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Etheroll Review

Etheroll is an ethereum gambling site. It is advertised as an ethereum casino but it actually only has one game at the time we did this review: dice. This is a provably fair dice game with a relatively low 1% house edge. It is designed to take advantage of an Ethereum smart contract for wagering on

Etheroll is an ethereum gambling site. It is advertised as an ethereum casino but it actually only has one game at the time we did this review: dice. This is a provably fair dice game with a relatively low 1% house edge. It is designed to take advantage of an Ethereum smart contract for wagering on One of the highlight features of Etheroll is its use of smart contracts. In online gaming in general, smart contracts are employed to host decentralized leaderboards for a tamper-proof tracking of scores and other game details. They also enable unalterable rankings and in multi-signature…

Etheroll Casino Ratings:

Trust - 9.6
Quality - 9
Promotions - 9.3
Games Diversity - 9.4
Support - 9.6


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One of the highlight features of Etheroll is its use of smart contracts. In online gaming in general, smart contracts are employed to host decentralized leaderboards for a tamper-proof tracking of scores and other game details. They also enable unalterable rankings and in multi-signature security. In the case of Etheroll, the game is a cryptographically secure multiplayer dice game designed to be transparent and open to everyone.

Etheroll is not your usual dice gambling site. There are steps you have to go through to be able to play. While it does not require account registration, playing the dice game in it is not as straightforward as it is in other no-account-signup gambling sites.

Based on the Etheroll website, there have been almost half a million ETH wagered on the site, with close to 200,000 won and nearly 450,000 dice games rolled.

Account Registration

Playing at Etheroll does not require account registration. However, unlike the other no-registration dice gambling sites we have reviewed here, you may not be able to immediately proceed to playing.

This is because you need a browser plugin or add-on to be able to the connect to an Ethereum node. In particular, you have to install and set up the MetaMask plugin. Only by having this browser add-on will you be able to start playing.

Essentially, the installation of the browser add-on serves as your account registration. It is through MetaMask that you will be able to connect to an Ethereum node. It also through MetaMask that you are able to obtain the Ether you need to place bets.

Don’t hesitate to install MetaMask in your browser, especially if you are using Chrome. The add-on is included in the official Chrome store. It has been examined by Google so you can be assured that it is free from viruses or other malicious software.

If you are worried about how to use MetaMask, there is a video instruction on the MetaMask website. The link to the site is provided on the Etheroll homepage, on the bottom of the game interface and on the upper right corner.

You may also play using the Mist browser or Toshi (or other Ethereum-enabled browsers for mobile). The link to the browser download is provided in the FAQ and How to Play pages of the site. You have to sync to the most recent block on the Ethereum network using these browsers by clicking on the Connect button on the top right corner (of the browsers) and authorizing the account you intend to use.

Etheroll User Interface

It’s not the usual online gambling site you are probably accustomed to. Etheroll is a bit more complicated than most other dice gambling sites or even online casinos with numerous gaming options.

When you load the Etheroll website, you will be directed to the About Us page. There’s a game interface to the left but you will most likely not be able to play yet. This is because your browser is not yet connected to an Ethereum node. To connect to an Ethereum node on Etheroll with your browser, you have to install the Metamask plugin or extension.

Once you have installed Metamask, the interface slightly changes. Notice on the upper right corner that the message “Not connected to Ethereum node…Install Metamask to connect” is replaced with your Etherscan.io wallet address. It’s only after this wallet address appears that you can start playing. If you use the Mist browser to play, the interface also looks slightly different but it shouldn’t be difficult to figure it out if you are familiar with Ethereum.

We wish the menu button of the site is a bit bigger and has a label. Those who are new to sites like Etheroll’s may not easily figure out how to navigate around the site. With the current setup, you can only go to the different pages of the site by clicking on the menu button (the button with three stacked dots) right beside the Etheroll logo. Not many may quickly realize that this is the menu button given its size. It does not look like a clickable menu button.  A label would greatly help.

Etheroll Game

There is only one game on Etheroll. As mentioned, it is a dice game that is based on the simulation of the rolling of a dice with 100 sides.

Playing it is similar to how you play other dice games. The difference is only in the process of placing bets with MetaMask. You just have to set the amount of your bet, adjust the slider to the percentage of winning you prefer and your guess for the resulting dice number, and click the Roll button.

You will win if the result of the game is lower than the number you set.

You can play through the standard interface you see right on the Etheroll homepage or the through the classic version, which can be accessed by clicking on the Menu button beside the Etheroll logo, and clicking on the Classic option below the FAQ and Support links.

Etheroll Game Software and Fairness

Etheroll makes use of proprietary software. It taps on the Ethereum network, making it transparent and provably fair. It operates in conjunction with random.org. Every game sends requests to random.org, with the corresponding serial numbers and request IDs for such requests are recorded. Additionally, TLSNotary proofs are maintained.

Anyone can view the serial number responses through event filters in the Ethereum Wallet or the Mist browser, along with the respective TLSNotary proofs of the different games.

Etheroll readily presents its smart contract source code. If you want to see it, click on the menu button on the upper left corner of the site and go to the Smart Contract option.


Created with a responsive web design, Etheroll is a mobile-friendly gambling site. Its layout and the amount of content displayed automatically changes to suit the display size of the device used to access it.

Currencies Accepted and Methods for Deposits and Withdrawals

Ether is the main currency used to play on Etheroll. However, thanks to the use of MetaMask and Ethereum-enabled browsers, it’s possible to play with bitcoins and other cryptocurrency with it.

To use bitcoins, you have to go the Settings of MetaMask, then choose BTC for the conversion.

You will not be able to maintain your account balance in bitcoins or other currencies.

Withdrawals are made through MetaMask, the Mist browser interface, or through other Ethereum-enabled web browsers.

Etheroll Bonuses and Promotions

Since Etheroll is unlike typical online casinos that feature a multitude of games, this gambling site does not offer the usual bonuses and promotions. There are no deposit bonuses and wagering requirements.  However, it does offer some form of reward for players. It offers “DICE Rewards” based on “DICE Tokens.”

DICE Tokens provide special rights and privileges to players, including the right to have a share of the profits relative to the amount of tokens players possess. For instance, owning 5% of all the tokens released by Etheroll means having rights to 5% of the profit generated by the bankroll (based on the 1% house edge).

The profit share from the token held is given every 12 weeks. There is a fixed total amount of tokens given: 7,001,622.64. You can get DICE Tokens from the following cryptocurrency exchanges: HItBTC, EtherDelta, and IDEX.

DICE Rewards, on the other hand, is a reward to players generated every 12 weeks. It comes from the Ether earned from the core game smart contract. This is what can be obtained by players out of the DICE Tokens they hold.

Information on when you can get your reward and the amount you can get is presented in rewards.etheroll.com. There’s a countdown displayed along with information on the reward status. The reward can be claimed through Mist Browser, Parity, Metamas, MyEtherWallet, and Ethereum Wallet. The steps for claiming the rewards through these options are comprehensively detailed in the How to Claim tab of the DICE Token page.

To clarify, DICE Token does not guarantee regular earnings. The rewards depend on the when players place bets. If no or minimal bets are placed, there is no house profit or it decreases. Hence, it’s advisable to observe Etheroll’s operations first before putting your money on these tokens.

Does Etheroll Accept US Players?

Etheroll has no country restrictions. Since it does not even require players to sign up for an account, it does not discriminate players based on location or the prevailing laws on online gambling in different jurisdictions. Players from anywhere around the world can play on Etheroll.

Policy on Anonymity and Security

If you are looking for a site that accepts cryptocurrency and do online gambling anonymously, Etheroll is a good option to consider. It does not require its players to submit proofs of identity. It has no policy on verifying player information before allowing withdrawals.

Security on Etheroll is quite different from other gambling sites. It uses SSL encryption to protect player data being exchanged over the internet. However, there are no usernames and passwords used for the site or game itself. What you need to protect is your MetaMask account since it is through this that you connect to the Ethereum network and you are able to place bets and receive winnings.

There is no session timeout that’s why it’s advisable to play only using your personal computer or mobile device. It is the responsibility of players to make sure that their Ethereum accounts are properly secured.

Casino License and Regulation

There is nothing mentioned on the Etheroll website regarding the licensing and regulation. No business office address is provided either. If you are not comfortable transacting with a gambling site with very minimal company details presented, it’s better to just look for other options.

Etheroll Support

Player support on Etheroll is provided through email. Send your questions, complaints, or concerns using the following email address: support@etheroll.com. You need to include the following details in your email to be assured of a response: your ethereum wallet address, amount of bet in question, a concise description of the issue you want addressed, and the transaction ID relevant to your issue.

Without live chat support, you cannot expect a quick response from the Etheroll support team. However, Etheroll promises to respond within 24 hours from the time you send your email.

Pros and Cons


  • Accepts all players from different parts of the world
  • 24/7 customer service with live chat
  • Provably fair dice game


  • Only one game
  • Not as straightforward to play as other dice games. You need to download a browser add-on or a new browser designed to run the game.
  • You can’t maintain your account balance in BTC and withdraw in BTC

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