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Multicryptos Review

Multicryptos is not an online bitcoin casino in the traditional way an online bitcoin casino is being defined. It is described as a “platform of online investment games to be played with cryptocurrencies.” It is an investment-gambling site that makes use of cryptocurrency. Yes, it’s an online game that involves betting, only different because of its investing theme.

Multicryptos is not an online bitcoin casino in the traditional way an online bitcoin casino is being defined. It is described as a “platform of online investment games to be played with cryptocurrencies.” It is an investment-gambling site that makes use of cryptocurrency. Yes, it’s an online game that involves betting, only different because of its investing theme. If you have no experience with investing games and you don’t have the intention to spend some time trying to learn the game, we suggest that you just veer away from Multicryptos. This cryptocurrency game site is far from the typical online…

Multicryptos Ratings:

Trust - 92%
Quality - 85%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 75%


Great Bitcoin Games!

User Rating: 3.6 ( 1 votes)

If you have no experience with investing games and you don’t have the intention to spend some time trying to learn the game, we suggest that you just veer away from Multicryptos. This cryptocurrency game site is far from the typical online bitcoin casino you may have been used to. It’s a completely different world. You wouldn’t find the familiar account dashboard used by most online casinos. Even the “depositing” of bitcoins is not the same.

You wouldn’t find many bitcoin gambling review sites discussing Multicrypto in-depth so consider going over our Multicrypto review. Find out for yourself if this atypical online bitcoin game site is worth trying.

Multicryptos Homepage

Accounts Registration

Signing up for a Multicryptos account is quick and easy. You only need to fill out a short online form that asks for your email address, username, and password. We actually signed up for an account twice because our first attempt seemed to have failed. The registration form did not return any message whether our registration succeeded or failed after we clicked on the Create Account button. We also did not receive any email regarding the registration. That’s we tried another browser to register for an account, using the same login details we entered earlier.

As we tried signing up for an account in another browser, we were told that the email we used was already in use. That’s when we tried signing in and we were able to sign in (in another browser). We returned to the browser we used earlier to sign up for an account (not restarted) and tried signing in and, curiously, we were suddenly able to sign in. Apparently, there was just some technical problem on the site at the very moment we tried to register for this Multicryptos review.

Multicryptos Account Registration

Bottomline: You might encounter some minor glitch as you sign up for an account. Just try again and you should be able get an account.

Multicryptos Account Dashboard / User Interface

Thy Multicryptos account dashboard is expectedly different from what you will find in the account dashboard of an online casino. There is no profile page. What Multicryptos has are My Portfolio and Investment pages. There’s no page devoted to player information. You really need to carefully read the texts on the site to be able to figure out how things work.

Fortunately, Multicryptos has a “How?” (tutorial) page that provides a simplified guide on how to play the investment games on the site. Basically, it’s just a Deposit-Earn-Withdraw/Extend process. You will not find a Cashier or Deposit and Withdrawal page on the site. Deposits are to be made at the very start of the games. Just follow the instructions shown below.

Multicryptos User Interface

Multicryptos Games

There are six investment games on Multicryptos. These are 101 Hours Fund, TIME Fund, TARGET Fund, CROWD Fund, PLUS Fund, and VOLUME Fund.

  • 101 HOURS Fund provides you 101 hours to to make your investment earn as much as possible.
  • TIME Fund is similar to 101 HOURS Fund but you get to decide on the number of hours the investment is going to remain active. The total shares you obtain is calculated by multiplying your selected shares with the number of hours you choose.
  • TARGET Fund is a long-term investment game. Here, you need to select how much you want to earn. The options are x2, x10, and x100. The investment in this game remains active until you are able to reach your target earnings. You can make a withdrawal before reaching your target but you will be penalized for doing so.
  • CROWD Fund is a game wherein the earnings are not influenced by how frequent new investments come. Here, you choose how many investments to get instead of how long (in hours) the investments are to be kept active. Your total shares under CROWD Fund is your shares multiplied by the investments.
  • In PLUS Fund, the earnings on your investment are added to the initial amount of shares to increase your share percentage. With this investment game, however, you need to be careful in choosing the right time in making a withdrawal. This is because for every hour into the game, 0.5% is going to be deducted from your payment.
  • Lastly, for the VOLUME Fund, you don’t have to worry if the new investments you get are small or large. Here, it’s volume over number. You have to choose the volume of new shares going into the game instead of the number of incoming investments. The value of total shares is then computed as the shares times the volume. For instance, if you choose a volume of 0.5, your investment expires when 0.5 shares go into the game after your investment.

Multicryptos Games

How to Play

To play the games, (1) you need to make an “investment” by making a deposit. A 1 BTC deposit get you 1 share. Don’t worry about making deposits in other cryptocurrencies. There’s an automatic conversion tool provided right below the currency and amount selectors. You should be able to quickly see how many shares your deposit will get you. (2) You will then have to wait for your investments to earn. You automatically receive payments as your investment expires. (3) You then have the option to request for a withdrawal or extend your investment. You can only extend your investment up to 5 times.

Multicryptos Game Software and Fairness

The Multicryptos game platform is proprietary. The provably fair factor we use in evaluating an online bitcoin casino does not apply on this site since the games don’t involve random number generation. We can reasonably say in this Multicryptos review, though, that the investing games offered employ a dependable system. We have stumbled upon accusations, however, that this site is comparable to a ponzi scheme. Our advice for players is to be cautious. If you are interested in exploring what this site offers, just play in small amounts and continuously get updated with what other players are saying on the site’s Bitcointalk.org forum (link below). This site wouldn’t intrepidly set up a Bitcointalk thread if it’s a scam as forum members will surely drown it with complaints.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Multicryptos has a mobile-friendly website that allows players to enjoy the games on their smartphones or tablets. It does not have iOS, Android, or Windows mobile apps for playing the games but the mobile-friendly site adequately provides the interface to enable mobile playing.

Multicryptos Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals, on Multicryptos

Staying true to its name, Multicryptos accepts not only bitcoins but a host of other cryptocurrencies. It accepts 50 cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are as follows:

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Litecoin (LTC)
  3. Dogecoin (DOGE)
  4. Audiocoin (ADC)
  5. Gorillabucks (BUCKS)
  6. Cloackcoin (CLOAK)
  7. Dashcoin (DASH)
  8. Devcoin (DVC)
  9. Digitalcoin (DGC)
  10. Earthcoin (EAC)
  11. Ether (ETH)
  12. Fluttercoin (FLT)
  13. Feathercoin (FTC)
  14. GCRcoin (GCR)
  15. Gamecredits (GMC)
  16. HTMLcoin (HTML5)
  17. Hypercoin (HYPER)
  18. IvugeoEvolutionCoin (DVC)
  19. Maxcoin (MAX)
  20. Mintcoin (MINT)
  21. Memorycoino (MMC)
  22. Munne (MNE)
  23. MonetaryUnit (MUE)
  24. Mazacoin (MZC)
  25. Nubits (NBT)
  26. Neoscoin (NEOS)
  27. Netcoin (NET)
  28. Namecoin (NMC)
  29. Novacoin (NVC)
  30. Nextcoin (NXT)
  31. Omnicoin (OMC)
  32. Opalcoin (OPAL)
  33. Potcoin (POT)
  34. Peercoin (PPC)
  35. Quark (QRK)
  36. Solarcoin (SLR)
  37. Sterlington (SLG)
  38. Startcoin (START)
  39. Titcoin (TIT)
  40. Ufocoin (UFO)
  41. Unobtanium (UNO)
  42. Ultracoin (UTC)
  43. Viacoin (VIA)
  44. Vertcoin (VTC)
  45. Worldcoin (WDC)
  46. Primecoin (XPM)
  47. Paycoin (XPY)
  48. Ripple (XRP)
  49. Zeitcoin (ZEI)
  50. Blackcoin (BLK)

You need to make sure that you submit a valid bitcoin wallet address or a wallet address for the cryptocurrency you use. Otherwise, you will just end up losing the amount. Also, be sure to send the exact amount.

Every investment has a different deposit address. That means you should not expect to use a deposit address you have already used earlier. Don’t rely on automated form submission browser plug-ins, if you use any. Also, a few confirmations are required for the investment to be reflected and to make the investment active. This depends on the cryptocurrency you use.

No Bonuses and Promotions but there’s an Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, Multicryptos does not offer deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses. However, it has an affiliate program, which was introduced in February 2015. This affiliate program gives 20% of the service fee paid by the players you bring into Multicryptos, regardless of the cryptocurrency used. Well, since this is not your typical bitcoin casino, there is no wagering or playthrough requirement here. However, you need to accumulate a minimum of 0.01 BTC in affiliate earnings before you can make a withdrawal.

Multicryptos Support

Multicryptos does not present an email address or online email sending form on its website. It also does not offer live chat or telephone support. What it has for player support is the Freshdesk ticket system, which unfortunately is in Spanish.

Nevertheless, it has social media accounts. You can contact the support or admin team via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or the Bitcointalk.org online gambling forum. The links are presented below (the links section).

Multicryptos Player Support

Countries Served and Site Languages

Multicryptos does not mention banned countries. As such, we can presume in this Multicryptos review that players from all parts of the world, as long as they can access the site and sign up for an account, are allowed to play. Also, the standard requirements for other bitcoin casinos apply (players should be of legal age and there should be legal prohibitions against online wagering in the area where the player resides).

The Multicryptos website is only available in English.

Multicryptos License, Regulation, and Player Anonymity

The Multicryptos website does not mention anything about its license and regulation. However, its Terms and Conditions page states that all matters related to the operation of the site are governed by and are in accordance with the laws of Andorra. Also, all conflicts or disputes are to be settled by the courts of Andorra.

Multicryptos does not explicitly state that player anonymity is guaranteed on the site. However, considering that this site does not require personal details (only email, username, and password), we are inclined to state in this Multicryptos review that this site supports anonymous playing. The site does not even have a profile page. It also does not require proofs of identity during deposits and withdrawals.

Acquaint Yourself with Multicryptos with the Following Links

Multicryptos is not your usual online bitcoin casino so to become familiar with what it offers, be sure to go over the FAQ and “How?” pages. The links are all located on top of the page. There’s also a news page where you can get updated with the latest developments on the site. To see the Terms and Conditions page, the link is near the lower right corner of the page. Moreover, you may want to check out Multicryptos’ social media accounts for more updates or to send questions and other concerns.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous online bitcoin gambling
  • A long list of cryptocurrencies accepted
  • All investment game details are made public.


  • Game needs some time to learn and get used to
  • No email and live chat support
  • No free play or demo play
  • Does not offer deposit bonuses and promotions
  • There’s the chance of funds running out if most players request for withdrawals

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