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FairProof Review

FairProof is a cryptocurrency gambling site that accepts bitcoins, dogecoins, bytecoins, darknote or digitalnote, and monero. It features lottery, cards, and roulette games that are provably fair.

FairProof is a cryptocurrency gambling site that accepts bitcoins, dogecoins, bytecoins, darknote or digitalnote, and monero. It features lottery, cards, and roulette games that are provably fair. Yes, this multi-cryptocurrency site supports not only bitcoin betting but also accepts a number of other popular bitcoin alternatives or altcoins. Even better, there are bonuses offered similar to those available on leading online casinos. FairProof may not be a leading online casino but its unique games, 24/7 customer support, well-paying affiliate program, and special offers for high rollers make it a good option for those who want to try online gambling with…

FairProof Ratings:

Trust - 94%
Quality - 92%
Promotions - 86%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 86%



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Yes, this multi-cryptocurrency site supports not only bitcoin betting but also accepts a number of other popular bitcoin alternatives or altcoins. Even better, there are bonuses offered similar to those available on leading online casinos. FairProof may not be a leading online casino but its unique games, 24/7 customer support, well-paying affiliate program, and special offers for high rollers make it a good option for those who want to try online gambling with cryptocurrency or those who want to switch to a new BTC gambling site that offers something not so ordinary.
Learn about the many factors that make this site something worth considering as well as the not so favorable aspects of it through our comprehensive FairProof review.
FairProof Homepage

No Account Registration Needed

Account registration is not a requirement on FairProof. Everyone who visits the site automatically gets an account. This account is tied with a permanent link similar to how it works with sites like Rollin.io and 999Dice. You need save the permanent link to be able to return to your account. You will find your permanent link by clicking on the Account button on the upper right corner of the site.
Unfortunately, there’s no option to switch to a traditional account secured by a username and password. It is also not possible to set a password for your account. You can only rely on the security afforded by the secret unique URL tied with your account. That’s why you really have to make sure that nobody gets to know your unique URL. Otherwise, intrusion into your account and the theft of your funds will be very easy.
FairProof Account Creation - Automatic Account Created

Account Dashboard

FairProof does not have a full-fledged account dashboard. What you see when you click on the Account button is just a modal window that shows your permanent link or the unique URL/personal address for your account. This modal window also provides a link through which you can log out from your account.
If you are wondering how this “logout” link functions when the account is just associated with a unique URL, the idea is that this link erases the cookies for your session so a new automatically generated account will appear on the site, not your account and session. If you don’t log out and you close the browser without deleting the cookies, your account will still be the account that will be shown the next time the FairProof website is opened
There is no option in the account dashboard to set or change your name. If you want to review your activities, you just have to go near the bottom part of the site to see the My Bets section, which shows a comprehensive listing of the bets you have made so far.
FairProof Account Dashboard

The Games on FairProof

FairProof features three games. These are FairNums, FairCards, and Roulette.
FairNums is the default game shown on the site’s homepage. It is a lottery game wherein you have to set a number (from 0 to 99) and guess of the resulting number on the game is bigger or smaller than the number you set. To play the game, you just have to fill out the information required in the following statement “I bet (bet amount) that the — number be (bigger or smaller) than (the number you set, from 0 to 99).
FairProof Games - FairNums
Once you have entered the details required, the multiplier number, win odds, house fee, and prize will be indicated below the game interface. If you win, the prize you get is the prize indicated on the game plus your bet. You will have to pay for the house fee regardless of whether you win or lose.
If you may notice, FairNums is referred to as a lottery game on the site, but its mechanics is pretty much similar to a dice game. For this FairProof review, though, we are deferring to what the site says. If the site’s owners say it’s a lottery game, then it’s a lottery game.
FairProof Games - Faircards
The second game, called FairCards, is simply about selecting cards and placing bets. You just have to choose which cards were the ones initially chosen by the game. Just like in FairNums, you will see your possible prize, multiplier number, and win odds as soon as you have chosen your cards and entered your bet amount. It’s a simple but enjoyable provably fair game. You have to set your bet numbers on the wheel. Your multiplier and win odds will then automatically be adjusted.
FairProof Games - Roulette
Lastly, there’s FairProof’s Roulette game. It’s not really a roulette game based on its mechanics. It’s more like a spin a win or Wheel of Fortune game. You can choose more than one number to bet on but the multiplier is reduced if you do so. You can unpick a number by clicking on it again.

FairProof Game Software and Fairness

FairProof uses a proprietary bitcoin betting platform/software. This software makes for probably fair games.
To check the fairness of the games, you just have to go to the My Bets table to click on the bet number you want to check. Doing so will reveal the server hash. You then have to compare the hash and seed with the ones saved before. You then have to go to a third party verification tool to proceed with the fairness test.
The games are in Flash. FairProof is not an HTML5 bitcoin casino.

Not Mobile-Friendly

If you want to play FairProof’s on your smartphone or tablet, it’s unfortunately not going to be an enjoyable experience. FairProof is unlike the usual bitcoin mobile casino. In some devices, it may even look like the rendering shown below.
FairProof Is Not Mobile Friendly
For most mobile devices, FairProof is rendered in its full desktop version. That’s why you may just see a part of it so you need to zoom out to see the entirety of the site.
FairProof does not have a mobile app so if you want to play it on mobile, you have to make do with its mobile-incompatible rendering.

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees

FairProof uses five different cryptocurrencies. These are bitcoin (BTC), dogecoins (DOGE), monero (XMR), bytecoin (BCN), and darknote (DKR). On FairProof’s site, darknote is abbreviated as XDN, which is the abbreviation for digitalnote. We presume in this FairProof review that this is just some minor error and the currency that is really being used here is darknote, not digitalnote (XDN).
FairProof Deposits and Withdrawals
To make deposits, you will have to generate addresses for the different cryptocurrencies. To do this, you just have to click on the Deposit button and click on Generate Addresses. The addresses will be quickly generated along with their respective QR codes for those who want to make payments through their mobile devices. All deposits are to be made on a wallet-to-wallet basis, from the player’s wallet to the designated FairProof account wallet indicated on the website. No other payment methods are supported.
For the withdrawals, you can only withdraw your cryptocurrency to the same wallet. Conversion of one cryptocurrency to another is not supported. You cannot make a deposit in LTC and win in LTC and have it converted in BTC.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Affiliate Program

There are three main bonuses offered on FairProof. They are as follows:

  • 001 BTC No Deposit Bonus. This is a one-time bonus given to all players. It’s an excellent bonus that could jumpstart your lucky streak. With it, you can win bitcoins without even making a single deposit, if you’re lucky enough. It’s like a one-time bitcoin faucet but we are not going to consider it as a faucet in this FairProof review since faucets usually are designed to be tapped multiple times. There is no wagering requirement indicated for this bonus.
  • 2x Deposit Bonus of up to 0.5 BTC (maximum deposit is 0.5 BTC). This is also a one-time bonus. Essentially, it is a first deposit bonus. To get his bonus, you have to make a deposit and wait for the amount to be reflected on your account balance. Once you see the balance, the Get Bonus button on the Bonus page gets activated. Click this Get Bonus button and you will have your deposit doubled. The wagering requirement for this bonus is 36x of the deposit you make. The wagering requirement is also 36x of your bonus since this 2x deposit bonus only doubles your deposit, so the actual bonus is just equal to your deposit.
  • 20% Bad Luck Bonus. This is a bonus available only to high rollers. You are considered a high roller if your account balance is more than 1 BTC at any time during the game. This bonus can only be obtained if your balance has already dropped to 0 and you did not make any withdrawal since the time when your balance was lower than 1 BTC. The wagering requirement for this bonus is 36x of the deposit made.

FairProof Bonuses and Promotions
To be able to avail of these bonuses, you need to go to the Bonuses page to enter your email address. You don’t automatically get these bonuses by simply having an account.
FairProof also has an affiliate program that offers 50% of the profit from every winning player. This program, however, is only available to bitcoin players. Also, take note that the profit share is based on the profit made from a winner. If there’s a winner, it means FairProof actually lost some potential earnings so this affiliate program is not really enticing.

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

We made inquiries via email (through the email sending form on the site) regarding possible country restrictions on FairProof. Unfortunately, we have not received a response yet as of the time this FairProof review was posted. We are inclined to consider this site, though, as a US-accepted bitcoin casino or more appropriately a US-accepted cryptocurrency gambling site because of some hints on the website. While going over the All Bets section of the site, we found some players identified as USA under the region column. Apparently, players from the UK, Malaysia, China, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Thailand, Germany, and many others are welcome to play on the site.
FairProof Country Restrictions
One of the highlights of FairProof is its support for anonymous online BTC, DOGE, DKR, and BCN gambling. It provides the advantages associated with an anonymous bitcoin casino. Players are not required to present proofs of identity or to verify their accounts. As already mentioned, registering for an account is not even necessary.
The FairProof website has a language toggle near the upper right corner but it appears that only English works. We tinkered with the toggle several times but we couldn’t view a different language.
UPDATE: The site can be viewed in Chinese but only in the Roulette game page.

FairProof Player Support

Player support on FairProof is provided mainly through email. To send an email inquiry or request for assistance to the FairProof support team, just click on the Contact link on top of the site to make the email sending form appear.
FairProof has a Twitter account but its last update was in November 2014. It also has a thread on Bitcointalk but there seems to be no interaction among players and the site’s owners through this discussion thread. The last post on the thread was in October 2013.
FairProof Support

FairProof License, Regulation, and Security

There are no details regarding FairProof’s license and regulation presented on the site. Similar to how we perceive other comparable sites, though, we are not going to be too keen on this since most other similar cryptocurrency gambling sites don’t really provide details about their license to undertake an online gambling operation.
Security on FairProof is claimed to be A-level but there’s nothing specific mentioned on the site. We are also not that convinced that having no option to set passwords is a good idea. The site should include the ability to set passwords for the account even without having to switch to a traditional account with a username and password.

Pros and Cons


  • Provably fair games
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Anonymous online gambling with BTC, BCN, DOGE, DKN, and XMR


  • Site and games are not mobile-friendly
  • Limited number of games
  • House fees charged for every bet made in FairNums and FairCards. House fees increase when the bets are higher.
  • Only email support is available and it’s not responsive. FairProof’s Twitter and Bitcointalk accounts have not been updated for a long time.

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  1. Hi guys.Recently after 3 April 2017 – Fairproof become scam gambling site!
    Here are multiple proofs. Key idea , that they inserted so called “errors” when you play and taking away your moneys under reason of “not working site”.
    Here is how:
    1)Scam gambling –
    2)Scam cards play –
    3)Scam and not working roulette
    4)Bonus page , dissapeared (actually they never credited bonus 0.05 BTC was deposited
    5)Copy of messages sent to support (Previously send messages 2 weeks ago about not working games – NO REACTION!)
    Now screenshot of message sent and delivered.
    http://i65.tinypic.com/2wfvddg.png – copy of message
    http://i67.tinypic.com/256te8l.png – message sent .
    Hope this will help noobs avoid that “dark casino”
    BECAUSE OWNERS ARE PLAYING FOR MONEYS OF PLAYERS – THATS ALL THE GAME,scamming in very extraordinary way (i.e we are hacked – not our fault , bla bla ).
    Proper reports on the go to multi authorities. I hope one day someone will cut your balls.

  2. Don’t know what Nick are talking about. I’ve been playing time-to-time during 1 year and without any errors. Withdraw works ok

  3. scam, i’ve got the same error “connection error”

  4. Scram, I got it just now twice. 1000XDN disappeared.

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