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Flying Satoshi Review

Flying Satoshi is a browser-based bitcoin betting skill game. It is not a provably fair game that requires a dependable random number generator. It’s more of a game that allows you to earn bitcoins based on the effort and skill you show as you play.

Flying Satoshi is a browser-based bitcoin betting skill game. It is not a provably fair game that requires a dependable random number generator. It's more of a game that allows you to earn bitcoins based on the effort and skill you show as you play. Flying Satoshi is relatively new as it was only released in February 2015. That’s why it’s still on Beta release at the time this Flying Satoshi review was posted. It is dubbed as an easy to play but hard to master bitcoin game.  It comes with tournaments with three-minute durations each and two-minute warm up…

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Flying Satoshi is relatively new as it was only released in February 2015. That’s why it’s still on Beta release at the time this Flying Satoshi review was posted. It is dubbed as an easy to play but hard to master bitcoin game.  It comes with tournaments with three-minute durations each and two-minute warm up time in between tournaments. Being a skill game, the outcome of the game depends on the skills of the player.  There is no predetermined result. Unlike most of the bitcoin betting sites we have reviewed here, this is not a game of chance.

It can be said that Flying Satoshi is a game aimed at BTC gambling enthusiasts who are more into casual games. However, those who are more used to typical online bitcoin casinos may also want to give this game a try. It offers something different . It offers an entirely different bitcoin multiplayer gaming experience.

Learn more about this site through our comprehensive our comprehensive Flying Satoshi review.

Flying Satoshi Homepage

Account Registration

Signing up for a Flying Satoshi account can take some time. Although the account creation form only asks for a few things (nickname, password, email address, and secret question and answer), it may take some time before your account gets created. Apparently, the game is not always online. There might be times when you try to register for an account and you will not be able to proceed, as the form gets stuck on the “Creating Account…” part.

You have to make sure that the game is connected so you can register and play. There’s an indicator on the upper left corner of the game interface. Otherwise, you will just end up repeatedly trying to register but you could never get an account created, or you may be hopelessly waiting over a “Creating Account…” indicator that is not really going to get your account created.

Flying Satoshi Account Registration

The Flying Satoshi Game

There is only one game on Flying Satoshi. It’s comparable to the wildly popular Flappy Bird mobile game. The goal of the game is to control your game character through obstacles (pillars) without getting hit. You will be using your keyboard for this. You have to accumulate a high score to win coins in the game.

Flying Satoshi Game Interface

You can Play for Fun or participate in a tournament. In the Play for Fun option, you can proceed to playing without being charged anything, and also not winning anything. If you participate in the tournament, you will have to pay for the tournament fee (from 0.001 BTC to 0.01 BTC). Your tournament fee will form part of the prize pool.

The prize you can win depends on the number of players participating in a tournament. Up to 100 players can take part in a tournament. The prize scheme is presented in the table below. As shown, if there are two players, the player who gets the first place will get 60% of the prize money while the second placer (actually the loser) gets 30%. If there are 5 players, the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth placers get 40%, 20%, 15%, 10%, and 5% respectively.

Flying Satoshi Winnings

Obviously, it does not make sense playing if there’s just one of you playing because the prize you will win is only 90% of the 95% of the tournament fee you paid. If there are only two players, the winner (first placer) gets a little profit (over the tournament fee paid). It is always better to have more players. If there are 10 players, for example, who pay 0.001 BTC each, the prize money will be 0.0095 BTC (95% of 10×0.001 BTC since 5% is taken by the site). In this setup, the first placer gets to take 0.00285 BTC (30% of the prize pool), while the second placer takes 0.00133 BTC (14%), the third placer gets 0.00114 BTC (12%), and so forth.

The good thing about this game is that there can be up to 10 winning players in a tournament. Even though not all of the winners can make a profit or break even, it’s good to know that you can at least take back some of the coins you lost if you become one of the 10 winners.

By the way, players who obtained the most number of gems also win 5% of the prize pool.

Flying Satoshi Game Platform, Fairness, and House Edge

Flying Satoshi uses a proprietary game software. This should be obvious enough. We have not encountered online bitcoin betting game providers that offer games that make use of the Unity Web Player. This is unique to Flying Satoshi.

Unfortunately, this uniqueness comes with a disadvantage. We tried playing the game using different web browsers. Only Firefox indicated that it can play the game. For the rest, a message popped up saying that we should use Mozilla Firefox or other browsers that support the installation of Unity Web Player. When we loaded the game on Chrome, the browser displayed a message telling us that we should try Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. We tried it on Opera and it showed a message similar to what Chrome showed. With Internet Explorer, the game loads but the browser struggles. It appears, among the major web browsers at present, Firefox would be the best if not the only option for playing the game.

As mentioned, Flying Satoshi is a skill game. Hence, the favorability of being provably fair is not applicable to it.

The house edge here is 5% or the part taken by the site from the prize pool accumulated from the tournament fees paid by the players.

Flying Satoshi Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Although Flying Satoshi has a mobile-friendly website (owing to its responsive web design), we cannot consider it as something comparable to a bitcoin mobile casino. This is because the game cannot be run on mobile devices. We tried a few mobile devices and we only kept on getting a black screen with the tiny Unity Web Player on it. Well, if it was not easy running the game on desktop browsers, it wasn’t surprising to find out that Flying Satoshi wouldn’t run on the mobile devices we tried.

Flying Satoshi also does not have iOS, Android, or Windows mobile apps for playing the game on tablets and smartphones.

Flying Satoshi Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Bitcoin (BTC) is the only currency used on Flying Satoshi. However, this is expressed in Flying Satoshi coins on the game.

The site charges entry fees of 2,000 to 20,000 Flying Satoshi coins, which is equivalent to 0.001 to 0.01 BTC.

The use of bitcoins on Flying Satoshi is emphasized by the inclusion of a video guide on using bitcoins. There is also a link to Coinbase at the bottom part of the site. Coinbase is apparently the recommended option for those who still don’t have bitcoins and would want to get some.

Flying Satoshi has a deposit-withdrawal setup that should already be familiar to those who have tried other bitcoin betting sites. You will be given a bitcoin wallet address to where you will be sending bitcoins to be used in playing. You are actually buying game currency packages as you do this. Your account balance will reflect Flying Satoshi coins instead of bitcoins. Your 1 BTC deposit is equivalent to 20,000 Flying Satoshi coins or you can get 2,000 Flying Satoshi coins by making a 0.001 BTC transfer.

It is encouraged getting the higher Flying Satoshi coins package (20,000) because it comes with a higher discount.

Winnings in Flying Satoshi are automatically transferred to the players’ bitcoin wallets after the tournaments so there is no more need for withdrawals to be initiated.

No Bonuses and Promotions

Flying Satoshi does not have the typical welcome or sign up bonus and deposit bonus offered by most bitcoin betting sites. You can’t expect a first deposit or reload bonus here. It also does not have VIP programs and rewards. Likewise, it does not have an affiliate or player referral program.

What Flying Satoshi offers are just some discounts when buying Flying Satoshi coin packages.

Also, Flying Satoshi may offer a free bitcoin tournament soon.

Flying Satoshi Free Bitcoin Event

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

Like most other bitcoin betting sites, players who want to sign up for a Flying Satoshi account are required to be of legal age and to make sure that there are no laws in their respective countries or jurisdictions that prohibit online gambling. Flying Satoshi’s Terms of Service specifically points out that those who reside in Alabama and Nebraska should be at least 19 years old and those in Mississippi must be at least 21 years old to be eligible to register for an account and play on the site.

Flying Satoshi may be considered as something comparable to a US-accepted bitcoin casino. However, as mentioned, players need to ascertain that there are no laws against online gambling or the playing of skills game with bitcoin bets involved. On the site’s Terms of Service, there is a list of restricted states. These states are Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, South Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, Iowa, South Dakota, Illinois, Tennessee, and Montana. This list, however, is not to be used as basis as to whether or not a state, country, or jurisdiction is restricted. Again, it is still deemed the responsibility of players to make sure that there are no laws in their area that would prohibit them from playing on Flying Satoshi.

Flying Satoshi Does Not Support Anonymous Playing

If you are looking for something that affords the perks that come with an anonymous bitcoin casino, here’s some unfavorable news:  Flying Satoshi does not support anonymous playing. Verification of account information is part of the site’s Terms of Service. The site reserves the right to review and validate account information. If you refuse to verify or validate your account details within 30 days, your account will be terminated.

Flying Satoshi is only available in the English language.

Flying Satoshi Player Support

If you have questions or if you need help as you play on Flying Satoshi, you can contact the support staff via email. Just send a message to support@flyingsatoshi.com. The site mentions that Flying Satoshi provides live chat support but we couldn’t find a live chat button on the site.

Nevertheless, Flying Satoshi has social media accounts. You can get updates about the site or send a message through Flying Satoshi’s official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Flying Satoshi Support

Flying Satoshi License, Regulation, Security, and Notes

Flying Satoshi is a site owned by Megalodon, a game development company made up of avid gamers and programmers. The site’s Terms of Service is governed by the laws of the State of Nevada and federal laws that can be applicable. If there are disputes, all complaints or legal action are deemed to be under the exclusive jurisdiction of Clark County’s (Nevada) state and federal courts.

Flying Satoshi - License - Megalodon

When it comes to security, there is nothing mentioned on the site. Nevertheless, we did not notice issues with the way the username and password protected accounts are maintained. The bitcoin transactions also seem okay.

It is worth noting that Flying Satoshi’s Terms of Service includes a provision—highlighted at that—emphasizing Megalodon’s assertion that it shall not be held liable for the uninterrupted operation of the site or game and for defects therein. Flying Satoshi does not guarantee quality, fitness, or completeness. For those who take Terms of Service seriously, these details sound discouraging enough.

Moreover, we can’t just quickly dismiss that Flying Satoshi particularly requires you to install a browser add-on you unlikely don’t normally have (Unity Web Player). This is likely going to be the main reason why most players would not consider playing on this site. Unity Web Player is not that popular and many will probably think that the site is asking them to install some malware. Flying Satoshi should consider using other platforms, HTML5 in particular, to be at par with responsive HTML5 bitcoin casino sites.

Flying Satoshi Cannot Run on Chrome

Pros and Cons


  • Fun “cartoony” skill game that lets you win bitcoins
  • Up to 10 winners can win in a tournament with 10 or more participants (although not all can make a profit or break even).
  • Play for Fun option


  • Requires the downloading and installation of United web player
  • The game may not load all of the time (we had to refresh the site several times)
  • Game can slow down your browser (freeze those with older systems).
  • Not mobile friendly

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