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Pocket Dice Review

PocketDice, as the name implies, is a dice gambling site that focuses on the use of bitcoins. It claims to be the first realistic bitcoin dice site. It takes pride in having a unique and realistic design complemented with the use of a lifelike dice. It also supposedly has easier rules after ditching the usual concept of bitcoin dice games and stripping the game down to the comprehensive level of a real life dice.

PocketDice, as the name implies, is a dice gambling site that focuses on the use of bitcoins. It claims to be the first realistic bitcoin dice site. It takes pride in having a unique and realistic design complemented with the use of a lifelike dice. It also supposedly has easier rules after ditching the usual concept of bitcoin dice games and stripping the game down to the comprehensive level of a real life dice. This “realistic” dice game interface is actually just a minimal animation involving a pair of dice and a cup. There’s nothing so special about it. The…

PocketDice Ratings:

Trust - 92%
Quality - 95%
Promotions - 84%
Support - 82%


Great Dice Game!

User Rating: 4.48 ( 2 votes)

This “realistic” dice game interface is actually just a minimal animation involving a pair of dice and a cup. There’s nothing so special about it. The cup just shakes a little and spits out a pair of dice once you click on the Roll button. Don’t expect too much about this “realistic” look and feel Pocket Dice is touting. We’re not saying Pocket Dice is overrating itself, though. The site actually looks good and is decently responsive. It features an intuitive user interface. It does not have live chat support but you can always ask for assistance from other players through the live chat board.

To entice new players, Pocket Dice offers deposit bonuses similar to what online casinos offer. These bonuses are provided on top of the free bitcoins or satoshis provided through the PocketDice Free BTC Faucet. The site, additionally, has an affiliate program that can let players earn something regardless of whether the player you referred to the site wins or loses.

Get to know more about this bitcoin gambling site through our Pocket Dice review. Learn about the many aspects of this site and decide if it’s a dice gambling site you should consider signing up with.

Pocket Dice Homepage

The Account Registration Process: Quick and Easy

Signing up for a PocketDice account is notably fast. You will have to fill out a very short online registration form that only asks for a username, email address, and password. You don’t even have to re-enter the password.  You can quickly proceed to clicking the Sign Up button to complete your account registration. Be sure that you have entered the right password you want to use, though, as you might end up being unable to log in to your newly created account because you’ve had some typing errors. You will be automatically logged in to your account after clicking on the Sign Up button.

Pocket Dice Registration

There is also another fast way to get a Pocket Dice account. This is through your Facebook account. Just click on the “Sign Up with Facebook” button and you should be able to have your Pocket Dice account after a few clicks. We are not keen in recommending this option, though, since it defeats the advantage of remaining anonymous as you play on Pocket Dice.

Account Dashboard and Game Interface

Pocket Dice Account Dashboard

There’s nothing much to discuss about the account dashboard and game interface. It is generally intuitive. If you have tried other dice gambling sites, it would probably look familiar to you. It mostly uses modal windows (pop-up windows within the page) without responsiveness issues. We have encountered several other online gambling sites that use modal windows or those that refuse to let you open sections in different tabs. These sites usually have difficulties being responsive. Sometimes they take time to load a modal window or the information and graphics don’t always get rendered correctly. With Pocket Dice, you can expect a smooth experience navigating the site and playing the game.

Anyway, you can actually add a 2-step verification protection for your account. Just go to the Profile section of your account. You will have to download the Google Authenticator mobile app from Google Play or iTunes.

We also have to mention in this PocketDice review that the site is designed to provide every thing a newbie player needs to get acquainted with the site and the game. As shown in the homepage screenshot above, there are a lot of tooltips (labels or notes for the different page elements of the site) on the site. As you log in after having newly completed your account registration, you will also encounter a lot of modal windows (pop-ups within the page) that present the bonuses and game features you can expect. We’re not sure what to make of these. Some may find them annoying but others may find them useful. Maybe it would be good to have a button to mute them down all at once.

The Pocket Dice Game

Since Pocket Dice tries to stick to a realistic dice game, playing it does not involve random decimals between 0 and 100. It employs the mechanics of a real dice game. The goal is not to predict the actual outcome of the dice rolled but simply to predict if it’s “under” or “over.” A player has to select the number and make a prediction if the next roll will result in a number that is under or over the selected number.

Pocket Dice Game

The payout for the game being played is indicated right beside the number selected. It changes according to the number and prediction (Over or Under) you choose.

You might be a little confused with the Over and Under buttons just like we were when we first tried the game. Allow us to give this reminder: the selected button is the button that turns black or dark gray.

When it comes to the betting mechanics, you can enter your bet amount through the Min, /2, x2, and Max buttons but you have the option to enter the amount yourself by activating the Custom Bets option (to the left of the section for placing bets).

Pocket Dice Game Software and Game Fairness

The Pocket Dice game uses a proprietary software which enables a provably fair bitcoin dice game. It uses dependable cryptographic algorithms such as SHA256, Fisher-Yates shuffle, and Mersenne Twister. These guarantee that the game results are not being manipulated at any instance. Pocket Dice also assures players that the games cannot be tampered with. The details for testing the fairness of the games are presented in the Provably Fair Gaming page of Pocket Dice, including the codes used for shuffling.

Pocket Dice Is Provably Fair

Pocket Dice House Edge

Since we are dealing with a dice site in this PocketDice review, we need to have this section on the house edge. Pocket Dice’s declared house edge is 1.9%. This is not the lowest house edge for a dice site (for the uninitiated, a lower house edge is better). Rollin.io, for example, which we have already reviewed earlier, has a considerably lower standard house edge at 1%. This house edge can be made even lower (to 0.8%) by playing more and reaching a higher account level (Level 11 with accumulated wagered amount of 2 million mBTC).

Pocket Dice Is Mobile-Friendly

We didn’t expect it but Pocket Dice actually has a mobile-friendly website and it actually looks good. It’s not just compressed version of the desktop version of the site. It’s an intuitive mobile website version that Pocket Dice does not have mobile apps for Android or iOS but the mobile compatible website more than makes up for this lack.

Pocket Dice Is Mobile-Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees on Pocket Dice

Pocket Dice is a bitcoin-only site. Deposits are made through wallet-to-wallet transactions only. It takes just one confirmation to complete a deposit. Unfortunately, you can’t make deposits through credit cards on Pocket Dice.

Pocket Dice Deposits

Withdrawals are similarly on a wallet-to-wallet basis and are generally completed instantly. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.5 mBTC. A transaction fee of 0.2 mBTC is automatically deducted from the amount being withdrawn. For large amounts of withdrawals, a manual confirmation might be needed.

Pocket Dice Promotions

Pocket Dice may just be a dice site but it offers bonuses similar to what online casinos offer. These bonuses are as follows:

  • 100% First Deposit Bonus of up to 1 BTC
  • 50% Second Deposit Bonus of up to 0.5 BTC

The catch here, though, is that the bonus needs to be wagered 700x unless stated otherwise. Yes, that’s an absurd 700x! If you get a 1 BTC bonus, you have to wager 700 BTC to be able to withdraw the bonus. You have to complete the wagering requirement within a period of 30 days.

You can withdraw your deposited amount even before completing the bonus wagering requirement but this would mean that your bonus and the winnings associated with it will be cancelled. With the kind of wagering requirement Pocket Dice imposes, we are quite sure that it would be better to not avail of the deposit bonus.

Moreover, Pocket Dice has an affiliate or referral program. You can earn 0.1% of every bet made by the players you refer to the site. That’s 0.1% only but it is based on the bet amount, not the profit so it’s not really a bad deal.

Free Bitcoins

In addition to the deposit bonuses, Pocket Dice also offers free bitcoins to all players.  It’s a one-click Free BTC Faucet system that provides 1,000 satoshis or 0.00001 BTC every 60 minutes. If you are make deposits, though, you can use the bitcoin faucet more often. From the regular 60 minutes, you can use the faucet every 10 minutes. You can set Pocket Dice to send notifications (via email) every time you can already use the bitcoin faucet. Just click on the “Get notified when free bitcoins are available again” link under the Free BTC Faucet page.

Pocket Dice Player Support

Player support on Pocket Dice is only through email. You can send your questions or concerns to support@pocketdice.io or use the online email sending form that can be accessed through the persistent orange button on the right side of the site. Be sure to state your problem or concern in great detail to get a response that can truly address your problem. Otherwise, you will just end up getting a question or clarification for your question.

Pocket Dice also has a chat board for players. You can ask for feedback from other players regarding certain issues you may encounter on the site while waiting for a reply on your email inquiry. You can access this chat board for players through the chat button on the left side of the site.

PocketDice Country Restrictions

PocketDice does not accept players from the United States and its territories. Likewise, it does not accept players from countries where online wagering is considered illegal. It does not block players based on their IP addresses, though. Basically, the responsibility of determining whether or not it is legal to play is relegated to the player. Players must be at least 18 years old or be of legal age and should make sure that there are no laws in their respective countries or jurisdictions that prohibit activities like playing on a bitcoin dice gambling site.

To better serve players from non-English-speaking countries, Pocket Dice is available in three different languages. These are English, Russian, and Chinese. The language selector is located right beside the PocketDice logo.

Pocket Dice Language

PocketDice License, Regulation, and Security

There is nothing in the website of Pocket Dice that mentions its license and the authority regulating it. We are inclined to state in this PocketDice review that this gambling site has not obtained any license similar to what other online casinos have. We also think that this site is not being regulated. However, we are not keen on considering this gambling site as an untrustworthy option for its lack of a license. So far, we have not encountered complaints regarding Pocket Dice’s trustworthiness.

More about Pocket Dice through the Following Pages

If you have questions, head to the Pocket Dice FAQ page. The answer you are looking for may already be presented there. Also, be sure to check out the site’s Terms and Conditions to be familiar with the Pocket Dice policies and end user agreement. Avoid committing violations of these policies that could cause the termination of your account and the winnings you’ve had with it. For updates about Pocket Dice, you can visit its social media accounts:

Pros and Cons


  • Free bitcoins through the PocketDice bitcoin faucet
  • FUN currency
  • No downloads and registration required
  • Player anonymity guaranteed
  • Provably fair dice game
  • Referral revenue is based on the amount of bets made by the referred player so you can get something from your referral whether the player wins or loses.


  • Email-only support, no live chat player support
  • Ridiculous bonus wagering requirement (at 700x!!!)
  • Does not accept players from the United States


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