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What i Think about Endorphina

Endorphina is an up and coming leader of the iGaming industry. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Endorphina is making waves with big partners around the world of iGaming. Their games feel sleek, the designs are eye-catching, and I was impressed with how the slots operated on my weak little laptop. My first instinct: these games work and look great, but is that it? The answer, I found out, is no that’s certainly not it.

Mission is Possible?


Endorphina has a mission to be the best in the industry. If you caught them at ICE this year, you may have seen the introduction of the Twerk slot game. Clearly a subject that will catch some eyes, the Twerk exhibit showed fans and prospective buyers a lot more than just exotic slots. They showed off what kind of innovation and expertise is really behind the curtains at Endorphina. The Twerk exhibit revealed their solutions to recent HTML5 issues which were very well received by those who stopped by to check it out. Before heading to ICE, Endorphina added a new member to their team to assist their development and growth. While this may not seem like much at first, it shows us that this team is developing something special.

Endorphina Games

Endorphina games

The special thing that Endorphina has already brought to us is their unique game experience. Each slot game they offer has a completely different feel. My very first attempt was jumping into their most popular slot game, Geisha. As the game loaded I was a little shocked to see it go full screen at first, but I loved it as soon as I spun the wheel. The interface was fast, crisp, and beautiful. I lost track of the actual wagering after getting lost in the feel of the game. I played a few rounds and came away on top, but it was time to check out the other games. Endorphina has a surprisingly diverse variety of not only themes, but types of slots. Their slots range from five to fifty lines, and each category has at least a few games (except for the 9 lines category, which only has one). I left Geisha, which is a 25 line game, and began testing the limits of what my laptop can handle by jumping into a 50 line game. Blast Boom Bang Is another one of their cornerstone games, alongside Satoshi’s Secret. This game certainly had a unique feel to it compared to Geisha. Geisha was fast and seemed to roll right off my fingers. In just a few seconds I was ten spins in. Boom Blast Bang Caught my attention a bit more. Each spin was a standalone experience. Being a 50 line game I wasn’t sure how it would react on my system, but once again I was very impressed with how well the game loaded, operated, and closed.

Wonderful BTC Gambling Experience

Endorphina btc

It’s no surprise to see why Endorphina is racking up their awards. They offer a wonderful experience for users and games that are easy to play. Featured on over 60 online brands, you can find an Endorphina game on BetConstruct, SoftSwiss, XIN gaming, Finnplay and Singular. Endorphina took home the Product of the Year Award at the Entertainment Arena Expo in 2015. Soon after they managed to score Best Online Slot Developer at the Slots Guide Slot & Casino of The Year Awards 2015.  The awards and recognition didn’t stop there, and it doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon. With developers consistently keeping the new games rolling out and improving the work they have already accomplished, Endorphina is one of the most supportive iGame developers in the market today. It looks like their team has made an impact on the gaming community and the bitcoin casino world. In a growing society that is on the verge of mainstream, support for bitcoin operations is a passion of many men and women. Endorphina is playing a large part of that in their support of the online gaming and wagering community. New games are continuing to roll out and improvements are always being made. As mentioned before, Endorphina featured one of their newest games at ICE this year and turned heads in doing so. It isn’t their first or only innovative game, but it is a huge step in the future of igaming.

Twerk is a one of a kind game. The slot game features wonderful bonuses for players on top of its already impressive gameplay. In a unique bonus feature, girls meet for a dance battle featuring the most popular dance craze of 2015. The game is a high-win, attention-grabbing video slot. The player’s dancer is randomly chosen and battles other dancer’s in twerk contests. Did I mention the ladies are absolutely gorgeous? Well, if not, then there you have it. Is it easy to beat great looking women dancing and competing for your attention while you win money? Absolutely. But hey, if I have learned anything about Endorphina through exploring their website and playing their games on my favorite sites, it’s that they will find a way to do it. One of the coolest things about their games is the fact that they keep the player in mind through all of it.

Endorphina Fair Gaming

Online gambling is hard to trust, and as someone who loves it I’ll be the first person to admit it. It doesn’t matter if you say it’s “fair gaming”, it doesn’t always resonate with me. Endorphina is genuinely ate up with satisfying every single person that plays their games. I truly feel like what they produce is intended to be as fair as igaming can possibly get. For that, I commend them.

As of now, everything you have read about Endorphina has been fantastic. It’s time to step back and be fair. Parts of my experience with Endorphina have been a little rough. While the games run very smoothly on my machine, they don’t always close very smoothly. On multiple occasions I had my PC freeze up on me while attempting to exit the games. There isn’t much of a settings option, and what is available doesn’t provide much room for changing settings that may cause these issues. I would love to see the games that cause issues be looked into a little further, but for the time being I have found myself just sticking to the games that do work, and enjoying what I have.

blast boom bang game

All in all I have loved my experience with Endorphina’s slot games. Sure I had some issues with a few games here and there, but it certainly isn’t enough to deter me from coming right back to the games that ran smoothly. Endorphina is innovative in their ventures and very skilled in their execution. They have earned my trust in terms of the fairness of their games, and I’m excited to see what they have to offer next. Enjoy Endorphina’s games responsibly on your favorite bitcoin wagering site today, and see what the buzz is really about!

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