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Momentum is Picking up for the 12th Annual Russian Gaming Week in June

The 12th annual Russian Gaming Week (RGW) takes place this year in Moscow, Skolinki pavilion N02. The two-day event will run from June 7-8 and we will see participants engage on the prospects of online gambling in the face the gambling ban in the country. The ramifications of the ban are far-reaching and the expo will offer a platform to discuss them.

The Russia Gaming Week is an annual event which has been held every year in June since its inception in 2006. Coincidentally, it was held on the same date last year for the 11th RGW event which we covered extensively. Over 2,500 attendees graced the event and the projection for this year’s event is that 2018 will attract even more people. The RGW also partners with the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas and Balkan Gaming expo in Bulgaria.

The aim of the two-day expo is to attract participants across the entertainment industry as well as gambling sector. Experts, enthusiasts, legal personnel representing online gambling companies, analysts, economists, investors, owners of casinos and other interested parties will congregate in Moscow. Among the key topics taking center stage are discussions on the development of gambling zones in Russian Federation. Currently, there are only four gambling zones in the former Soviet republic since the regulation in 2006. Other key discussions will be around innovative technology and its application in the gambling field and investment in gambling. An expo of such magnitude and significance cannot be complete without talks on cryptocurrency. Last year bitcoin debit cards was a hot topic and involved a couple speakers. As such, bitcoin use and its advantage in gambling will top the issues to be addressed again.

The event is divided into two parts. There will be the conference and demo zones segments. The conference will feature international speakers, each speaking for 30-minutes at a time. This does not provide the most in-depth space for conversation, but because of the fragility of the general topic at hand, any amount of time given for a lecture is worthwhile. There will be an open lecture, discussion panels and demo zones. These will create the platform to discuss the emerging and contentious issues in the field. The conference is further divided into four sections advised by what drives the gambling market. These are; Digital Marketing, Bookmakers, VR/AR and digital eSports and the debate between land based and online casinos.

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Of importance in the conference are the open lectures segment where the experts in the field will take the stage to make presentations ‘dedicated to the most relevant and controversial issues’. The speakers will be drawn from the most prominent gambling companies from the CIS countries, European, U.S., as well as other neighboring countries. Importantly, public participants can take part in the open lectures given that they follow through first with their own RGW registration. This will give them a rare opportunity to showcase their inventions to the thousands of attendees.

The demo zones section will act as a focal point to showcase innovations. It will feature stands for both the big brands and start-ups as it has done in previous years. Exhibitions gather larger audiences and help partners establish business relations, generate new ideas, and make partnership agreements alongside other progressive engagements. The hope is that this can breed a more education stance for the government to change its ways.

Speakers at the event will include Andrew Pearson, Founder and President of Intelligencia. He is a sought-after speaker known for implementing marketing automation and analytics projects for the largest casinos and sportsbooks like Nitrogen Sports. Pearson will speak right after the opening speech at 10:30 on June 7th. Roman Bout who will make his speech from 11 am is founder and CEO of Quintessence with 10 years of experience in the sphere of online gambling. Bout worked as a top-manager in leading Eastern European gambling companies for more than 5 years and has been an RGW speaker since 2013. Also, legal counsel Mariya Lepshikova will address the legislation changes and compliance practices on the same day.

Participants can stay at the Holiday Inn Sokolniki which is within the exhibition venue. This location is likely to open up further conversations in the evenings following the lecture and events.

Other than the main outlined agendas, the event converges together the who is who in the field. In so doing, it presents a perfect meeting ground for enthusiasts to network, learn, and get sponsorship opportunities. Being the biggest event in the gambling space, it definitely is the place to be for all serious gambling enthusiasts.

Smile-expo is the organizer. It is arguably the go-to global organizer for big events. It has grown with the RGW as they both are 12 years old and has organized all of the 12 RGW expos.

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