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Nitrogen Sports Casino Review

Claiming to be the largest and most trusted bitcoin sportsbook and casino, Nitrogen Sports is a Costa Rica based online gambling site created for serious players. Before you even get to see the homepage, you will be greeted by a dialog box that tries to make sure that you are of legal age and that you have read and agreed to the site’s terms and conditions. This dialog box also presents the button through which you can sign up for an account.

Claiming to be the largest and most trusted bitcoin sportsbook and casino, Nitrogen Sports is a Costa Rica based online gambling site created for serious players. Before you even get to see the homepage, you will be greeted by a dialog box that tries to make sure that you are of legal age and that you have read and agreed to the site’s terms and conditions. This dialog box also presents the button through which you can sign up for an account. As a bitcoin-powered online casino and sports betting site, Nitrogen Sports guarantees a high level of security, fast…

Nitrogen Sports Ratings:

Trust - 97%
Quality - 95%
Promotions - 99%
Games Diversity - 93%
Support - 97%


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As a bitcoin-powered online casino and sports betting site, Nitrogen Sports guarantees a high level of security, fast transactions, and an extensive range of options. It also claims to offer competitive betting odds and superior customer support. Moreover, a good deal of “fun promos” are offered every month to continuously engage players.

We’re just very slightly frustrated by how the site works. If you don’t add a username and password or if you don’t log in to your account, the different important sections of the site become inactive. They just don’t work. You couldn’t open the Help or Rules page if you don’t have a registered account on the site yet. This setup does not bode well with those who want to do some research first before signing up for an account or playing. It’s not possible to try the games or even view some information about them without having an account on Nitrogen Sports.

Still, Nitrogen Sports is one of the best online gambling sites around. Its sportsbook is noted for offering a combination of good odds, security, and great fun. Their dice and poker games are also perceived to be excellent.

nitrogensports.eu homepage

Fast & Simple Website but with a Little Issue…

We were a little disappointed when some parts of the site failed to work. The important links to the pages for the Rules, Responsible Gaming, Media, Help, and Affiliates, in particular, were not working. The tabs for the games to the left were also not working. We couldn’t find any other link for those pages on the homepage. We had to do a search through Google and it appears the pages really don’t exist. Nevertheless, the site is highly responsive. Pages load quickly and the overall presentation is good enough to not pose any difficulty when it comes to navigation or the user experience in general.

This non-functioning of the different sections of the site, however, does not mean a malfunction. It’s just how the site is designed to work. As explained further below, it appears that you have to have an account first before you can try anything on the site.

Account Creation Process

We were a little confused while doing this Nitrogen Sports review because of the registration process. At first we thought we had to sign up for an account before the different sections of the site could work but when we examined the texts on the homepage, there’s something written about an account being automatically created, and that the username and password are just to be belatedly added to keep the account secure. We thought that we should already be able to play even without adding a username and password. It’s not the case, apparently. We were only able to access the different parts of the site after we added a username and password.

You don’t need to create a username or password before you can browse around the site, you do need to create the anonymous account before you can do anything on the site.
The red buttons work, without giving us a username or password. “Satoshi” is a famous bitcoin name and it is the default username all new accounts get until they wish to create a username/password.

All in all, it took quite a few minutes of our time to finally get through the account registration process. Anyway, the different sections of the site only started as soon as we added our username and password.

nitrogensports.eu Account Creation

Account Dashboard that Needs Some Time Familiarizing

After getting through the confusion of the account creation process, though, you are all set to try everything you want. The dashboard looks good although there appears to be a lot of things going on in one page. To the left, you will find a long list of the many things you can do or access with your account. We things could have been made a title simpler. We somehow find it slightly difficult coming up with the right words to discuss the dashboard section of this Nitrogen Sports review.

nitrogen sports Account Dashboard

What’s important to remember is that Sportsbook, Poker, and Casino are essentially three different systems within Nitrogen Casino. You have to pay attention to the three red bars to the left (Sportsbook, Play Poker, Casino). If you click on one of them, you will be taken to an entirely new system, independent of the other two, although your account details, credits, and settings are still the same. If you click on Sportsbook, for example, the list of options available below the three red bars changes. The image and texts on the main page also change. Everything happens very quickly that some may not realize that they have already switched to a new game sytem.

It’s not really that difficult to figure out all of these but if you have been accustomed to the dashboards of other leading bitcoin casinos, this user interface would need some time getting used to. By the way, you can collapse the entire menu column to the left by clicking on the last of the five icons just below the Nitrogen Sports logo.

Nitrogen Sports Games

The games on Nitrogen Sports are separated into three major categories: Sportsbook, Poker, and Casino. To access the games, you just have to click on the red bars on upper left side of the page.


nitrogen sports Sportsbook
don’t mind “Weeblerobble”. He just got some communication problems

The Sportsbook section lets you wager on a wide array of sports competitions. These include football, baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, cricket, golf, e-sports, mixed martial arts, darts, handball, Rugby League, Rugby Union, snooker, table tennis, volleyball, as well as special events like the Oscars and the United States Presidential Election. You can also wager on live events in the following sports: football, basketball, hockey, tennis, and e-sports.

Notice that the content on the main page does not appear to be intended for the Sportsbook section (it’s for the Poker section). This is one of the bugs we have noticed while doing this Nitrogen Sports review. It does not affect the way the games work, though. You can still view the right interface once you click on the specific sport you prefer.


nitrogen sports poker

The full user interface for the Poker section may take some time to load so you have to wait for it. The main page turns dark without an indicator telling you that something’s being loaded. You can find a number of cash games here, as well as sit & go’s and poker tournaments. You should already be able to figure out how the system works if you are a regular poker player.

Nitrogen Casino Games

Nitrogen Casino Games

The Nitrogen Casino lets you play four games: One Deck Blackjack, Two Deck Blackjack, Eight Deck Blackjack, and Dice. Comprehensive rules for these games can be accessed through the menu on left.

This Nitrogen review is inclined to give good grades for the different games available on this online casino. You can’t expect outstanding graphics but you should be able to experience a good enough gaming experience.

Game Platform and Software

The games available on Nitrogen Sports have been developed in-house. With proprietary gaming software employed, it’s easy for Nitrogen Sports to do adjustments or introduce new features like the new features for the poker game introduced not so recently. The games are HTML5 so they are not that resource-heavy and should be able to run smoothly on most devices.

Provably Fair Casino Games on Nitrogen Sports

Provably Fair Casino Games on Nitrogen Sports

All of the blackjack games on Nitrogen Sports are provably fair. To do a test, you just have to click on the Provably Fair button near the lower left corner of the game page. The test widget appears and you can start doing the calculation. For those who are savvy to the technical aspects of provability testing, there’s a link given for external verification.

Play Nitrogen Sports Games on Your Mobile Devices

Nitrogen Casino On Mobile

The Nitrogen Sports website is optimized for mobile viewing so you can enjoy all of the games with your smartphone or tablet computer. The same dialog box gets loaded on top of the actual site on mobile devices. There’s no way to skip through this except by proceeding to the creation of your anonymous account or by logging in to an existing account. There are no mobile apps for Nitrogen Sports. However, the mobile-friendly website and the HTML5 based games should be good enough to support mobile gaming.

Bitcoin-only Gambling

Nitrogen Sports only uses bitcoins as the official currency. However, for those who just want to try the games first, there’s playmoney available, denoted as PLY. Each registered player gets to have 1 PLY to use. There is no other way to increase this PLY credit except through winnings.

Take note of the difference in the denomination used. The Sportsbook and Poker sections use mBTC while the Nitrogen Casino games use BTC. The bitcoin winnings in one game, though, can be used in other games. Your bitcoin balance is one and the same for all games.

Minimum bet is set at 0.001 1 BTC while the maximum varies per game, based on various factors. Mistakes in placing bets can no longer be cancelled.

Withdrawals are usually completed speedily. However, Nitrogen Sports may require up to 24 hours to process withdrawals in case there are problems encountered.

Nitrogen Sports Bonuses and Rewards

We tried to compile comprehensive information for this Nitrogen Sports review regarding the bonuses and rewards. Here’s a summary of what we have gathered:

  • The Casino section offers a monthly Parlay Jackpot that features multiple prize pools (heavyweight, middleweight, and featherweight). The Featherweight prize pool is for those who place a maximum of 0.01 BTC wager and is allocated 10% of the awarded jackpot. The Middleweight pool is for those who place a maximum of 0..1 BTC wager, and are allocated 30% of the awarded jackpot. The heavyweight pool is for those who have unlimited maximum wager. They are given 60% of the awarded jackpot.
  • The Poker section has a Nitro Rewards program that involves the accumulation of loyalty points. Loyalty points are obtained based on the rake contributed hands of poker. You earn loyalty points that are assigned the points equivalent to 2.5x of the amount raked. These loyalty points are the determining factor for the Nitrogen Rewards level you will be getting the following month. Nitro earned can be used to buy reward bonuses or free bet coupons as indicated in the following table.
    Nitro Store

Players Allowed, Security

No definitive information is presented on the site whether or not United States players are accepted. The site only requires players to be of legal age and to ascertain that there are no laws in their states that prohibit online gambling. There are some online sources, though, that state that Nitrogen Sports accepts players from the United States. We sent a clarification regarding this but we have not received a response yet.

Nitrogen Sports claims to be a highly secure online gambling site as it uses advanced technologies to protect its system. Players are also provided the option to use 2FA or 2-Factor Authentication to protect their accounts. Players are not allowed to maintain multiple accounts, though.

Nitrogen Sports Customer Support and Social Media

Unfortunately, NItrogen Sports does not provide live online chat support. For problems or complaints, you have to use the Nitrogen  Sports ticketing system. You can only try sending an email for your questions and other concerns. Send your emails to support@nitrogensports.eu. You can also get updates from or send messages to Nitrogen Sports through their official NitrogenSports Twitter and Nitrogensports Facebook accounts.

nitrogensports.eu ticketing system

Some More Helpful Information

Nitrogen Sports is a company based in San Jose, Costa Rica. We couldn’t find information regarding its license and regarding but it is considered as a reputable and highly-rated and positively-reviewed online gambling site.

If you are new to sports betting, Nitrogen Sports has an excellent guide on how you can play and make the most of your games. If you are not yet that familiar with the use of bitcoins for online gambling, there’s a convenient link to a resource on how to obtain bitcoins in different parts of the world. Also, be sure to read the Terms and Conditions to avoid violating them.

Pros and Cons


  • Emphasis on anonymous playing
  • High bet limits
  • Option for self-exclusion
  • Enables chat with other players, live community chat
  • Tournaments for the poker games
  • No identification and email required for account registration


  • Only the blackjack games are provably fair
  • No live chat support and telephone number listed
  • Some users may find the system too complicated

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