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Island Casino Review

Island Casino is one of the online casinos that we think offers one of the most professional looking websites and overall presentation. It is good-looking and intuitive with fully functional sections. You can find extensive details about what is being offered by the site. It also readily presents all of its contact numbers. It provides a full range of customer support channels, from email to telephone and live chat.

Island Casino is one of the online casinos that we think offers one of the most professional looking websites and overall presentation. It is good-looking and intuitive with fully functional sections. You can find extensive details about what is being offered by the site. It also readily presents all of its contact numbers. It provides a full range of customer support channels, from email to telephone and live chat. The games offered are not limited to casino games. IslandCasino also features a sportsbook, live dealer games, mini games, lottery, poker, and bingo games. We like how quick links appear whenever…

Islandcasino Ratings

Trust - 93%
Quality - 96%
Promotions - 94%
Games Diversity - 98%
Support - 95%


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The games offered are not limited to casino games. IslandCasino also features a sportsbook, live dealer games, mini games, lottery, poker, and bingo games. We like how quick links appear whenever we hover our mouse pointer over the different game categories. We’re just not sure what to think about the pirate theme. We almost failed to notice the live chat link on the homepage because it is represented by a skull icon.

Island Casino is part of the 5Dimes Group, a gambling operation that has been in the business since 1996. It belongs to the same group as Sportbet, ChineseBookie, Vietbet, and BetAnything. It brings with it years of credibility and a good reputation in the online gambling business.

One important thing we have to highlight in this review that Island Casino looks different from the website you see when you have not logged in yet and the site you see once you have logged in. Basically, before you sign in, the Island Casino website shows nothing but information about what can be expected. You can’t access the games yet. Once you enter the site as a registered player, you will immediately notice the different look and feel of the site. You are able to access the games but the information pages are no longer there. This is peculiar and may not feel intuitive to most players. It’s like you entered a completely different website once you are logged in.

Nevertheless, this should not be enough reason not to try IslandCasino. There are other things about this gambling site worth considering. Read further into our IslandCasino review to find out if this is one gambling destination you should register an account with.

IslandCasino Homepage

Long Registration Process

Island Casino is in the same network as 5Dimes, Vietbet, Sportbet, BetAnything, and ChineseBookie. These sites have a policy of only allowing players one account in the network. If you already have an account with these sites, you already have an account that is valid across all (or most?) of the different gambling sites in the network. This is at least what we understood when we contacted customer support to clarify this matter.

Signing up for an account with Island Casino takes longer compared to the process of doing it with other online casinos. We understand, though, why the process has to be like this. It’s a registration that would be valid across different gambling so it’s only right to be a little stricter with it. We tried te login we have for IslandCasino.com on 5Dimes.eu and SportBet.com and, as said by the customer support representative, it works. We’re just not sure why it does not work with the other sites mentioned (VietBet.com and ChineseBookie).

The online registration form for Island Casino is rather long. It requires information not usually sought by other online casinos. It asks for an address, email address, as well as a phone number. These are red flags for those who are seeking anonymity as they get involved with online gambling.

Island Casino Registration

Moreover, we have to mention in this Island Casino review that we were a little confused with the registration process. When we already attempted to log in, we were confused as to what username to use because the username field accepts only a limited number of characters. Our email address cannot fit into this username field. There was no field in the registration form for a username so we did not enter any username. We had to check our Spam inbox to find anything related to our Island Casino registration. We found out that Island Casino did send an email that mentions the username we are supposed to use. It’s weird because during the registration process, a message was flashed to us mentioning a PIN code but that PIN code, according to the email that went to our spam inbox, turned out to be our username.

This is a rather odd way of doing things. Some players may just not proceed to playing on the site thinking that their account registration failed. Also, we don’t like that we don’t get to choose our own username. It’s difficult to remember usernames with random characters.  We checked our account dashboard to see if it’s possible to change our username but there seems to be no option for doing so.

The Account Dashboard

The Island Casino account dashboard does not look familiar. It allows the viewing of wagers, transactions, daily and weekly figures, and bets but does not show a profile page. It allows you to initiate a password change but you can’t find information about yourself (the details you entered in the registration process). It actually feels different and it can be confusing especially if you have accounts in a number of online casinos and you used different details for them. This is at least how it felt to us since we have been signing up for a number of online casino accounts to do our reviews.

The Games

The games on Island Casino are presented in 8 groups. As shown in the screenshot below, these are Sportsbook, Casino, Live Dealer, Mini Games, Bingo, Racebook, Lottery, and Poker.

Island Casino Bingo Games

The Sportsbook section features a comprehensive variety of sports. These include NCAA Football and Basketball, NFL,CFL,MLB, NHL, motor sports, mixed martial arts, all soccer leagues, horse racing, boxing, NASCAR, hockey, baseball, soccer and various other sports events.

For the Casino section, the games are divided into four: Grand Casino, Jackpot Casino, Bonus Casino, and MatchPlay Casino. Grand Casino features more than 200 games, including more than a dozen variations of video poker, 90 reel series slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and various other casino games. The relatively new Jackpot Casino has a collection of more than 120 cinematic 3D games that include a variety of table games, slots, video poker, and specialty games. Bonus Casino offers games that are claimed to have better odds as compared to what other online casinos offer. MatchPlay Casino, on the other hand, allows players to choose from $1 to $0.25 progressive machines as well as single-deck blackjack games in the range of $1 to $500.

Island Casino Casino Games


There are also mini games that offer up to 0.2% volume rebate calculated based on all risked fund or all original bets, including splits and double downs. The mini games are as follows: Rebate Blackjack, Rebate Video Poker, All American Poker, Baccarat, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, joker Poker, Surrender Blackjack, Mini Slots, Grid Iron Slots, Options Blackjack, and Vegas Solitaire. The mini games are different from the standard games because they are played through small pop-up windows.

Additionally, IslandCasino features themed Bingo games in Bingo 75 and Bingo 90 formats. These games include Seasonal Bingo Room, Diamond Bingo Room, Diamond Tourney Room, Bingo Freeroll Room, Pack & Line Room, and USA Bingo Room.

Island Casino also features a Racebook or horse race betting. This comes in two options: Rebate Racebook and Plus 10% Racebook.  The former allows players to earn cash rebates of up to 9% while the latter allows players to bet at all top tracks and get an added 10% to all winnings. It covers top racing events including the Breeder’s Cup, Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

Moreover, Island Casino has lottery and poker games. The lottery allows players to win up to $9,000. The online poker games, on the other hand, need software downloads. There are versions for Windows and Mac. Poker tournaments can be accessed through this software.

Game Software and Provability

Island Casino Fairness and Payout Chart

Island Casino appears to be using software from Realtime Gaming and Digital Gaming Solutions. There is nothing mentioned about it being provably fair. However, the games are approved by Certified Fair Gambling and have undergone an independent audit by Michael Shackleford of The Wizard of Odds Consulting, Inc. A comprehensive payout chart is presented on Island Casino’s website. Some of the most notable numbers are as follows: 99.254% for Blackjack, 99.327% for Table Games, 98.760% for Video Poker, and 96.804% for Slots.

The software is responsive so far. Some games require downloading but most can be instantly played. We also consulted other reviews regarding the software since it’s unfamiliar to us. We found no serious complaints about the software so far.

Not Mobile-Friendly

Island Casino does not a have a mobile-friendly website. It also does not offer mobile gaming apps. It is still possible to play with the games on your mobile devices, though. As long as your device supports Flash, you can run the games. You just have to go through the hassles of zooming in and out and then panning across directions to navigate the site.

Island Casino Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currency Used

Island Casino accepts fiat currency and bitcoins. However, we have to emphasize in this Island Casino review that bitcoin transactions cannot be mixed with other currencies. The amounts mentioned on the site are stated in USD/$ but other currencies such as the Canadian dollar, euro, and British pounds are also accepted.

Deposits are made through Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, China UnionPay, eWallets, and bitcoin transactions. The minimum deposit is $5 while the maximum is $500.

Island Casino Deposit and Withdrawals

Withdrawals are made through person-to-person transactions, money order, debit card and credit card fund applications, bitcoins, bank wires, prepaid cards, sportsbook transfers, account to account transfers, Neteller, and Skrill Moneybrokers. Only bitcoin, account-to-account transfer, and sportsbook transfer withdrawals are free. The rest come with service fees ranging from $15 to $80.

Visit the Island Casino banking page for more comprehensive details about the deposits and withdrawals. You may also contact the live chat support to help you better understand the deposit and withdrawal specifics.

Betting Particulars

The minimum betting amount in the Sportsbook is $0.50. If phone wagering is used, the minimum bet is higher at $50 for straight wagers and $25 on parlays, pleasers, teasers, and futures. For open parlays, the minimum is set at $100. There is also a maximum limit set for sports betting. It is $5,000 on major sports and $50 for exotic propositions.

The betting amounts for the casino games vary greatly, with the amounts indicated on the games.

For the Bingo games, players can spend as low as $0.02 and as high as $5 per bingo card or ticket.

With the Island Casino, tickets are available at $1.00 but there’s a Lucky 77 Promotion that grants 77 lottery tickets to players after depositing $77.

Bonuses and Promotions

Island Casino Bonuses and Promotions

The bonuses and promo offerings on Island Casino can be summarized as follows:

  • Point mover special bonus designed to let players pay less for moving the lines in their favor
  • 30% Super Saver Bonus Program that offers 107 style pricing and expanded parlay payouts
  • Reduced Juice Bonus Program, which offers decreased juice options on NCAA and Canadian football, NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, NCAA basketball, NHL, MLB, PGA golf, MMA, and grand slam tennis
  • Up to 20% cash back bonus
  • 50% New Player Bonus provided as a free-play bonus of up to $520 )(welcome bonus)
  • 50% MatchPlay Casino bonus of up to $125 (first deposit bonus)
  • Up to $500 in sportsbook free-play through the Rep-up Bonus or 33% MatchPlay bonus
  • 21% Casino Rebate Bonus program
  • Free Payout Bonus for every 30 days
  • 27% Rake Back for the poker game
  • 20% Referral bonus also offered as a free-play
  • Free spins are also available  on the Spirit of Inca Slots game

The bonuses have relatively low wagering requirement at 10x only.

If there are other new promotions, they are usually announced on the game interface.

Responsive 24/7 Customer Support

Island Casino provides customer support in three channels. It has multiple telephone numbers to address various type of customer needs.

For general customer needs, the numbers to call are 1 800 243 7890 and 1 800 305 3517. For questions and concerns regarding new accounts, the digits to dial are 1 877 332 7501. For those who need assistance with sports wagering, there are three telephone numbers open to accommodate customers. These are 1 877 800 7529, 1 800 442 0151, and 1 866 924 3772. On the other hand, for horse wagering related concerns, the phone number is 1 800 761 1253.

Players can also contact Island Casino through this email address: help@islandcasino.com.

Live chat support is provided through the LivePerson.net platform. We’re not fond of how we have to be directed to a third party page to be able to have a chat with Island Casino’s representative but the experience is good enough. We got a prompt response from a knowledgeable representative.

The Customer Support “virtual scroll” below is conveniently visible in most pages of Island Casino. We just wish it included the link for the live chat support.

Island Casino Customer Support

Players Served and Site Languages

Island Casino’s website does not have a list of restricted countries. It only states the usual requirement for players to be at least 18 years old or to be of legal age based on the laws of their respective countries. However, for a more reliable discussion about this on our Island Casino review, we contacted customer support to clarify this.  We learned that Island Casino does not accept players from France, Hungary, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. Players from the United States are accepted.

Although the Island Casino is only available in the English language, the China UnionPay payment interface is presented in Chinese since it is most likely being used by Chinese players.

Licensing, Regulation, and Policy on Anonymity

Island Casino’s website does not mention anything about its license and regulation. The important pertinent thing mentioned on its website is its privacy and security policy. Island Casino asserts that it does not sell information about its players and that all of its systems are properly secured. If there are problems, there are multiple methods to contact Island Casino to make complaints. Island Casino guarantees that it does not report any information about its players to government authorities.

Learn More about Island Casino through the Following Links

Get to know Island Casino through its About Us page. For an overview of the general rules, there’s a page dedicated to the subject. There’s also an FAQ page to answer the most commonly asked questions about this online casino and sportsbook. Additionally, all of the games  come with their respective comprehensive guides so be sure to drop by these pages to learn more about the games being offered.

Pros and Cons


  • Multitude of bonuses available
  • Responsive live chat support and multiple support phone lines
  • Comprehensive information about Island Casino and its games presented on the website.
  • Live chat and telephone support available
  • Relatively low bonus wagering requirement


  • Bitcoin transactions cannot be integrated with fiat currency
  • Not mobile friendly website
  • Games are not provably fair
  • Bonuses are manually approved and credited
  • Relatively low deposit bonuses

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