different from the wallet used for making deposits.

Deposits require a minimum amount of 0.01 BTC or 10 mBTC. It’s the same minimum required for making withdrawals. The site does not mention a maximum amount for deposits but there is a maximum limit for withdrawals: 2,000 mBTC or 2 BTC.

Profit Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals

You may get confused as you go to the Deposit and Withdrawal sections of the Cashier page of Profit-Bitcoin.com because there are three fields for the deposit/withdrawal amounts presented: mBTC, BTC, and USD. You actually just have to enter an amount in either of these fields. The amount you entered will then be automatically converted to the other amounts. For instance, if you entered 10 in the mBTC field, the corresponding conversions are automatically added to the BTC and USD fields. We’re not sure about the necessity of this feature but it’s a good thing for those who are new to gambling with bitcoins since it shows how much your money is in terms of USD or the value you are more accustomed with.

As mentioned earlier, Profit-Bitcoin.com has a FUN currency of play money so you should be able to try the games without having to make a deposit or lose money in the process. A balance of 10,000 FUN credits is automatically granted to all players.

Profit-Bitcoin.com Bonuses and Promotions

Profit-Bitcoin.com only offers a 50% Deposit Bonus of 0.5 BTC. However, the good thing about this deposit bonus is that it can be availed every time a deposit is made. It’s not a one-time deposit bonus just like what most other online casinos offer but a bonus you can get every time you make a deposit. The site has a separate balance for bonuses. This separate balance will be moved to the main bitcoin balance once the wagering requirement is met.

Profit Bitcoin Bonuses

The wagering requirement for Profit-Bitcoin.com’s bonus is 32x (of the bonus amount). However, we have to highlight that Profit-Bitcoin.com has a slightly complicated system in granting earned bonuses (the bonuses whose wagering requirements have already been met). Accordingly, Profit-Bitcoin.com only transfers bonuses to the main account in 10 mBTC portions. We assume that this means that if you obtained a bonus of 50 mBTC, for example, this bonus will be transferred to your account 10 mBTC at a time, with the next 10 mBTC transferred only if the 10 mBTC is already used up. It’s not 10 mBTC per day, per week, or per hour.

The games don’t have equal contribution to the completion of the bonus wagering requirement. Game contribution to the wagering requirement are as follows:

  • Slot Games – 100%
  • European Roulette – 25%
  • Roulette with Increased Payout – 25%
  • Roulette with Return – 12.5%

Additionally, Profit-Bitcoin.com has an affiliate program that offers a 30% revenue sharing scheme. Visit the affiliate page for comprehensive details about this program.

Profit-Bitcoin.com Player Support

Player support from Profit-Bitcoin.com is provided through email. If you have administrative concerns, send your messages to admin@profit-bitcoin.com. For tech issues, the email address to use is support@profit-bitcoin.com. For other concerns, you may also use this email address: profit.casino@gmail.com. You may also use the site’s online email sending form at the Feedback page to quickly send your inquiries or other concerns. This online form supports file attachments so you can include screenshots in the messages you send.

We tried sending messages to Profit-Bitcoin.com’s email addresses. Response time is within 24 hours based on our experience. It’s well within the typical response guarantee of “playing it safe” online casinos. It’s not the best response time but there’s response nevertheless.

Profit Bitcoin Support

Country Restrictions

There is nothing on the Profit-Bitcoin.com website that mentions banned countries. We contacted customer support regarding this but we have not received a response yet. However, the site’s rules includes the typical requirement for players: (1) that players need to be of legal age, (2) players have to make sure that there are no laws in their respective countries that prohibit the wagering on gambling sites like Profit-Bitcoin.com, and (3) that players are aware of their responsibility to abide by the laws imposed in their respective jurisdictions.

UPDATE: We finally received a response from Profit-Bitcoin.com and we were told that the site accepts players from all countries except Canada and Panama.

Profit-Bitcoin.com License, Regulation, Security, and Anonymity

The Profit-Bitcoin.com website has no information about its license to operate a gambling site. There is also nothing mentioned regarding the authority that regulates its operation. Actually, we find it difficult to find information about Profit-Bitcoin.com. That’s why we have some reservations about its trustworthiness. We couldn’t be sure if it really pays its winning players or if there have been major complaints on cashouts or withdrawals lodged against this site before. That’s why we suggest that if you want to play on this site, you must start with small bets and start making withdrawals when you are already allowed to do so.

The good thing about Profit-Bitcoin.com, though, is that it supports anonymous game playing and balance withdrawals. It does not require proofs of identity or documents whenever you need to make withdrawals. The site clearly states and emphasizes that it supports anonymous and timely withdrawals.

Quickly Familiarize Yourself with Profit-Bitcoin.com through the Following Pages

We’re not sure what to call it but Profit-Bitcoin.com’s website does not show different URLs for its different pages. These different pages actually have their respective URLs but the site is so designed to only show the main URL even though different pages are being loaded. Of course, in this Profit-Bitcoin.com review, just like in our other reviews, we want to help you navigate to the most important pages of the site without hassles so prepared this shrot guide.

Click here to go to the page for the Frequently Asked Questions. To go to the site’s Fair Play Control or fairness verification page, click on this link. If you want to get acquainted with the Casino Rules, the bonuses offered, and the different Lotteries and Tournaments on the site, just go to the footer portion of the site and click on the corresponding links.

Pros and Cons


  • Provably fair games
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • FUN currency / Play for FUN or demo versions of games
  • Player anonymity guaranteed


  • Limited collection of games
  • Dated-looking site and games (except maybe for the roulette games)
  • Site seems incomplete; needs more polishing. Sometimes, you need to reload pages to make them display their standard layout
  • Not for players in Canada and Panama
  • No live chat support

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