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Lotwin Review

Lotwin Casino has a nice neat website. Somehow, it looks incomplete and it likely is. As indicated on its logo, this online casino is still on its beta stage but we already want to do this Lotwin review since most of the site appears to be already functional. It was founded in 2014 or around 2 years ago. That’s quite a lot of time for an online casino not to have attracted players. Besides, it continues to exist so we presume that it has been doing well and should be ready for a review.

Lotwin Casino has a nice neat website. Somehow, it looks incomplete and it likely is. As indicated on its logo, this online casino is still on its beta stage but we already want to do this Lotwin review since most of the site appears to be already functional. It was founded in 2014 or around 2 years ago. That’s quite a lot of time for an online casino not to have attracted players. Besides, it continues to exist so we presume that it has been doing well and should be ready for a review. There’s one thing we would like…

Lotwin Casino Ratings:

Trust - 92%
Quality - 84%
Promotions - 61%
Games Diversity - 77%
Support - 60%


Great Casino

User Rating: 4.03 ( 2 votes)

There’s one thing we would like to highlight in this Lotwin Casino review. At the bottom of this site’s homepage, there’s a note that says “Lotwincasino does not use real money and is for entertainment purposes only (R18).” We thought this was odd because the site also uses litecoin, one of the major cryptocurrencies. Apparently, litecoin is not being treated as a real currency here.

We’re not sure when Lotwin started to abandon the use of “real money” but it appears that it used to accept bitcoins. Many reviews consider Lotwin as one of the decent (at the very least) bitcoin gambling sites. Now, it focuses on being an “entertainment only” gambling site. It’s such a waste that this online casino has to stop accepting bitcoins because it is one of the few that claim to offer high payouts. It claims to offer a 99% payout percentage. We are very optimistic, though, that Lotwin will eventually return to accepting bitcoins. Perhaps there are just some issues being addressed at the moment.

Lotwin looks very simple and perhaps unexciting to some but there’s more behind its minimalist looks and somewhat sparse website. Get to know more about this cryptocurrency gambling site by reading further into our review.

Lotwin Casino Homepage

Quick Lotwin Casino Registration Process, with Email Confirmation

Before you can play any of the games on Lotwin Casino, you must register for an account first. If are unregistered, you will only be able to view the descriptions and rules of the games. Access to the actual games is limited to players who sign in.

Signing up with Lotwin Casino is a quick process even when there’s email confirmation required. The sign-up form looks like an iframe so we were worried that we were signing up in another website through an iframe. We inspected the page and fortunately there’s nothing to worry about. Well, a little skepticism shouldn’t hurt. The email confirmation link quickly arrived on our inbox so we were able to complete the process without delays.

Lotwin Casino Registration Page

We would just like to point out a tiny bug on the website. There was one point when even while we were already logged in, the fields for the username and password still appeared on the page. We know this is a very petty issue but we actually managed to get fooled by these username and password fields. We logged in again and were told that we were already logged in. While this happened, the other page elements (the cryptocurrency logos on top and the navigation links below) we found on the homepage disappeared. We refreshed the page and the bug disappeared.

This bug is similar to what we encountered with the list of the jackpot winners. We kept on clicking on the Jackpot Winners link but nothing happened. The list only appeared several seconds after our last click.

The Games on Lotwin – There Ain’t a Lot of Them

At the moment, Lotwin only offers 24 casino games. These are American Roulette, BlackJack, Sic Bo, Shanghai Keno, Viking Story (slot), Indian Charm (slot), Reel Mob (slot), Luxuriouslot, Quest for the Holy Grail, Joker poker, Lucky Dices, Rich Rick Scratch Show, Multiplier Wheel, Heads or Tails, Pirate video Poker, Wanted MultiSpin Slot, El Zorro (slot), Count Dracula (slot), Chinese Zodiac Slot, Sweet Love 2 (slot), Super Super Hot (slot), Reel Bar (slot), Heart of Dragon (slot), and Arabian Sands (slot).

Lotwin Casino Games

As indicated, most of the games are slots, around 2/3 of the total number of games. This collection, of course, can’t compare to the variety of games offered by leading online casinos. Nevertheless, there’s at least one for every standard game found in other online casinos. Also, there are no live games or games with live dealers.

You may notice in the game thumbnails that there are numbers indicated on their respective upper left corners. These numbers, from 0.01 to 50.00 (in points) are the minimum bet requirements for the games. It’s good that Lotwin added these, as they make it easy for players to choose the game they can afford to play. The jackpot amounts for some of the slots games are also indicated.

The games here have average graphics. We were a little worried when we tried loading the American Roulette game because the image splashed out on the screen, while the game was loading, was heavily pixelated. It was like the graphics from a family computer in the 1980s. Fortunately, the actual game showed something better. It’s not as great looking as the games of the leading online casinos but at least the resolution is decent enough. On the other hand, sometimes, the games are not very responsive. For the roulettes, for example, you can notice the slight delay of the game’s reaction to the mouse pointer. Still, these games can provide a good playing experience.

Lotwin Casino American Roulette Game

It’s a little disappointing that despite the unimpressive graphics, the games on Lotwin still take some time to load. We actually tested the games a number of times and made sure to do an Internet speed test. Our connection at the time we did the test was more than decent but the games loaded at the same pace. We have encountered other online casinos with better-looking and more responsive games that get loaded at a noticeably faster pace.

No “Play for Fun” Games, No Fun Currency, No Free Credits

Unfortunately, Lotwin does not offer Play for Fun versions of their games. You really need to have cryptocurrency balances to be able to play. This setup does not seem to jibe with Lotwin’s goal of being a for-entertainment-only gambling site. Nevertheless, players can load a game without depositing any currency yet. It is possible to see how the actual game looks like or test the responsiveness of their interface.

It might be too much to highlight in this Lotwin review the fact that this online casino does not offer free credits or free game trials. Still, it’s worth noting that other online casinos, especially those that involve multiple fiat and crypto currencies, are able to offer the convenience of being able to try the games out without having to spend money. We understand that some of the cryptocurrencies used on Lotwin can be easily mined or obtained but the point is it is much easier to try games when you simply have to click on the “Play for Fun” button, for example, or when you receive free credits at the moment you sign up for an account.

The Lotwin Casino Gaming Platform – Not Provably Fair

We could not find an authoritative reference that can provide information regarding Lotwin’s gaming platform. However, we are convinced that the software used is proprietary, something developed in-house. This is because Lotwin has a software development operation. It actually has produced a desktop software called Lotwin Express, a casino game software.

The games on Lotwin are unfortunately not provably fair. We are not keen in stating in this Lotwin review, though, that the game algorithms cannot be trusted. Lotwin says in its Terms and Conditions page that it uses a Random Number Generator. There are no real currencies involved, at least for now, so it doesn’t make sense for the site to implement a fraudulent gaming platform.

Not Compatible with Mobile Playing

Lotwin could have at least been developed with a responsive web design, but that’s not the case. Lotwin’s website is not mobile-friendly. It’s difficult to navigate it on the smaller displays of smartphones and tablets. It’s not conducive to a swiping-and-tapping style of interaction.

Lotwin Casino Mobile Browser Test - Not Mobile Friendly

Lotwin’s Currency

There are 7 currencies accepted by Lotwin. These are lottocoin (LOT), redcoin (RED), litecoin (LTC), kiwi (KIWI), metal music coin (MTLMC), ripple lite (XPL), and dotcoin (DOT). Except for litecoin, these currencies are not being used by mainstream leading online casinos or gambling sites that accept cryptocurrency. On Lotwin’s Deposit section of the account dashboard, only 6 of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies appear on the dropdown list. Ripple lite is excluded.

Again, as mentioned earlier, many reviews and online pages mention that Lotwin used to accept bitcoins. Now, after a thorough inspection of the site for this Lotwin review, we can conclude that it no longer accepts bitcoins. Still, we believe that this is temporary and that Lotwin will eventually be transacting with bitcoins in the near future.

Four confirmations are required to complete a deposit transaction for all the currencies accepted.

When it comes to withdrawals, Lotwin only allows withdrawals in lottocoin. This means that other currencies will be automatically converted if they are to be withdrawn. There is no minimum withdrawal amount indicated but a 25,000,000.00 LOT is set as the ceiling. Obviously, since the amount is in lottocoin, it can only be withdrawn into a lottocoin wallet. There is a fee of 1 LOT for every withdrawal transaction.

No Lotwin Casino Bonuses and Rewards but there’s an Affiliate Program

Lotwin has no bonuses for deposits made. It also does not have a VIP rewards program. Nevertheless, it has an affiliate program that offers a 40% cut of the profits made by Lotwin from the player referred by a player. We can’t find a more detailed and clearer computation of the affiliate earnings on the site but it says that a player can get 0.4 points for every 100 points wagered by the player referred.

The affiliate program works through the use of a link indicated on the Lotwin Affiliate Program page. Banners may also be used. There’s a variety of these banners readily available on the Affiliate Program page. Just choose one to be used on your blog or websites. There’s also a separate BBcode that can be readily used for forum signatures.

Customer Support

Contacting Lotwin Casino is only through email. There’s an online form for sending emails on the Contact page. Unfortunately, this is the only way available for reaching customer support. We also couldn’t find social media accounts associated with this online casino.

Lotwin Casino Contact Page

Players from the United States Are Welcome on Lotwin Casino

Since Lotwin claims to not use real money, there should be no legal impediment for players from any part of the world to sign up for an account and enjoy the games available on Lotwin. We think that Lotwin will eventually return to accepting bitcoins.

Important Pages on Bitcoin Blackjack Tables Players Should Visit

To avoid violating the rules and policies of Lotwin, it is recommended going over its Terms page. It’s a boring unformatted page of pure text-only content but it’s important to get acquainted with it. Also, if you have questions about Lotwin, just head to the Contact page to find the online form through which you can send your inquiries. You will be getting your replies on your email account. Your Lotwin dashboard does not include an inbox so expect all communication to be via email only.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous online gambling
  • Mutliple cryptocurrencies accepted including litecoin
  • Players from all parts of the world are accepted


  • Email-only customer support
  • Lottocoin, the currency for the withdrawals, is not widely accepted
  • Games are not provably fair
  • Limited collection of games
  • Relatively slow-loading games
  • No bitcoins? Woot?

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