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MoneroDice Review

At first glance, MoneroDice looks like a typical simple dice site. For the most part, it is. It’s a simple game with an intuitive interface and familiar mechanics.

At first glance, MoneroDice looks like a typical simple dice site. For the most part, it is. It’s a simple game with an intuitive interface and familiar mechanics. If you need another dice site option, MoneroDice is something worth considering. It has the usual house edge for a dice game. The rules are mostly similar to most of the dice games you may have already encountered. What makes it a little distinctive is its focus on monero, an alternative cryptocurrency to bitcoin. It's also worth noting that this gambling site supports player anonymity. Being a site that uses moneros, however,…

MoneroDice Ratings:

Trust - 98%
Quality - 91%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 82%



User Rating: 4.01 ( 5 votes)

If you need another dice site option, MoneroDice is something worth considering. It has the usual house edge for a dice game. The rules are mostly similar to most of the dice games you may have already encountered. What makes it a little distinctive is its focus on monero, an alternative cryptocurrency to bitcoin. It’s also worth noting that this gambling site supports player anonymity.

Being a site that uses moneros, however, does not necessarily mean that MoneroDice is not a bitcoin betting site. Bitcoins are accepted on this site. Find out how you can bet with BTCs here and learn more about this dice gambling site by going over a comprehensive MoneroDice review.

MoneroDice Homepage

Account Registration

Signing up for a MoneroDice account is supposedly a quick and easy process. You will only be asked for your username, PIN, password, email address, and emergency withdraw address. The email address and emergency withdraw address fields are optional. You can proceed to registering for an account with just the username, PIN, and password but we suggest including your email address and emergency withdraw address. These two are important in recovering your account and making sure that you can get your account balance in case something wrong happens with your account.

However, it didn’t turn out to be easy for us. We failed to quickly create an account as we kept encountering an error. It took us several attempts before we tried adding numbers to our username. It was only after we added numbers to our username that the registration successfully went through. MoneroDice should have added a note on the form to tell potential players that the username should have letters and numbers.

If you already know about this issue, you should be able to complete the account registration process in less than 15 seconds.

MoneroDice Account Registration

UPDATE: We wanted to get a screenshot of the error for this MoneroDice review so we tried recreating the problem, but we found out that it’s already possible to sign up for an account without adding numbers to the username. This was after we contacted MoneroDice regarding, after we told them that we couldn’t sign up for an account without adding a number to the username. Kudos to MoneroDice for whatever they did to fix this issue.

Account Dashboard

MoneroDice does not have a Profile page, something that generally means anonymous online gambling is supported. It affords players the advantages comparable to what an anonymous bitcoin casino can offer. The main account dashboard of MoneroDice is the Settings page, which shows most of the player-related information such as the User ID, email address, password, and emergency withdraw address.

MoneroDice Account Dashboard

If you did not add an email address and emergency withdraw address during the account registration process, you can just add them in the Settings page. You can also quickly change your account’s password in this page.

The MoneroDice account dashboard also supports two-factor authentication and APIs. Secure your account further by using the Google Authenticator App on your mobile device. If you are not familiar how this works, MoneroDice has a page that presents concise instructions on how to go about it.

The MoneroDice Game

MoneroDice only has one game, obviously a dice game. It’s similar to most other dice games. To play, you just have to enter your bet amount and modify any of the following: Return on Win, Multiplier, and Chance of Winning. As you change any of these variables, the rest of the variables are automatically adjusted. You then have to choose if you think the resulting number will be “More” or “Less” than the number indicated in the yellow box. This number is also automatically adjusted as you do changes on your Return on Win, Multiplier, and Chance of Winning variables.

The amount you can win is indicated at the bottom part of the game interface.

MoneroDice Game

You can switch from the simple default game interface to an advanced one that provides an Auto-Bet function. With the Auto-Bet function, you can configure a specific number of rolls and decide on how to go about with your bets upon winning and upon losing.

The game is basically similar to most of the other dice games we have already reviewed. It could use some animations or a few nuances to make it different from other dice sites. Still, it can be enjoyable. It’s not Flash-based so you shouldn’t have problems running it in almost all browsers. It only requires JavaScript support.

MoneroDice Game Software, Fairness, and House Edge

MoneroDice makes use of its own proprietary software that makes for a provably fair game. The site has a detailed presentation on the concept of provably fair gaming in the context of MoneroDice. Visit the page for the details on the methods for verifying the fairness of the MoneroDice game.

MoneroDice is bot-friendly and it also has an API that allows you to write your own bot. Just go to the API Docs page for more information about the site’s json-based API. With this, you should be able to use extended and more advanced strategies in your dice gaming.

The MoneroDice house edge is set at 1%. It is around average for most dice games. It’s definitely not the lowest but it’s competitive enough. For the sake of comparisoin, Rollin.io has a house edge that can be made lower, down to 0.8%, while the house edge on BetterBets can be made to go down to 0.1% from 1%.

MoneroDice Is Mobile-Friendly

MoneroDice can is compatible with mobile playing. It looks good on typical smartphones with 5-inch screens despite the unoptimized positioning of the top buttons (Site Stats, FAQ, Login, Register). You will immediately see the game interface as you load the site on your mobile web browser.

This dice site does not provide apps for playing the game on iOS, Android, or Windows smartphones and tablets. However, the mobile-friendly website more than adequately provides a good mobile gaming experience comparable to what you can expect in most other bitcoin mobile casino sites. The game is mostly responsive on mobile devices and we have not encountered bugs while doing this MoneroDice review.

MoneroDice Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees

As the site’s name suggests, this online cryptocurrency site uses Monero (XRM). However, it is also possible to use other cryptocurrencies to make deposits. Likewise, it is possible to withdraw your winnings in other cryptocurrencies (more about this below).

MoneroDice Wallet

Deposits and withdrawals are mainly on a wallet-to-wallet basis. Just like in most other cryptocurrency gambling sites, there’s a wallet address indicated on the site to which deposits are to be sent. For withdrawals, the system is equally familiar. You just have to enter the wallet address to which your winnings will be sent.

Deposits require 2 confirmations before they get reflected in your account. This usually takes only a few minutes. For withdrawals, waiting time is estimated to be around 15 minutes. All withdrawals are processed manually.

Gambling on MoneroDice, however, is not just limited to the use of moneros. You can also play using other cryptocurrencies. This is possible because MoneroDice integrates Shapeshift in its wallet system. As such, it is able to accept deposits in bitcoins (BTC), dash (DASH), blackcoin (BLK), bitshares (BTS), clamcoin (CLAM), digibyte (DGB), ethereum (ETH), digixdao (DGD), dogecoin (DOGE), emercoin (EMC), factom (FCT), lisk (LSK), litecoin (LTC), mintcoin (MINT), monacoin (MONA), nubits (NBT), namecoin (NMC), novacoin (NVC), nxt (NXT), peercoin (PPC), reddcoin (RDD), shadowcash (SDC), storjoin (SJCX), startcoin (START), voxel (VOX), vericoin (VRC), vertcoin (VTC), counterparty (XCP), and ripple (XRP).

MoneroDice Currency - ShapeShift

Even better, you can also withdraw your balance in other cryptocurrencies through ShapeShift.

Of course, since ShapeShift is a third party solution, expect to pay some fees for doing the conversions. To learn about the fees, just head to the about us page of ShapeShift and go to the bottom part to see the schedule of fees for the different cryptocurrencies supported.

Bonuses and Promotions

MoneroDice, unfortunately, does not offer bonuses similar to what are being offered by other gambling sites. It does not have a sign up bonus, deposit bonus, or a reload bonus. It also does not offer VIP programs and rewards. It has no monero faucet or something similar to the bitcoin faucet that come with most dice gambling sites. As such, you really need to make a deposit before you can play. Moreover, it does not have an affiliate program.

What MoneroDice offers is an opportunity to invest in the site. There’s an Invest button near the upper right corner of the site, through which you can help bankroll the games. MoneroDice gets a 10% cut of the investment profits and the rest is evenly and proportionally divided among those who place investments.

Also, MoneroDice has a bug discovery program. If you find bugs on the site, report them to the MoneroDice admin by sending an email to info@monerodice.net. The reward for bug discovery, however, is not detailed on the site but it is likely going to be based on the level of severity of the bug discovered.

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

We contacted MoneroDice regarding its country restrictions and we were told that at the time we were doing this MoneroDice review, the site has not imposed such a system. Players from all parts of the world can play on the site, place bets, and win moneros. Since the deposits are in cryptocurrency, they are not traceable and MoneroDice has no intentions of trying to pinpoint a player’s location.

We were told, however, that MoneroDice may eventually be compelled to impose country restrictions because of their gaming license. They may become a non-US cryptocurrency gambling site in the future but for now it is safe to consider it as a US-accepted gambling site.

MoneroDice Country Restrictions

MoneroDice is comparable to a typical anonymous bitcoin casino. It supports full anonymity as you enjoy online gambling. You will not be asked for proofs of identity as you make deposits, play, win, and withdraw your winnings.

The site is only available in the English language.

MoneroDice Player Support

Support for players of MoneroDice is provided through email. If you have questions, requests for assistance, or other concerns, just send an email to support@monerodice.net. Unfortunately, this is the only way to contact MoneroDice. It does not have social media accounts. It also does not have a discussion board. There’s a chat section on the site but it’s only for conversations among players.

Nevertheless, when we sent an email inquiry (actually a series of email inquiries), we got a response within just a few minutes and our questions were properly answered.

MoneroDice License, Regulation, and Security

MoneroDice is a cryptocurrency gambling site owned and operated by Riccardo Spagni and developer rznag. Spagni is also known in the cryptocurrency circles as “fluffypony” and a team member of Monero Core. Rznag is a developer from Austria and was involved in the altcoin exchange site Kingcoiny.

There is no information regarding licensing and regulation presented on the MoneroDice site but based on the answer we got when we made an email inquiry, the site is still in the process of obtaining a license. It is not being regulated by any government authority.

When it comes to security, we can say in this MoneroDice review that the site is adequately secure. Unlike many other single-game gambling sites we have reviewed, MoneroDice veers away from the unique-URL no-registration setup. Instead, it allows players to get the usual username and password-protected user accounts without making it difficult and tedious to sign up. A PIN code is set during the account registration process for added protection during withdrawals. Additionally, two-factor authentication can also be enabled to further protect accounts.

MoneroDice Two Factor Authentication

To protect the moneros deposited by players, MoneroDice makes use of a cold wallet (offline wallet) to store most of the moneros from players. A hot wallet is maintained and funded with just the right amount necessary to address the day to day needs of the site.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple game with an intuitive interface
  • Provably fair game
  • Mobile friendly
  • Accepts not only moneros but a multitude of cryptocurrencies


  • No bonuses, promotions, and VIP program
  • No bitcoin faucet
  • Email-only support

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