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Infiniti Poker Review

Infiniti Poker claims to be “the world’s most entertaining and interactive online poker site.” It is touted as a state-of-the-art platform for poker playing online that is free to download and available 24/7 for both real money and play money versions.

Infiniti Poker claims to be “the world’s most entertaining and interactive online poker site.” It is touted as a state-of-the-art platform for poker playing online that is free to download and available 24/7 for both real money and play money versions. Founded in 2013, Infiniti Poker had a soft re-launching in February 2014. It was reintroduced after tightening its security measures and addressing the problems of fraudulent actions, multiple accounts by some players, and colluders. The service had to be temporarily stopped and a re-launch had to be done to address a hacking incident. Well, these are not flattering details…

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Promotions - 93%
Games Diversity - 83%
Support - 94%


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Founded in 2013, Infiniti Poker had a soft re-launching in February 2014. It was reintroduced after tightening its security measures and addressing the problems of fraudulent actions, multiple accounts by some players, and colluders. The service had to be temporarily stopped and a re-launch had to be done to address a hacking incident. Well, these are not flattering details but we have to say Infiniti Poker is not the only one to have suffered something like this.

The creators of this bitcoin poker gambling platform have likely learned from their stumbles. Infiniti Poker is now a stable gambling platform that can no longer be included among lists of online gambling sites or platforms to be avoided. It is far from perfect but at the very least, it is not one of the sites that merit a prominently negative review.

Infiniti Poker Homepage

Software Downloading and Installation

Right at the Infiniti Poker website’s homepage, it’s quite obvious that you will be required to download some software to be able to play. There are at least two big download buttons on the first page you will see on the site. What you will be downloading is the poker software installer that will simply be named as “setup.exe.” The file size is only around 27 MB.

We tried installing Infiniti Poker on a Windows 7 computer at first but we couldn’t proceed to completing the installation. The installation wizard keeps complaining that there are some components missing. That’s why we decided to use a different computer, a Windows 10 machine we have just recently updated.

Infiniti Poker Download

We were able able to successfully install Infiniti Poker on our Windows 10 computer and it took some time before we got to have it installed. We thought it would be quick since the installer was just a 27 MB file. However, the installation apparently had to do some downloads in the process. We’re not sure why it failed to do this part when we did the installation on our Windows 7 machine. Anyway, it took around 10 minutes or so for the installation to be completed.

Account Registration

Signing up for an Infiniti Poker account is a quick and easy process. The registration form you need to fill out only asks for minimal details: your username, password, and email address. You then have to confirm that you are at least 18 years old and that you agree to Infiniti Poker’s terms and conditions. There’s an email verification step you need to complete before you can completely log into your account. Your account is already created by the time you submit your filled out registration form. The Infiniti Poker client will already recognize your login details but you will not be able to proceed into your account without the six-digit validation code.

Infiniti Poker Account Registration

The Games on Infiniti Poker

Infiniti Poker offers Texas Hold’em poker in three variations: Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Texas Hold’em, No Limit Texas Hold’em. For the uninitiated, Limit Texas Hold’em sets a limit in the betting capability to a prespecified amount per round. In Pot Limit Texas Hold’em, the players are allowed to bet any amount they want as long as they don’t exceed the amount of the game’s current pot. For the No Limit Texas Hold’em variation, players are allowed to bet any amount they want up to and including the total amount of chips they have.

Infiniti Poker Games

Infiniti Poker’s website has an excellent game guide so if you are not that familiar with the game or you need to refresh your memory about it, be sure to check the game guide out. It’s filled with details and screenshots. Actually, most of the things you need to know about Infiniti Poker are presented on the website.

Infiniti Poker also features a variety of tournaments that are designed to suit varying interests. There are options for those who seek quick-paced gaming, multi-table sit-and-go’s, and several multi-table (MTT) event offerings that pit a player against a wall of opponents.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Infiniti Poker’s games are at par with what leading bitcoin poker sites are able to offer. The platform also offers interesting features that make playing more engaging (more on this later).

Infiniti Poker Game Platform and Features

Infiniti Poker’s game platform is referred to as Quantis-v10.10.08, a software developed by ID Quantique SA. The Random Number Generator of this poker game platform has been tested by Compliance Testing Laboratory (CTL) and was found to be “suitably unpredictable and fit for purpose,” with reference number CTL-037/37001.

CTL is a company accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) Testing and approved and certified under the Online Gambling Regulation Act of 2001.

Infiniti Poker - Compliance Testing Laboratory (CTL) Certificate of Compliance

Infiniti Poker’s game platform is also known or partly referred to as Infinivision. On the site, it is dubbed as a cutting-edge poker platform that features psychological, social, and strategic elements of live poker. We’re not sure, though, which these psychological, social, and strategic elements really are but we can discuss some of the highlight features or elements of Infinivision.

One of the more notable features of the platform is its overhead camera view (OCV). With it, players get to see each other in real time. Also, the Overhead Camera View feature allows players to see where the button and blinds are located before the dealing proceeds.

Infiniti Poker Overhead Camera View

Another interesting feature of Infinivision is Peripheral Resolution Interface (PRI), which gives players the ability to enhance their view of the table environment during post-flop play. This can be accessed by clicking the 3D-View button below their cards. With PRI, there are 3 camera cells that can be seen from a player’s point of view. These camera cells are one “Focus Cell” and two “On-Deck” cells. The “Focus Cell” creates the sharpest possible image of a player (an opponent player), which has approximately 80% of the screen’s resolution. While using the “Focus Cell,” the “On-Deck” cells remain visible but become limited in image quality. The “Focus Cell” is controlled by the mouse wheel and has a movement (when changing focus to other players on the table) comparable to swiveling the head sidewards.

Infiniti Poker Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Obviously, Infiniti Poker is not mobile-friendly. Since the game platform is only available for Windows desktops or laptops, you can’t play it on mobile devices. It is not a bitcoin mobile casino. There is no browser-based version available. Also, there are no corresponding iOS, Android, or Windows mobile apps for playing the games on smartphones or tablets.

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Infiniti Poker accepts USD dollars (USD) and bitcoins (BTC). The amounts on the site and the poker client are only presented in USD, though.

Fiat currency deposits and withdrawals are done through Visa and MasterCard transactions. Bitcoin transactions, on the other hand, are done in the usual way other bitcoin betting sites do it. Infiniti Poker did a test run of their bitcoin payment system in September 2013 and has since supported the popular cryptocurrency.

Infiniti Poker Currency

Bonuses, Promotions, Player Rewards, and Affiliate Programs

Infiniti Poker offers the following bonuses and promotions: Prestige Club, Incentive Program, and Affiliate Program. These are not the usual deposit bonuses you can get from other online gambling sites but they appear competitive enough.

Infiniti Poker Prestige Club

Prestige Club is like Infiniti Poker’s answer to the VIP programs and rewards programs offered by other online gambling sites. Under this program, players can obtain Prestige Club Points while playing with real money. We have embedded Infiniti Poker’s Prestige Club tables below to help you quickly get acquainted with the ways to obtain Prestige Club Points.

Infiniti Poker Prestige Club - How to Earn Prestige Club Points

The Infiniti Poker Incentive Program, on the other hand, offers the following incentives:

  • 50% Lifetime Rakeback. This is a guaranteed rakeback structure for the first year of playing. Before you can avail of this program, though, you need to have a minimum of 12,000,000 Prestige Club Points over a period of 365 days. If you don’t have 12 million Prestige Club points within the indicated period, you will still get a guaranteed rakeback but it will be reduced to only 25%.
  • 100% First Deposit Bonus of Up to 1,000 USD. To get this bonus, you need to make a minimum deposit of 25 USD. The bonus will be credited to your account in 20 USD increments for every 20,000 Prestige Club Points you earn (wagering requirement).

Lastly, Infiniti Poker also has an affiliate or player referral program. This program offers a quarterly commission of 20% of the rake generated by the referred players who have an average of 250,000 Prestige Club Points. If this level of Prestige Club Points is not maintained, the affiliate commission is reduced to 15%.

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

Infiniti Poker is an international and US-facing bitcoin poker platform. It is one of the few US-accepted bitcoin casino or gambling sites that have continued providing bitcoin gambling services in the midst of tightened regulations on online gambling in the United States. Still, whether you are from the US or another country, the usual requirements for players apply. You need to be of legal age and you must ascertain that there are no laws in your state or jurisdiction that prohibit online gambling through bitcoins or fiat currency.

If you prefer getting the advantage of an anonymous bitcoin casino, Infiniti Poker is not the best option to consider. Its Terms and Conditions considers it a violation submitting incorrect or misleading account registration information. Infiniti Poker also reserves the right to verify players’ identities. The failure to provide correct account information or the refusal to submit identity verification documents would lead to the termination of winnings and cancellation of remaining account balances.

Infiniti Poker’s website and poker client can only be viewed with English language texts.

Infiniti Poker Player Support

To address questions and provide assistance to players quickly, Infiniti Poker provides 24/7 customer support. You can contact the site’s support team via telephone, live chat, or email. The phone number to call is 1 877 717 7523. For the live chat support, you have to go to the Infiniti Poker Support page to click on the live chat button. Unfortunately, at the time we did this Infiniti Poker review, live chat support was deactivated. If you prefer sending an inquiry or request or assistance through email, the email addresses to use are as follows: info@infinitipoker.com and support@infinitipoker.com.

Moreover, you can contact or get updates about Infiniti Poker through its official social media accounts. It has Facebook and Twitter accounts so consider liking or following the site’s official social media pages.

If you have complaints with Infiniti Poker’s Random Number Generator, the Infiniti Poker Terms and Conditions requires you to submit a written complaint within 14 days of the incident via email, to this address: legal@infinitipoker.com.

Infiniti Poker Support

Infiniti Poker License, Regulation, and Security

Infiniti Poker’s site lists three business addresses. Its online poker operation is associated with IFG Inc. Limited, which is located in 137 Abbots Road, Abbots Langley, Watford, Hertfordshire. It is also associated with Tri Fecta Interactive S.A., located in Local M 36, Mall Paseo Las Flores, Provincia de Heredia, Costa Rica. Infiniti Poker is registered under license #03-4969 issued by the Government of Costa Rica. Moreover, the site lists the following address under the How to Contact Us section: Infiniti Interactive S.A., Escazu, San Rafael, San Jose, Costa Rica

We have nothing much to say about Infiniti Poker’s security. It appears the have the usual account and currency security systems in place. However, we cannot quickly dismiss reports about it being hacked. If you use the keywords “Infiniti Poker hack” to search for information online, you should easily find articles, news, or blogs about Infiniti Poker’s security incident. The site, however, as mentioned in the introductory part of this Infiniti Poker review, has been improved since this security issue was made public.

Infiniti Poker Logo

Pros and Cons


  • US-accepted bitcoin poker platform
  • Above average poker client
  • Fairness-certified Random Number Generator (RNG)
  • Good affiliate program and bonuses


  • Requires a client download, no web-based version
  • Poker client is only available for Windows devices
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • The Infiniti Poker system has had a history of hacking

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