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Instantri.ch Review

Instantri.ch is a unique bitcoin betting site. Unlike typical online casinos, it does not feature standard games like bitcoin baccarat, blackjack, poker, and bitcoin slots.

Instantri.ch is a unique bitcoin betting site. Unlike typical online casinos, it does not feature standard games like bitcoin baccarat, blackjack, poker, and bitcoin slots. What Instantri.ch offers is atypical game concept that is simple but something that can be enjoyable. It’s about opening boxes to find prizes. The mechanics are simple although if you examine them closely, you might notice a few things that may not be that favorable or may be slightly dubious. The site offers one kind of game but with different instances and types. Get to know these games and learn more about the site through…

Instantri.ch Ratings

Trust - 93%
Quality - 90%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 86%
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What Instantri.ch offers is atypical game concept that is simple but something that can be enjoyable. It’s about opening boxes to find prizes. The mechanics are simple although if you examine them closely, you might notice a few things that may not be that favorable or may be slightly dubious.

The site offers one kind of game but with different instances and types. Get to know these games and learn more about the site through our in-depth Instantri.ch review. Find out if this attractive online BTC gambling option is something worth your time and bitcoins.

Instantri.ch Homepage

Account Registration

Getting an account with Instantri.ch took us more than a minute because the CAPTCHA we entered was rejected a couple of times and when it was accepted, we were asked to enter a bitcoin wallet address. The suddenly emerging field for the bitcoin wallet address was something we only noticed after two more CAPTCHA rejections. It’s a weird online registration form. They could have just asked for the bitcoin wallet address outright, instead of requiring it after the CAPTCHA input.

Instantri.ch Account Registration

Account Dashboard

The Instantri.ch account dashboard is far from feature-rich. On the Profile page, the only modifiable fields are the bitcoin wallet address and password. You can no longer change your username and email address. There’s User Statistics section for tracking player activities, providing details on games won, boxes opened, bitcoin spent on purchasing credits, bitcoin prizes won, and credits used, among others.

We mentioned earlier that there’s no email verification required but there’s actually an email validation section on the account dashboard (the User Statistics section). This is something you must do if you want to be able to play in the free games or to buy credits to be able to play in any game.

Instantri.ch Account Dashboard

The Instantri.ch Game

So what game or games does Instantri.ch offer? It’s actually just one game but offered in six different types. The game is basically about opening boxes to find prizes. Every box you open requires you to spend a credit or credits, depending on the game. The amount of credits you need to open a box increases as more boxes are opened (or as there are fewer boxes left to open).

Instantri.ch Games

The prizes that can be won in the game are in BTC and credits. They are indicated on the game. You will win the prize if you find the box containing it and no other player opens a new box in a predetermined time. If a player opens another box within the predetermined time, the prize will be hidden again in one of the unopened boxes and the game will continue.

To emphasize:

  • You will only win the prize you found if nobody opens another box within a set time indicated on the game.
  • If another player opens a box within the set time, the game continues. This goes on and on until there are only two boxes left.
  • In case nobody finds the prize in any box as the game progresses and there are only two boxes left, the outcome depends on whether or not somebody found the prize previously. With only two unopened boxes left, obviously only one of them has the prize. If you find the prize, you win it immediately. However, if you pick the box that does not contain the prize and nobody chose the prize-containing box before you picked the wrong box, nobody wins. In short, nobody wins if the prize is in the last unopened box.

The six game types are Normal, Fast, Fixed Prize, Double or Nothing, Beginners, Free, and Multiprize.

Instantri.ch Game Types

The site does not offer a Demo or Play for Fun mode but there are free games available. These games have the orange “Free” label attached to them. As stated in the Account Dashboard part of this Instantri.ch review, you need to have your email validated to be able to play the free games.

Instantri.ch Free Game

Instantri.ch is a bitcoin multiplayer game. The interface you use is the same interface others are accessing as they open boxes. Basically, you are competing with other players in real time.

The game continues even if the prizes were already found. Other players will not know if the prize or prizes were already found by other players.

Instantri.ch Game Software, Fairness, Payout Rate, and House Edge

Instantri.ch apparently uses a proprietary BTC gambling platform.  There’s nothing mentioned about the software used but we are inclined to state in this Instantri.ch review that the software is developed exclusively for the site.

Unfortunately, the games are not provably fair. This is a little unencouraging considering the nature of the game. There’s no way to verify the fairness of the game. Of course, we can’t just accuse the site of cheating on its players but it would have certainly been better if the games are provably fair.

Also, there’s nothing mentioned on the site regarding the payout rate and house edge.

Instantri.ch Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Unfortunately, Instantri.ch is not mobile-friendly. Responsive web design is not implemented for this bitcoin betting site and there is no separate mobile version optimized for mobile browsing and playing. Also, there is no dedicated mobile app for playing the games on smartphones or tablets. The texts look too small that playing the game on smartphones is not going to provide an experience that is close to what you would expect from a typical bitcoin mobile casino.

Instantri.ch Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees

Instantri.ch exclusively uses bitcoins (BTC). You need bitcoins to buy credits to be able to play the games. This means that you need to have your own bitcoin wallet to be able to make deposits or bets. However, shared wallets are not allowed. Likewise, bitcoin wallet addresses that are not solely controlled by the player are not accepted as any amount transmitted back to the initiating wallet address may not be correctly credited to the player.

Instantri.ch Credits

You can get 1 credit by sending 0.001 BTC (or 1,000 credits for 1 BTC) to the bitcoin wallet address indicated in the Buy Credits page of your account. An email will be sent to you as soon as the credits are reflected to your account. Confirmations are not required when buying credits. However, your prizes will not be sent to you (withdrawn/cashed out) if your credit purchases are not confirmed.

Withdrawals on Instantri.ch is done by having the prize sent to your bitcoin wallet address. This is done by going to the Prizes page to have your prizes sent to you. The site does not charge for the sending of your prizes. Once your request for your prizes to be sent, based on the site’s FAQ page, they will be automatically sent for free.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Affiliate Program

Instantri.ch does not offer the typical deposit bonus offered by other BTC gambling sites. There are no standard bonuses offered here. The site also does not offer VIP programs and rewards, or a comp points and player loyalty system. However, Instantri.ch has a promo system that has an effect similar to that of a first deposit bonus, reload bonus, or deposit bonus in general. As discussed in the Currency section of this Instantri.ch review, you need to buy credits by sending bitcoins to the address specified on the site. While buying credits, you can use promo codes (announced on the site’s social media accounts) to get more than the usual credits you can get with your bitcoins. Oftentimes, though, codes are not required. If you examine the social media accounts of the site, you can find posts that announce specific percentage discounts when buying credits. These discounts usually range from 10% to 30%.

Anyway, just to clarify matters for this Instantri.ch review, we are considering the site as a one that offers deposit bonuses because of this deposit-bonus-like promo system. Essentially, you can get 10%-30% “deposit bonus” when you buy credits when such “bonuses” are available at the time you buy the credits.

On the other hand, Instantri.ch has an affiliate program. You will have to sign in separately to access the affiliate program dashboard. There’s no need to undergo another account registration for the affiliate program. You just have to use your account’s username and password.

Instantri.ch Affiliate Program

Instantri.ch’s affiliate program grants a 15% profit share. According to the email we received from Instantri.ch regarding the affiliate program, this 15% share is “15% of every Bitcoin an user registered with your code spends in Instantri.ch.” This is a quite good affiliate earnings rate.

Interestingly, Instantri.ch’s affiliate account dashboard is slightly more feature-rich as compared to the dashboard for the main account as it comes with a messaging system and a more comprehensive interface earnings monitoring function.

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

If you are from the United States or from United States territories, unfortunately, you are not allowed to play or place bets on the site. Instantri.ch is a non-US BTC gambling site. If you try to circumvent this country restriction by using proxies or misrepresenting your country of origin, you are deemed to be committing a breach of the site’s terms and conditions. As such, your account may be terminated with your balance, if there are any, forfeited in the site’s favor.

Instantri.ch provides the advantage of an anonymous bitcoin casino. It does not require you to reveal your identity. Proofs of identity and address are not required.

The site is only available in the English language.

Instantri.ch Player Support

Player support on Instantri.ch is provided mainly through email. There’s an email sending online form on the Contact page of the site. It appears that the site does not provide 24/7 customer support.  We tried making an inquiry but we failed to get a prompt response. Also, we have to note that the site’s support team seems to have some difficulty writing in English. You might be able to get the gist of the messages they send, though.

Instantri.ch Player Support

Instantri.ch has Twitter and Facebook acounts accounts. If you don’t get a response through the email support system, you may want to reach out to the site’s support team through these social media accounts. These social media accounts also provide regular updates about the site and the games available.

Instantri.ch License, Regulation, and Security

There is no information presented on the Instantri.ch website regarding its license and regulation. We had to do some online search to check on the reputation of the site. So far, we have not found anything that would compel us to provide a negative opinion in this Instantri.ch review. After all, almost all of the other similar sites (those with just one or a few games) don’t present licensing and regulation information.

If there are disputes or complaints against Instantri.ch, according to the site’s terms and conditions, they are to be settled under the laws of Canada. Playing on the site infers that you are agreeing that Canada will have exclusive jurisdiction in addressing cases of disputes, claims, complaints, and other concerns.

When it comes to security, there’s similarly nothing pertinent mentioned on the site. It’s not mentioned if SSL encryption is implemented. For the most part, security is mainly tied with player anonymity and the security of the bitcoin wallets.


Instantri.ch is an interesting game concept. It’s simple and unlike other online BTC casinos. However, we are a little concerned over its not being provably fair. Considering that the games continue even when the prize-containing boxes were already found by other players, we can’t help thinking that there’s the possibility of cheating. Of course, we are not saying that this bitcoin gambling is cheating its players but the possibility exists especially as the prize is being moved around even after it has been found by a player (if another opens a new box within a predetermined time). This is one of the bitcoin betting sites we strongly believe should be made provably fair to entice more players.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports anonymous online gambling with bitcoins
  • Good affiliate program that grants 15% of all bitcoins spent by a referred player on the site to the referrer
  • No transaction fees for both credit purchase (deposit) and prize claiming (withdrawal)
  • The site offers something comparable to a deposit bonus without wagering requirements, albeit at lower percentages (10% to 30%)


  • Not provably fair
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • No live chat support
  • Does not accept US players



The tags bitcoin casino bonus, Bitcoin casino reload bonus, first deposit bonus, and deposit bonus are added here because I consider the credit purchase discounts as something similar to a deposit bonus. The discounts increase the amount of credits that can be obtained in the same way deposit bonuses increase the amount of money that can be used to play

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