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Jetwin.Ps Casino Review

Jetwin is a bitcoin sportsbook and live casino. If you visit its website, you will find that its different sections are separated into different sub-sites with different URLs (Sports Betting, Live Casino, Slots). Jetwin claims to be the number 1 sportsbook and live casino although they stylized number one as “N°1” most likely to avoid getting mocked for making the claim. That N°1 part as their tagline confused us at first.

Jetwin is a bitcoin sportsbook and live casino. If you visit its website, you will find that its different sections are separated into different sub-sites with different URLs (Sports Betting, Live Casino, Slots). Jetwin claims to be the number 1 sportsbook and live casino although they stylized number one as “N°1” most likely to avoid getting mocked for making the claim. That N°1 part as their tagline confused us at first. This Jetwin review will comprehensively and integratedly cover all three sections. We will not discuss them separately but we will indicate any notable differences or distinctive attributes when we…

Jetwin.ps Ratings

Trust - 94%
Quality - 95%
Promotions - 95%
Games Diversity - 96%
Support - 93%


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User Rating: 4.76 ( 4 votes)

This Jetwin review will comprehensively and integratedly cover all three sections. We will not discuss them separately but we will indicate any notable differences or distinctive attributes when we spot them.

Before reviewing Jetwin, we consulted other reviews because it appears to have less than favorable reputation. From the time it started operation in 2013, it’s been said that it has not improved. It was once associated with Getwin, a sportsbook tagged as a scam. Jetwin, however, is not related to Getwin. It is a UK-based online gambling operation under the company Bit Entertainment S.A.

Get to know more about Jetwin.psas we explore its various features, offerings, policies, rules, and other aspects of its online gambling operation.


Jetwin.ps Website

As mentioned, Jetwin’s website is separated into sections based on the games offered. The homepage is a straightforward introduction of these sections. There are buttons for choosing the language in viewing the site. The homepage certainly serves its purpose well although it could use more content. At least a few texts on what can be expected or the highlights in the different game sections could have been added. Also, we are really not that comfortable reading the “no. 1 bitcoin sportsbook and live casino” claim but of course we’re not going to let that impair our impartiality.

The sparseness of the main Jetwin page thankfully ends at the homepage. Once you enter the sub-sites, you will see a more pleasing presentation. Jetwin’s live casino, sports betting, and slots sub-sites look professional. They are well laid out. They may not have the best page loading times among online gambling sites but they are certainly decent enough. We found no issues with navigation or links and buttons that don’t work (except for the one on the sportsbook section which we think is an issue on our end).

Also, we wished the frequently asked questions sections were presented in a better way. Navigating through them is a hassle. They could have just been presented as one full page instead of creating several linked separate pages. After all, they are not that long. Also, there’s a search bar on these FAQ pages but they don’t return any result.

Fast Registration Process

While there might be different registration links on the different sections of Jetwin.ps, registering in either of them is all you need to play in all of the games (sportsbook, casino, and spots). We signed up for an account and were able to get one in around 15 seconds. There is an email verification step involved but we received it very quickly so we were able to proceed with the completion of the process at the soonest possible time.

Of course we checked if the account we have just created works for all the three game sections of Jetwin. It certainly works although one more little step was required when accessing the casino games.

JETWIN open anonymous account

Upon opening the live casino section, the prompt pictured below appeared. It is necessary to choose another currency other than bitcoin. We were a bit worried by this requirement. It appeared that bitcoins cannot be used in the live casino games.

JETWIN currency select

Account Dashboard

The account dashboard for all three games in Jetwin is basically the “menu” bar on the topmost portion of all pages. This is the same for all game pages. There are only slight differences to suit the nature of the game. For the sportsbook, for example, the dashboard includes a My Bets option, which does not exist in the Live Casino and Games sections.


We like this kind of setup. It helps address the possible confusion. Clicking on the Deposit or Withdrawal options simply displays a floating dialog box for completing transactions. The in-page floating dialog box makes the transaction clear and straightforward. There’s no room for confusion. Even if you hop from one game to another, you can’t mistakenly make a deposit for the wrong game since you need to be on the game’s page first before you can proceed with either a deposit or withdrawal transaction.

game’s page

The dashboard is definitely different from what you can find in other online casinos but it is highly intuitive so it will be unlikely to get lost in it or to mistakenly perform actions.

Focused Selection of Games

Jetwin.ps is not in the business of trying to impress players with an extensive collection of games or offering a wide variety of games that in reality are mostly similar. What it offers are three types of games that are arguably the most sought after options. As already mentioned earlier, these are sports betting, live casino games, and slots.

Sports betting or the sportsbook section features games in almost all major sports. Jetwin claims that it offers the widest range of betting options for every major competition but we’ve seen others offering more. Well, this Jetwin review can’t offer solid numbers to dispute Jetwin’s claim but we also don’t intend to belittle what Jetwin is able to offer. It definitely offers quite a lot! The site features baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, soccer, handball, volleyball, motor sport, golf, floorball, bandy, futsal, rugby, snooker, darts, winter sport, cycling, water polo, and cricket games. We have to note that if you have a slow Internet connection, the games may not show as expected. We encountered some Internet connection issue while doing this Jetwin review that the sportsbook site appeared to have issues. We think that the issue was on our end. When we clicked on the specific sport tabs to view the list of games or events under them, the lists did not change accordingly. The URL changed and the tab was highlighted but the list of games remained the same. We had to ask someone to check the site for us and we were told that it was working fine. We would like to assume that it’s an issue with our Internet connection.

JETWIN games

The Green-Lantern-ring-like button shown above, which indicates page loading, rarely appeared on us not because the loading time was so fast but because the page didn’t load at all.

The Live Casino section offers 4 live games namely, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, and Live Holdems poker. These games involve live dealers. Before you get to engage in the game, you will be required to enter a screen name and you will be asked to choose your table. You will also be asked what view to have. It could be 3D, Classic, or Immersive. The Immersive view is similar to a game being presented as a TV show. It looks engaging but we still prefer the classic view.

The live casino games come with great features including the ability to adjust the quality of the live dealer’s video feed, a chat room for players, and the ability to show the game history.

JETWIN live casino games

When it comes to the Slots section, there are 34 games available. These vary from 5-line to 50-line slots games. They come with nice cartoon-y slots graphics. They look just like the other slots you will find in other leading online casinos. Again, because of our Internet connection issue (still capable of running 240p YouTube videos with sufficient buffering), it took us some time until the games fully loaded. Our advice: if your connection can’t even manage a smoothly running 360p YouTube video, it would be better to just try some other game. You might just get frustrated with the waiting time.

JETWIN casual games

Jetwin Gaming Platform, Provability, and Software Requirements

We can’t find information on whether or not Jetwin’s games are provably fair. We also can’t find details regarding the house edge and maximum payouts. However, based on good feedback from some reviews online, this Jetwin review is inclined to consider the games fair. Jetwin’s slots games are from Endorphina, a game provider used by many leading online casinos. Their sportsbook appears to be based on their own proprietary gaming platform. It is said to be similar to the software used by the ill-famed GetWin but we are not keen on making unflattering connections at the moment.

Jetwin tries to provide technical assistance players who want to access the site from a location where the Internet is censored or where Jetwin is blocked. This is through Access to JETWIN. This page provides various resources to bypass restraints including the friGate plugin, browser extensions, and proxy-server configuration instructions.

access to JETWIN

Jetwin: Not for Mobile Gamers

JETWIN on mobile

Unfortunately, Jetwin is not compatible with mobile gaming. There is also no mobile app available. We tested all the different game sections for this and we can conclusively state that Jetwin is not for mobile gamers.

Jetwin Currency, Payment Methods, Deposit, Withdrawal, and Betting

Jetwin uses BTC EUR, USD, GBP, SEK, and RUR for all of the games.

Deposits are to be made in bitcoins. There is no minimum set for the deposits. Also, deposits are not being charged.

When it comes to withdrawals, there is a minimum amount requirement (10 mBTC) based on the note on the account (withdrawal) dashboard. However, the site’s FAQ says that there is no withdrawal minimum requirement. We clarified this with customer support and we were told that there is indeed a 10 mBTC minimum withdrawal requirement.

Withdrawal transactions are processed every two hours so it wouldn’t be so often for transactions to be instantaneous. Withdrawal requests can no longer be cancelled. The bitcoin funds being withdrawn are converted at the Bitstamp Bid rate. The Bitstamp Bid rate being applied is based on the time when the transaction was processed, not when it was requested.

JetWin withdrawal page

Jetwin Bonuses and Rewards

There is a non-deposit bonus offered if you are willing to surrender part of your anonymity by verifying your phone number. This non-deposit bonus is 150 mBTC (or 35 USD and 45 CAD) and will be instantly credited to your account.

Before this bonus can be withdrawn, though, it has to be rolled over 19 times in the Jetwin.ps sportsbook. It can only be claimed once per player.

There are sites that say that Jetwin offers a 150 USD deposit bonus for new players. This Jetwin review will have to contradict this claim as we can’t find this information on the official Jetwin website.

Jetwin 35$ bonus

Players from the UK, Germany, and Austria can also claim the same no-deposit bonus at 35 EUR, 25 GBP, and 115 mBTC. The same wagering requirement stated above applies.

Player Restrictions and Site Languages

Jetwin accepts players from the United States, Canada, and other countries. The site does not provide list of countries with restrictions. It’s worth noting that the site even offers solutions (browser plugins and proxies) for those who are having difficulties accessing it.

The site is available in 5 languages: English, German, Russian, French, and Spanish. Interestingly, players can also set the time to be shown by the website.

Jetwin languages

Jetwin Customer Support

Customer support is provided through instant messaging and email.

jetwin customer service

You can send instant messages through Jetwin’s internal instant messaging system. You can access this facility by going to the Contact Us link and clicking the “message from your account link.” The response will not go to your email account but to your Jetwin account’s inbox. Jetwin says that they will try to answer instant message and email inquiries within three hours. We actually received a reply within the said time frame to our test question.

For email support, questions or concerns can be directly sent to support@jetwin.ps.

Jetwin Licensing and Regulation

We could not find information regarding Jetwin’s license and the authority that regulates its gambling operation. It is likely unlicensed, as asserted by many sources online.

Important Pages You Should Visit on Jetwin.ps

Be sure to check out the separate Terms and Conditions of the Sportsbook, Casino, and Slots sections of Jetwin.  Also read their separate FAQs (Sportsbook, Casino, and Slots) to get acquainted with the different aspects of playing at Jetwin.

Pros and Cons


  • Anonymous gambling
  • Good bonuses including a non-deposit bonus of 150 mBTC for verifying phone number
  • $35 no-deposit bonus at the Jetwin Bitcoin Sportsbook
  • Different views for the live casino games (classic, 3D, immersive)
  • Players are allowed to maintain two accounts, one could be anonymous while the other is to be considered the main full account
  • Engaging live casino games with the ability to adjust video feed quality and chat with other players
  • The ability to set a spending budget to impose gambling control with the help of Jetwin’s system


  • Bonuses cannot be availed by those who maintain anonymous accounts.
  • Low rollover or wagering requirement for deposit bonuses (5x)
  • No deposit bonuses (as in there are NO deposit bonuses)
  • Customer support not that responsive. There is no notification for replies received. If there was, we did not notice any and we even had to dig deep into the Contact Us page to find the instant message inbox

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