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Bitcoin Casinos That Accept Ethereum

Ethereum is a relatively new crypto currency that has recently become very popular. According to coinmarketcap.com, each “Ether” is worth almost $10, and it is the second biggest crypto currency with a market cap of over $700 million. Bitcoin itself has a market cap of over $6 billion, with each bitcoin being worth a little over $450 dollars. While not coming close to the value of bitcoin, Ether has none the less risen dramatically in popularity and usage over the past six months.

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Ether has become popular in part because it offers a few unique services that bitcoin currently does not. Chief among the differences are smart contracts, or contracts that two or more parties enter that are executed by the ether block chain once they have been established. Smart contracts are preferable to traditional contracts because they eliminate human error and any kind of erroneous behavior. For a smart contract to be established, both parties must provide the Ether and entrance into the contract. Once this is done, neither side of the contract has the ability to influence it in any way. Think of Ether as a completely autonomous and fair judge, that simply awards compensation based on the terms of the contract. The elimination of third parties of any kind is a real boon, because there is no longer any chance of human error or disingenuous behavior.

With the rise in popularity of Ether, it is now started to be accepted at bitcoin casinos. Many bitcoin enthusiasts and gamblers have caught onto the Ether craze, and are looking for outlets to gamble the crypto currency. Here is a list of reputable casinos that accept Ether, and what they can offer you should you choose to gamble your Ether there.

  • Direct Bet is a bitcoin sports betting site that allows you to wager on the outcomes of your favorite teams or sporting events.  As one of the most established bitcoin sports books, gamblers can wager their Ether here with confidence.  The Direct Bet Sports Book offers a VIP program that is second to none.  Each sports bet you place will earn you loyalty points, which can be cashed in at certain levels for Bitcoin or Ether.  In addition to this, Direct Bet recently opened up a full bitcoin casino that accepts deposits and gives withdraws in Ether.  Not only can you take advantage of the same loyalty program, but Direct Bet gives you a 300% new player bonus on your ether deposit.  Put in 10 ether, and you can earn up to 30 from this bonus alone.  Check out the promotions page to learn more.
  • Crypto Games is a minimalists dream.  The site itself does not mirror other bitcoin gambling sites that accept ether for game play.  Instead when a player visits he is greeted by a very simple grid where he can choose his preferred game type.  Those who are looking to avoid all the flashing lights and constantly moving screens of traditional bitcoin casino sites should look into Crypto Games.  It is a different, but in a good way.

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