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Just-Dice Review

Just-Dice is a clam dice game. It is a fast-paced dice game with a low house edge. Just like the bitcoin dice game Rollin.io, the game asks you to pick your win chance and decide if you want to bet “hi” or “lo.”

Just-Dice is a clam dice game. It is a fast-paced dice game with a low house edge. Just like the bitcoin dice game Rollin.io, the game asks you to pick your win chance and decide if you want to bet “hi” or “lo.” Just-Dice used to be a bitcoin dice site but decided to shift to clam after it was forced to cease its bitcoin transactions due to a new Canadian law that regulates bitcoin transactions. Because Just-Dice is or was operated as an anonymous bitcoin casino, it simply couldn’t comply with the new Canadian law on cryptocurrency. The new…

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Just-Dice used to be a bitcoin dice site but decided to shift to clam after it was forced to cease its bitcoin transactions due to a new Canadian law that regulates bitcoin transactions. Because Just-Dice is or was operated as an anonymous bitcoin casino, it simply couldn’t comply with the new Canadian law on cryptocurrency. The new law requires record keeping, monitoring and reporting for suspicious transactions, and verification procedures for bitcoin transactions.

It’s a good thing, though, that Just-Dice has been kept in operation by shifting to the use of clams. After all, favorable developments in the future may permit the use of  bitcoins once again. This dice gambling site is one of the reputable ones so its continued operations is something welcomed by its fans when it used to do bitcoin betting.

Just-Dice Homepage

Account Registration

Similar to the many bitcoin dice sites we have already reviewed, getting an account on Just-Dice is quick and easy. In fact, by the very moment you load the site on your web browser, you already have an account and you are already logged into it. Just go to the account tab and add the details you want to add.

As always, we recommend setting up your username and password. With Just-Dice, you don’t actually have to do it since it also makes use of a unique URL or personal address to allow you to return to your account without having to use a username and password. However, this setup is not secure. It’s always better to secure your account with a username and password.

Just-Dice Account Registration

Setting a username and password for your account shouldn’t take more than 10 seconds. You will only be asked to enter your username and password. Take note that the password is case-sensitive. There’s no email verification or validation needed. However, you have the option to add your email address (in the lower part of the account interface), which is something we also recommend. Moreover, you can also set up Google Authenticator for your account to secure it further.

Account Dashboard

It’s the usual dice site account dashboard you will find with Just-Dice. At first, you might find it cluttered because of the less-than-attractive layout and boring color scheme. It does not help that there’s an abundance of texts, text fields, and tick boxes. They could use some different tab grouping or a better layout to make it easier to differentiate them from each other, instead of presenting everything in one page without a very sensible layout.

Just-Dice Account

You can monitor bets through the All Bets and My Best tab. There’s a chat section that is purely text-based so be ready to immerse your eyes in a monotonous array of texts. There’s also a Stats tab that shows you the all-time statistics of the site as well as your all-time statistics: total bet amount, wins, losses, wagered amount, betting profit, invested onsite, invested offsite, bankroll profit, staking profit, invest profit, and multiplier. Moreover, there’s a History tab that shows you a history of your deposit and withdrawal transactions, investments, and commissions.

The Just-Dice Game

Just-Dice only has one game. It’s a provably fair dice game with the usual dice game mechanics. To play, you just have to set your Bet Size and your Chance to Win and choose whether you want to Roll Hi or Roll Lo. The Payout and Profit numbers automatically get adjusted. The result of the game is instant. After clicking Roll Hi or Roll Lo, you will immediately know if you win or lose.

Just-Dice Game

You may also play by setting your Payout multiplier. Doing so will make the system automatically compute your Chance to Win for you. Or, you may set the Profit you want, and the system will automatically calculate the Bet Size for you.

If you are new to playing a dice game, just head to the Just-Dice FAQ section (the FAQ tab right beside History). Just-Dice offers a very detailed playing guide under the FAQ section. All the terms used are also clearly presented and explained.

The site has hotkeys, which are indicated on the function buttons. The game is very responsive. Well, this is something we already expect since the game does not really have a lot of graphics or animations going on. It does not even use Flash. Still, we want to commend the site for being not resource-demanding. We actually encountered a few dice sites that had the tendency to slow our browser (Firefox) down after being allowed to run for quite some time.

The game does not have a trial or demo mode or a Play for Fun mode so we cannot consider it as something similar to a free bitcoin casino. If you want to play, you really need to make a deposit. There is no play money provided. You can’t try the game before you decide to play seriously.

Just-Dice Software, Fairness, and House Edge

Just-Dice makes use of a proprietary software or gaming platform. The good news is that this software is provably fair. The fairness of the game results can be proven. Just go to the “Fair?” tab of the game for the details on how to do this. The server seed’s sha256 hash and client seed are readily presented. For verification, the site has also presented links to third party verifiers contributed by some of the site’s players. Again, everything you need to know to prove the fairness of the rolls or results are presented in the “Fair?” tab.

Just-Dice Is Provably Fair

Just-Dice has a house edge of 1%, which is similar to what most of the other sites we’ve reviewed have. It’s not the lowest house edge we have encountered but it’s definitely on a competitive enough level.

Just-Dice Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Unfortunately, Just-Dice does not have a mobile-friendly website. It also does not provide iOS, Android, or Windows mobile apps for playing the game on smartphones and tablets. It’s still possible to play the game on mobile devices since there are no add-ons or specific software required and the game will work on most mobile browsers (except the “mini” ones such as Opera Mini). However, the experience is not going to be comparable to how it feels playing at a real bitcoin mobile casino.

Just-Dice Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

The main currency on Just-Dice is clamcoin (CLAM). However Just-Dice accepts ShapeShift payments so it accepts deposits in other cryptocurrencies or altcoins.

Some of the other currencies supported by ShapeShift are as follows: blackcoin (BLK), bitCrystals (BCY), bitshares (BTS), dash (DASH), digibyte (DGB), thedao (DGD), digixdao (DGX), ethereum (ETH), emercoin (EMC), lisk (LISK), factoids (FCT), maidsafe (MAID), mintcoin (MINT), namecoin (NMC), omni (OMNI), nubits (NBT), monacoin (MONA), novacoin (NVC), nxt (NXT), peercoin (PPC), siacoin (SC), storjX (SJCX), reddcoin (RDD), voxels (VOX), tether (USDT), vericoin (VRC), vertcoin (VTC), counterparty (XCP), startcoin (START), ripple (XRP), and monero (XMR).

Just-Dice Deposit

Making deposits on Just-Dice is similar to how it is done with most other gambling sites. Just click on the Deposit button and a modal window will appear, showing the CLAM wallet address to where you have to send CLAMs for your deposit. Deposits require a minimum of 6 confirmations before the amount is reflected in your account. If you use ShapeShift,  6 confirmations will also be needed before your deposit is reflected in your account. The process may take up to 24 hours.

For withdrawals, you can only do it through your CLAM wallet, even if you use ShapeShift for your deposit. Be mindful in clicking the Withdraw button, though, as clicking it multiple times results in multiple withdrawals. Every withdrawal transaction is charged a transaction fee of 0.001 CLAM.

Bonuses, Promotions, Player Rewards, and Affiliate Program

If bonuses are a big deal for you, you may have to look for other options. Just-Dice does not offer the usual deposit bonus, sign up bonus, and other bonuses offered by many BTC and other cryptocurrency gambling sites. It also does not have VIP programs and rewards. Also, Just-Dice does not have a bitcoin faucet or clamcoin faucet.

What Just-Dice offers is just the chance to fund the site’s bankroll to be able to get a share from the profits made by Just-Dice. Inevitably, though, this also means that you will be sharing with the site’s losses. This is what is referred to as offsite investment on Just-Dice.

Just-Dice does not have an affiliate or player referral program.

Just-Dice Investing

Country Restrictions and Site Languages

The Just-Dice website does not mention country restrictions. It also does not implement IP filtering based on location. Since it can be accessed in most countries, particularly from the United States, we would consider it as something similar to a US-accepted bitcoin casino. Players from different parts of the world are welcome to play on the site, provided that they are of legal age and that there are no laws in their respective countries, states, or jurisdictions that make it illegal to participate in online gambling using cryptocurrency.

The site can be viewed in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian, and Russian.

Just-Dice Player Support

Support on Just-Dice is provided through email and the Bitcointalk forums. If you have questions or if you need assistance, send a message to doog.justdice@gmail.com. For Bitcointalk, Just-Dice actually has two official threads. One was created specifically to address player concerns and the other is intended for investors. Additionally, Just-Dice has a Twitter account through which you can get updates about the site or try contact Just-Dice’s admin or support staff for relevant concerns.

We tried contacting Just-Dice via email. We received a support ticket for a reply (automated response for the ticket support system) but we did not get an actual answer to our inquiry within 24 hours (on a weekday). It appears Just-Dice does not provide 24/7 customer support.

Just-Dice License, Regulation, Security, and Notes

Just-Dice, according to some sources online (news), is an online cryptocurrency gambling operation that is being operated by Canadians but is deemed to be operated from Panama. However, we could not find details regarding the licensing and regulation of Just-Dice. We are not sure about its license and regulation. Still, as usual, we wouldn’t consider this a drawback since most other similar sites don’t really provide details about their license and regulation.

When it comes to security, we don’t see issues with Just-Dice. It relies on the inherent security features of clamcoin and guarantees that optimal efforts are exerted to protect the deposited bitcoins from theft. Additionally, there’s the option to set two-factor authentication for accounts.

Just-Dice wants to emphasize that the All Bets tab does not really show all of the bets made on the site. Some players may notice that some or most players shown on the All Bets tab win 0.05 CLAM or higher. Of course, successive winnings of that amount would be unnatural that’s why Just-Dice wants to clarify that these are just some of the total number of bets on the site. The bets shown are only those that have win, risk, or lose amounts that are equal to or greater than 0.05 CLAM. If no bets reach this threshold within 3 seconds, that’s the time bets or losses with lower amounts are shown. The numbers on the All Bets tab should not be construed as cheating or an attempt to deceive potential and current players.

Just-Dice All Bets

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous playing
  • Provably fair game
  • Accepts deposits in other cryptocurrencies through ShapeShift


  • Dated-looking site, unappealing aesthetics
  • Looks cluttered, site could use a better layout or reorganization
  • Used to be a bitcoin dice site, but now focuses on CLAM
  • Not mobile-friendly

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