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For Bitcoin Gamblers the World Cup Brings Mixed Emotions

It has been so far a mix of unprecedented drama, unending controversy, and daily shocks at the World cup in Russia. The biggest talking point has been the humiliating exit of the defending champions Germany, the avalanche of VAR penalties and England’s record 6-1 annihilation of minnows Panama.

At the same time, it’s been a roller coaster for non-athletic players who have busy visiting one of the hundreds of Bitcoin casino and sportsbooks online. The Bitcoin bets on the various World Cup matches across the numerous online casinos distributed around the world have led to some walking away with Bitcoin harvests as others rue their bad luck.

Like the VAR, Bitcoin Betting Has Come of Age

The inaugural World Cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay but gambling is much older. Over 6,000 years ago, simple bets were placed on fighting animals and dice was a popular game in China. It was not until the USA World Cup in 1994 did the first online casino even appear, opening from the twin Island state of Antigua and Barbuda.

Online poker rooms were a huge pull for enthusiasts as Roberto Baggio missed the last penalty to hand Brazil another World Cup title. Baggio’s miss sent shock waves around the world as millions of gamblers placed huge stakes on him scoring in the final and bringing the Trophy home.

It was in 2009 when we first saw the use of VAR, the video assistant referee, amid controversy. Both bitcoin and VAR are familiar with mixed feelings. In the following years, online casinos quickly boomed despite increasingly suffocating legal environments fuelled by the emergence of casinos accepting Bitcoins such as the Wild Tornado Casino.

Almost simultaneously, the idea of having a computer assisting the referee in a football match was hated in the Netherlands. But this year, they go hand in hand, as VAR is responsible for some of the most shocking victories in this World Cup, resulting in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in Bitcoin being lost or won. There are more people tuned into the state of the cryptocurrency stakes of gambling, than the actual games itself. This bitcoin casinos comparison chart provides a full understanding of what bitcoin gambling options are available to the World Cup fan.

How Online Bitcoin Gamblers are Winning the Game and Fans

Winning matches is all about good planning, analyzing your opponent, thorough preparation, and a bit of lady luck. Online Bitcoin betting casinos take the next step by offering an online Sportsbook which takes live bets on all things sports. Such is the case with Nitrogen Sports  and the seemingly flawless prop bet offers in Bitcoin.

It was only a few weeks ago that the Kentucky Derby, the prize of horseracing, the World Cup equivalent of that sport, introduced bitcoin bets for the first time. And it was extremely successful with many people going home winners, not just the horse.

By putting in place cutting edge technology and systems that complement the live movement bets of gambling, along with cryptocurrency regulations in the long list of countries they operate in, these Bitcoin betting forums have provided the perfect playground for the millions of gleeful gamblers around the globe.

And so even if you aren’t one of the estimated 570,000 international visitors flocking to Russia, you can still have a piece of the cake.

The best part of all is that these platforms offer extremely low fees and one of the highest returns through the first half of this World Cup.

Live betting on leading sites like FortuneJack have also proved to be a major attraction with reputable World cup betting casinos like Cloudbet. Gamblers have a huge range of bets and an ability to wager on the team to score more goals during each half plus the eventual winner.

Cloudbet World Cup Betting Props

Russia 2018 Records Soar and Gambling Scene on Rise

This world cup has already seen several records fall by the wayside. The previous high of 18 spot-kicks scored in a World Cup has already been surpassed with Portugal’s action-packed 1-1 draw with Iran seeing the 19th and 20th penalties of this tournament. Portugal and Argentina have both been eliminated in the quarterfinals thus far, with more big-time favorites likely to go home too. But the bets keep coming in fast.

FIFA is also expected to generate a mammoth $6.1 billion in total revenue, $1.3 billion over what it earned in Brazil at the 2014 World Cup event.

Bookmakers are also expected to pocket unmatched profits with some predictions putting the figures at an eye-catching $36.4 billion thanks to the colossal online traffic generated through the betting portals. For example, if you were to visit Sportsbook.AG Bitcoin casino you will first be introduced by a Fox Sports promotion and a reload bonus, giving the casino owners quite the payout too.

There have also been other huge promotions to keep the average bitcoin player interested and still protected with anonymity and convenience.

Onehash has one of the most friendly user interfaces and has been attracting lots of these players right from the first whistle.

Another noteworthy casino is the rush of action seen at bitcoinrush.io perhaps because of its specials that change daily for World Cup action.

World Cup Betting Options OneHash bitcoin casino

There have been Disappointments (and Pain) Too

On the field, some teams and superstars have not lived up to their pre-tournament billing with Brazil and its hero Neymar junior eliciting mixed reactions despite progressing from the groups.

For bitcoin gamblers, drawbacks have come in the form of renewed crackdowns on illegal betting operations in Asia and elsewhere in the World forcing takes to come up with alternative betting plans. China has seen illegal bitcoin casino gaming companies busted, which South Korea has witnessed increased regulations and investigations into the bitcoin trading exchange markets.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia have been actively chasing down bettors despite online gambling being legalized in these places! To make matters worse, some of the Bitcoin speculators have suffered huge dents after their teams lost.

However, despite these temporary drawbacks, the party seems set to go on both in the stadiums and in casinos. The World Cup has seen very unique moments so far and has captured the imagination of savvy online Bitcoin players as well as billions of excited fans around the world.

With the drama being served in plenty, there has not been one dull moment for anyone involved, the footballers, owners, gamblers, betting casinos, and the fans.

Being a game of chances, the second half of this World Cup promises to continue to be filled with mixed emotions.

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