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KingDice Review

KingDice is a simple bitcoin dice game with a low house edge similar to most other dice games. It is a graphically appealing online gambling site. The color or theme may not look that impressive, but it is unlikely to be polarizing. It’s arguably compatible with most players’ tastes. What’s most notable in it, as far as aesthetics are concerned, is the animation of the dice when you make a roll. It’s not like the boring dice games that only have a few elements moving on the screen, or sometimes none at all.

KingDice is a simple bitcoin dice game with a low house edge similar to most other dice games. It is a graphically appealing online gambling site. The color or theme may not look that impressive, but it is unlikely to be polarizing. It’s arguably compatible with most players’ tastes. What’s most notable in it, as far as aesthetics are concerned, is the animation of the dice when you make a roll. It’s not like the boring dice games that only have a few elements moving on the screen, or sometimes none at all. KingDice does not accept players from the…

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Trust - 9.4
Quality - 9.6
Support - 9.6
Countries Supported - 9.7


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KingDice does not accept players from the United States and a few other countries. However, it is a fully anonymous bitcoin betting site. You will not be required to submit personal details to get an account, let alone be asked to verify your identity.

This cryptocurrency betting site is web-based and mobile-friendly so you can enjoy it across different devices. It is also created to be probably fair. You can be assured that the game outcomes are not manipulated, despite the site not stating information about its licensing, regulation, or the company responsible for its operation.

If you want to spend some fun time winning bitcoins out of your bitcoins and playing using free satoshis, KingDice is not a bad choice to consider.

KingDice Signup

To sign up for a KingDice account, you need enter your (nominated) username into the “Enter Username” field, tick the checkbox to agree to the site’s Terms and Conditions and indicate that you are at least 21 years old, and then click on the Get Started button. You will have to solve a CAPTCHA before you can proceed to the next step.

You will know that your account registration has succeeded because a notification will be displayed on top of the site. You will be automatically logged in to your account if your registration is a success.

There is no more email confirmation step to undertake since, obviously, the registration process did not require an email address. However, you need to add a password to your account. Otherwise, you will not be able to log in back to your account (and withdraw your funds) if you don’t have a password. You will need both the username and password to sign in (unlike in some bitcoin dice sites wherein you can log in by simply entering the username and leaving the password field blank).

The whole signup process shouldn’t take longer than 15 seconds. It’s designed to be quick and easy. You can get an account without an email address and add your password later on, once you already have your account created.

User Interface

The KingDice user interface looks neat and intuitive. It should be familiar to those who have already tried playing cryptocurrency dice games before. The actual game is in the center of the site while the menu is on the top right portion.

Click on your username on the upper right corner of the site to display the following options: Account Settings, Transaction History, Affiliate Info, Invest, Deposit, and Withdraw.

There is no profile page on KingDice. It’s an anonymous bitcoin betting site so you don’t have to submit any information about yourself. However, all players have public profiles (the profile that appears when you click on a player name in the bets list or leaderboard). These public profiles show players’ usernames and information on the date they joined KingDice, when they were last active, number of bets, amount wagered, profit, and luck percentage.

If you want to change your password or enable two-factor authentication, go to the Settings page.

KingDice also has a chat board. Access it by clicking on the persistent chat button on the lower left corner of the site.

The KingDice Game

KingDice only has a single dice game. To play, you have to choose a number from 1 to 99 to roll under or over. If you choose to roll under, it means you will win if the resulting number in the dice roll is lower than the number you chose. If you decide to roll over, the resulting number in the dice roll should be higher than the number you selected for you to win.

The dice in the game are not similar to a actual dice with six faces/sides. It has 10 sides even though it appears to be a regular dice. As such, the result for each dice is from 0 to 9. There are two dice rolled and the resulting number in each one forms the resulting two digits, which can be from 00 to 99.

As mentioned, KingDice has an animated dice game. Once you click on the Roll Dice button, two dice will be thrown into the center of the game interface. It looks amusing. The animation does not appear to cause problems in the responsiveness of the game. You have the option to disable the animation, though. Just click on the animation toggle to the right of the game interface (to the right of the Profit on Win figure). You may also turn off the game’s sound effects, which is quite loud.

KingDice can be considered a free bitcoin game. You don’t need to make a deposit to play in it. To top up your account balance, you can go to site’s bitcoin faucet or free bitcoin/satoshi feature.

Game Software, Fairness, and House Edge

The KingDice dice game makes use of proprietary software. This software is designed to be provably fair. You can do a test to evaluate whether or not the game results are manipulated.

You don’t need to install additional software or browser add-ons to play KingDice. You don’t even need Flash on your browser. You can immediately proceed to playing once you have signed up for an account and made a deposit to fund your wagers.

The dice game’s house edge is 1%. This is similar to the house edge of most other online dice game sites we have reviewed. It’s low but nothing special since 1% appears to be the standard for almost all reputable online bitcoin dice games.

Is KingDice Mobile-Friendly?

You can enjoy KingDice on your mobile phone or tablet computer. It is a mobile-friendly bitcoin dice game. It uses a responsive web design so it automatically adjusts to the display size of the device used to access it. There’s no need to click on a link or button to switch to a mobile version of the site.

KingDice does not have an Android or iOS app. However, a mobile app would be unnecessary since the KingDice site is mobile-friendly. We did not encounter responsiveness issues when we tried accessing it through a mobile device.

Currencies and Deposit/Withdrawal Methods Supported

Bitcoin (BTC) is the only currency used on KingDice. You can only make deposits and withdrawals in bitcoins.

Just like in most other bitcoin dice sites, if you want to make a deposit, click on the Deposit option and send the bitcoins you want to deposit to the address indicated in the Deposit window.

To make a withdrawal, click on the Withdraw option in the dropdown menu on the upper right corner of the site. Doing this will open the Withdraw interface wherein you can enter your bitcoin wallet address and the amount you want to withdraw. Withdrawals are processed instantly but may take up to 15 minutes for confirmation. A transaction fee of 0.0002 BTC is charged for every withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount allowed is 0.001.

Bonuses and Promotions

KingDice does not provide the usual bonuses and promotions you would find in larger online casinos. There are no deposit bonuses and reload bonuses. You don’t get a sign up or welcome bonus. Moreover, there are no VIP programs and rewards.

What you get in KingDice, however, is a no deposit bonus in the form of the bitcoin faucet. This bitcoin faucet lets you get 500 satoshis or 0.00000500 BTC. KingDice’s bitcoin faucet is not explicitly named as such. To tap on it, click on the Free Bitcoin link/button right below the game’s interface. It is beside the Provably Fair link/button above the section that lists bets, high rollers, and leaderboards.

You may also generate earnings from KingDice by contributing to the site’s bankroll. In the menu, click on Invest and send the amount you want as long as it’s not lower than the minimum investment value of 0.001 BTC. The income you get as an investor depends on the percentage of your investment in the overall bankroll. For example, if the current bankroll is 9 BTC and you invested 10 BTC, the resulting new bankroll becomes 100 BTC. Since you invested 10 BTC, your share is 10% of the bankroll (10/100), so you will get a 10% share of the losses (of players) in the site.

KingDice also has an affiliate program.

Does KingDice Accept US Players?

Unfortunately, if you are a resident of the United States and US territories (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, and Northern Mariana Islands), you belong to one of the restricted countries of KingDice. As such, you cannot sign up for an account, play, and win real money prizes. KingDice is also restricted in the following countries and territories: Curacao, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Australia, the the United Kingdom.

Policy on Anonymity and Security

KingDice allows you to play anonymously. It does not have a policy of verifying the identity of its players. You will not be required to submit proofs of identity before you are allowed to make a deposit or withdrawal.

When it comes to security, KingDice covers the basics. It uses SSL encryption to protect the data exchanged between a player and the KingDice server. We like that KingDice makes it easy to get an account (by simply entering a username and solving a CAPTCHA), but it makes it compulsory to add a password. We have encountered a few similar bitcoin dice sites before that use the same quick signup method, but they allow players to sign in by simply using the username (and leaving the password field blank). With KingDice, you need both the username and password to log in.

Additionally, KingDice provides the option to enable two-factor authentication. This should help prevent instances of unauthorized access.

To protect the BTCs deposited in KingDice, the site uses both hot and cold wallet. The hot wallet is for the funds from which players make withdrawals. The cold wallet is used to store most of the funds of KingDice (including the investments) to ensure their security.

License and Regulation

The KingDice website does not provide information about its licensing and regulation. In its Terms and Conditions page, there’s a section mentioning the law that governs the KingDice terms. However, the information on which government and courts oversee or regulate KingDice’s online gambling operations are left blank. It would be safe to assume that KingDice is not registered, but since it offers online gaming with bitcoins, it is able to offer its services to anyone in the world who is willing to use bitcoins to place bets.

KingDice Player Support

If you have questions, complaints, or other concerns, you can contact KingDice’s support team through email. Use the following address: support@kingdice.com. The site’s support staff is available 24/7, but you may not always get an immediate response. Nevertheless, the site will send a confirmation stating that your question or request for assistance has already been received, and you can expect a response within 24 hours.

For feedbacks and reviews about the KingDice site and game, you can send them to the following address: info@kingdice.com.

You may also interact with KingDice’s staff through its official Bitcointalk forum thread in the following link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1637134.

Pros and Cons


  • Mobile-friendly online gaming
  • Provably fair gaming
  • Bitcoin faucet
  • 24/7 player support


  • Limited gaming (only one game available)
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Non-US bitcoin gaming

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