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LuckyBit Review

LuckyBit says that “you will realize here that all other bitcoin games are actually boring.” It’s certainly an intriguing claim. That’s why we are doing this LuckyBit review with high expectations. It looks distinctive and somewhat promising.

LuckyBit says that “you will realize here that all other bitcoin games are actually boring.” It’s certainly an intriguing claim. That’s why we are doing this LuckyBit review with high expectations. It looks distinctive and somewhat promising. LuckyBit is actually a blockchain bitcoin gambling game. It’s a bitcoin gambling site with just one game, but this one game is guaranteed to provide a thrilling and exciting experience. It is a provably fair game wherein a player sends money to a specified bitcoin address and typically gets back around 98.2% of the money wagered. The bets are visualized through the LuckyBit…

LuckyBit Ratings

Trust - 96%
Quality - 85%
Promotions - 70%
Support - 96%


Great Bitcoin Lottery

User Rating: 0.9 ( 2 votes)

LuckyBit is actually a blockchain bitcoin gambling game. It’s a bitcoin gambling site with just one game, but this one game is guaranteed to provide a thrilling and exciting experience. It is a provably fair game wherein a player sends money to a specified bitcoin address and typically gets back around 98.2% of the money wagered. The bets are visualized through the LuckyBit website. It provides a visual playing experience that can be shared by all players involved.

Basically, LuckyBit is a bean machine game. You may also know this game as quincunx or the Galton box. It looks like a simple game but there’s a lot of maths behind it. In fact, the original bean machine is a creation of Sir Francis Galton, an English Victorian polymath and inventor. The bean machine board consists of a vertical board with interleaved rows of pins. To use it, a ball is dropped on top and made to pass through the rows of pins. Most people tend to expect the ball to drop directly below point where it is dropped but this isn’t what usually  happens. As mentioned, there’s maths manifesting here as the game demonstrates the central limit theorem, particularly the approximation of normal distribution to binomial distribution. In other words, the ball will go to random locations that can be compared to what happens in normal distribution.

LuckyBit uses a triangular bean machine design, which means that the balls will always be dropped at the center. Different prizes are won depending on where the ball drops, of course. Payout can be from x0.2 to x999.

This unique gambling site has been in operation since October 2013. It’s not that long but many players can attest that the site really pays. We haven’t found serious accusations online assailing LuckyBit’s trustworthiness. Most other reviews of this gambling site have been positive. Find out if there’s enough in LuckyBit to convince you to bet some bitcoins on this site by reading our full LuckyBit review.

Lucky Bit Homepage

No Registration Required

You don’t have to sign up for an account on LuckyBit to be able to play. What you need to do to start playing is to simply make a deposit. Don’t just play directly from a bitcoin exchange, though. You need to check if the bitcoin wallet you are using is compatible with the game. The list of compatible wallets can be accessed by clicking on the link on the upper left corner of the site.

As of the time we did this LuckyBit review, the compatible wallets including Armory, Android Bitcoin Wallet, Blockchain.info, Bitcoin-Qt/Bitcoind, Electrum, and Multibit. The wallets or bitcoin exchanges that are not supposed to be used on this game include the following: Xapo, Coinbase, Bitstamp, online bitcoin wallets that send from a common address, wallets of other gambling sites, and shared wallets in general. You may also try sending a minimum bet to one of the games on LuckyBit. If you get something in return, it means your wallet works with the site. If you don’t get anything, then the opposite is true.

The Account Dashboard and Game Interface

Since there is no registration required on LuckyBit, naturally it has no account dashboard similar to what you can find in other gambling sites. You will mainly be interacting with the game through the Deposit section (the part where you will be psting our bitcoin address) and the game betting interface.

Lucky Bit Account Dashboard

If there’s one thing we don’t like about LuckyBit’s interface, it’s its obvious impact on the browser. The game slows down your browser. We wrote this LuckyBit review on Google Docs and we tried restarting our browser several times to ascertain what is really causing the slowdown. We are quite sure that LuckyBit is the culprit. LuckyBit makes it difficult to write because Google Docs becomes less responsive. Other websites also become less reactive to inputs with LuckyBit being loaded in a tab. The LuckyBit website itself is not as smooth and fluid as desired. It would particularly stutter if you are using a computer with specs that can’t even properly handle Windows 7 or 8.

LuckyBit admits that their game is resource-intensive and is claiming that it is because of the fancy javascript animations. They claim to be working on improvements, though.

The LuckyBit Game

Lucky Bit Game - How to Play

An overview of the game has already been presented in the introductory part of this LuckyBit review so we will be discussing the playing mechanics here.

To play, you just have to send the desired amount of bet to one of the LuckyBit game addresses displayed. You will have to copy one of the addresses, the one for the game you want to play, into your wallet. All of the addresses start with “1Lucky” so don’t be surprised if the “1Lucky” part is included when you double click on the address to copy it. It’s not just some label; it is really included in the address.

Once you have already located the address for the game you want to play, you have to select the amount you want to play. There are minimum and maximum bet amounts indicated along with the game bars (the different colored bars below the game board). If you send less than the minimum, the amount you sent will be invalidated so obviously you will not be able to play. Similarly, if you send more than the maximum allowed, your bet becomes invalid. The good thing, though, is that LuckyBit will not forfeit the bet you place when it is invalid. LuckyBit simply returns your bitcoins to you.

As mentioned earlier, the playing experience is shared by everyone playing on the site. The game board activity you see on the site is actually the same board everybody else sees. This means that if you place your bet, your bet will be queued along with the other bets made by other players. You will have to wait for your game to play out on the board. You will have to wait for your ball to be dropped if there have already been others on the queue.

You can highlight your bets by entering your bitcoin address on the “Highlight your own bets” field near the upper right corner of the site. Once your bet is highlighted, a special sound will alert you and all other bets on the board game boards become partially-transparent.

While waiting for your bet, you can have a chat with other players through the  Chat Box section. You can access this chat facility through the Chat Box button below the portion where you can enter your bitcoin wallet address to highlight your bets.

LuckyBit Game Software and Game Fairness

The game is developed and maintained by LuckyBit Online Games Inc. It is a provably fair game that uses a different key every day for determining the “lucky moves.” This key is made public after midnight of the next day. As such, players can do their provability testing. The respective hashes for all keys, not just from the past but also those that will be used in the future, are published on the site so it would be difficult to accuse LuckyBit of manipulating the games. The keys are published in plain text on this page, starting from the first time LuckyBit started operating (September 9, 2013) until October 9, 2023. This text file, as LuckyBit asserts, cannot be modified because its hash is recorded in the blockchain as of September 10, 2013.

Lucky Bit Is Provably Fair

Bets can be verified through the Bet Browser tool. However, at the time we were doing this LuckyBit review, the tool was temporarily disabled because of alleged abuse.

Lucky Bit Bet Browser Disabled

LuckyBit Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Unluckily for mobile players, LuckyBit is not mobile-friendly. It can be played on tablets that support Flash but the experience will not be the same as playing it on a bigger screen. It’s difficult to tap on the right bets or the interactive page elements of the site because the site is not optimized for mobile use.

Lucky Bit Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Payment Methods, and Fees on LuckyBit

LuckyBit only uses bitcoins. There are no deposits involved. Payouts are instantly given. However, there is a transaction fee of 0.0002 for every transaction. To verify if a transaction has been successfully processed, you can go to the Bet Browser to look for your transaction ID. If your transaction ID is found, it means that your transaction has been successfully processed.

Payout for large transactions, however, need to be manually authorized. The payout is expected to be completed within 12 hours at most.

Lucky Bit Compatible Bitcoin Wallets

LuckyBit has a bitcoin faucet or a system for providing players with free bitcoins. However, at the time we were doing our LuckyBit review, this faucet was down as it was undergoing maintenance.

LuckyBit Promotions

There are two bonuses being offered by LuckyBit. They are two of them: Chat Lottery and the “Sparkling” Coin Bonus.

Chat Lottery grants a prize to a randomly selected player who is active at the LuckyBit forums. Claiming the prize requires a player to promptly answer the question posed by the chatbot within 60 seconds. Also, a player will only qualify for this bonus if his or her bitcoin wallet has already been used to pace a bet of at least 0.01 BTC within the past 24 hours.

The Sparkling Coin Bonus is the equivalent of a 1% site rakeback. Everyone has a chance to win this bonus but bets higher than 0.01 BTC have bigger chances of winning. The bonus that can be won here can be up to 200% of the bet made. This bonus is automatically added to the game result. There is no wagering requirement for this bonus.

LuckyBit Player Support

If you encounter issues as you play, you can contact LuckyBit’s admin via email using this address: support@luckyb.it. You may also send messages or request for assistance through LuckyBit’s social media accounts. The links are presented below. Additionally, you can post a comment on the LuckyBit thread on different forums.

LuckyBit Is Not for US Players

LuckyBit clearly states in its Terms and Conditions that it is only open to players who are not in the United States or in jurisdictions where there are laws against online gambling. Players are required to be at least 18 years old and are deemed responsible for ascertaining that they can legally play on gambling sites in their respective countries.

LuckyBit License, Regulation, and Security

There is nothing on the LuckyBit website that mentions its license and the government body regulating it. Its security is mainly based on the bitcoin technology. We have no reason to believe, though, that LuckyBit is not adequately secure and that it is involved in cheating. So far, we have not encountered significant complaints about the site.

Know More about LuckyBit through the Following Pages

The LuckyBit website only has a few pages. It’s even likely that you will not be visiting these pages because you find them uninteresting and because they are not that easy to find. For the Terms and Conditions, click the Terms and Conditions link on the lower right corner of the page. It appears as a floating window (modal window) so we can’t provide a link here. On LuckyBit, not all bitcoin wallets are compatible. Know what the compatible wallets are by clicking on the “Please read here about compatible wallets” link on the upper left corner of the site. For updates or new information about LuckyBit, visit its social media accounts.

Pros and Cons


  • Free bitcoins through the LuckyBit bitcoin faucet
  • No downloads and registration required
  • Player anonymity guaranteed
  • Simple rules and fast payments.
  • Provably fair


  • LuckyBit is resource-intensive. It can crash your web browser and is not suitable for old computers.
  • No live chat player support
  • Not mobile-friendly

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