Cloudbet Review

  • + High first deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC
  • + No minimum and maximum withdrawal amount!
  • + Excellent collection of games with great graphics
  • + Live casinos and sports games
  • - No provably fair games
  • - No live chat support.

There are many reasons why Cloudbet stands out among the many bitcoin casinos on the web. It claims that it is the easiest way to gamble with bitcoins. It brags of having an industry-leading security. It offers a tempting welcome bonus of 5 BTC.  Also, it claims to provide lightning-fast cashouts.

Cloudbet is not just an online casino that lets you play the typical casino games. Aside from the extensive collection of games it has in store, it also features live games and sports betting. It also offers live roulette. The live dealers are in six different locations namely Central America, South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Western Europe, and the Baltic region.

Cloudbet Casino Homepage

When it comes to security, Cloudbet also wants to reassure players through its two-step authentication system to protect player accounts and a setup that involves the use of cold storage for bitcoins, to make sure that all the bitcoins deposited are protected from online threats.

Some may have the first impression that Cloudbet is not that interesting a place for online gambling. Its homepage is not as colorful as how most other online casinos look like. Everything seems so simple and typical. However, if you know in more detail what this bitcoin casino can offer, you will likely be enticed to give it a try.

Quick and Easy Sign-up Process

Signing up for an account with Cloudbet involves an email verification step. This is not that much of a hassle, though. It make take a few seconds before the verification email reaches your inbox but the wait shouldn’t be too long. In less than a minute, you should already have your account created. As you click on the verification button on your email, you will be taken to the sign-up page. You will not be automatically logged in to your account.

Intuitive Account Dashboard

Similar to how it is for most other leading bitcoin casinos, the account dashboard of Cloudbet is highly intuitive. You will find minimal elements, making it easy to find what you need to find. This dashboard, however, is not just intended for monitoring your betting history and transactions. You can also change some settings here including your time-zone, preferred format for the odds, and the management of your subscriptions.

Cloudbet Casino Dashboard

It was very convenient doing the dashboard evaluation part of this Cloudbet review because of how simple and fast everything is. There are no extra features that only clutter the interface. Even better, there’s an accompanying guide on what the different sections are intended for.

If you are not sure how to handle bitcoins, this dashboard also offers great help. Just click on the orange “Get bitcoin” button to view your options for obtaining them. Cloudbet says that you can get bitcoins via a bitcoin ATM, through online exchange, or through Step-by-step instructions on how to go about with these options are readily provided.

Excellent Website Presentation

Cloudbet is arguably one of the best bitcoin gaming sites we have reviewed in terms of its website presentation. It’s apparently well optimized. Pages load quickly despite the immense amount of graphics that need to be loaded. All elements snappily respond to clicks and other mouse actions. We have seen other casino websites that struggle even in showing game thumbnails with just three columns and five rows per page. Also, the game thumbnails show brief descriptions of the games when you hover your mouse on them. We really commend the greater emphasis put by the website’s designers on function instead of showing heavy animations.

Cloudbet Extensive Collection of Casino Games

Here we come to the part that matters the most: the games. For this Cloudbet review and for the other reviews we do here, we oblige ourselves to counting all the games available. We had a difficult time counting the games — in a good way! This is because there’s just too many games on this bitcoin casino. You will never run out of options.

Cloudbet Casino Games

The collection of casino games on Cloudbet are grouped in six categories. These categories are Video Slots, Jackpot Slots, Video Poker, Table Games, Instant Win, and Bingo and Keno.

The Video Slots category has 101 games. For Jackpot Slots, there are 23 games. There are 32 Video Poker games while the Table Games category lists 31. For those interested in Bingo and Kengo, there are four games to choose from. Lastly, the Instant Win category lists 4 games. The games in this category are shorter in duration and, as the category infers, provides instant wins.

All of the games come with “Free Play” options so you can try them even while you don’t have bitcoins in your wallet yet. Unfortunately, as we were doing actual tests for this Cloudbet review, the games took quite a long time to load. We had to refresh the pages every so often. We suspected that it could be due to our Internet connection but since we were able to play a 360p Youtube video without any buffering, we knew we couldn’t fault our ISP. Nevertheless, once the games loaded, they proceeded without major issues. The graphics were great and engaging.

The minimum bet for casino games varies but it can be as low as 0.00002 BTC like in slots.

Sports Betting

The sports betting game features live in-plays for American football, bandy, basketball, cricket, darts, floorball, futsal, golf, handball, ice hockey, rugby, snooker, soccer, tennis, and volleyball. There are no graphics shown for the sports betting games. Everything you see are stats and related information. This shouldn’t be a problem, though, if you are truly a sports betting fan.

Live Sports and Live Casino

These will be discussed in the succeeding section for emphasis.

Actually, there should only be three general categories for all the games in Cloudbet instead of the four (Sports, Live Sports, Casino, and Live Casino). It’s because Sports and Live Sports are essentially the same. All the sports games on Cloudbet, at least as of the time we were doing this Cloudbet review, were live games.

The minimum bet for the sports games is set at 0.001 BTC while the maximum varies depending on different factors but it generally increases as the event gets nearer. If you want to increase your betting maximum, you can send a message to Cloudbet’s admin at All bets placed are final. They can no longer be changed.

Live Games Available on Cloudbet!

In addition to the live sports games, Cloudbet also features live games or games with live dealers. The live dealers are from six locations in different regions of the world. The different live dealers, however, don’t offer the same number of games. For the Central America live dealer, the games that can be played are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, keno, and lottery. For South Africa, only three games are available namely, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. The Eastern Europe live dealer only offers two games: roulette and blackjack. The Western Europe live dealer, on the other hand, offers roulette and blackjack. The Asian live dealer lists only two games: roulette and baccarat. Lastly, the Baltic live dealer only offers blackjack.

Cloudbet Live Dealers

Unfortunately, there’s no option to lower the video feed quality of the live games. If you have a slow Internet connection that can’t even handle 360p Youtube videos, it would be better to just avoid the live games on Cloudbet.

Cloudbet Gaming Software and License

Cloudbet does not provide information about their casino gaming software. We initially thought that they developed their own proprietary software. Their games are in HTML5, not Flash. However, after doing some digging, we found out that they offer games from Playtech and Microgaming.

Cloudbet has been in the online casino industry since 2013. It is operated by CB Holdings from the Netherlands Antilles. However, we could not find information about its licensing and regulation. We are suspending our skepticism for this Cloudbet review, though, in view of the many good feedback for this bitcoin gambling site.

May Be Fair, But Not Provably Fair

Cloudbet does not have claims that their games are provably fair. However, this bitcoin casino is regarded as one of the best on the web today. Several other reviews have good words or commendations for Cloudbet even without the assertion of provability of the fairness of the games available. Also, Cloudbet has undergone a Certification of Random Number Generator (RNG) Evaluation by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). Being not provably fair, for this Cloudbet review, is not considered as a drawback.

You Are Welcome to Play on Cloudbet

When it comes to player qualifications, Cloudbet does not impose geographical limitations in most games. Players from the United States and other parts of the world are welcome to play. However, as of June 2014, United States players are not allowed in the live casino games regardless of age

Cloudbet does not provide options for modifying the language settings of the site itself. However, it is possible to change the language settings in the live dealer games. The options for language selection, though, depends on the game and location of the live dealer. Some can do translations for up to 20 languages.

Cloudbet Live Poker

And the best HTML5 mobile bitcoin casino award goes to….
While Cloudbet does not have Android or iOS apps, it has a mobile version of its site. It should automatically kick in once you load the site on a mobile device. If it does not, you can force it to do so by clicking on the “Switch to Mobile Site” option on the lower right side of the site.

Because Cloudbet’s games are in HTML5, they are generally expected to perform well. As usual, we ran a Google’s Mobile Friendly Test for this Cloudbet review. Google’s tool reported that there were some resources that failed to load but they did not pose any serious issue.

Bitcoin-only Gaming, Deposits, Withdrawals

Cloudbet is exclusively using bitcoins for its currency for all its games.

Deposit transactions are processed instantly and reflected on the account balance almost immediately.

The minimum deposit is set at 0.001 BTC. There is no maximum deposit. It’s similar to the withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC and there is no limit on the amount of withdrawals.

Withdrawals are mostly processed usually instantly but the deposits should have received at least three confirmations. Also, in cases of large withdrawals, it may take time to have them processed as manual processing may be required. There are no fees for withdrawals.

Generous First Deposit Bonus, But! Only For Highly Trained Mathematicians…

Cloudbet welcome bonus

As mentioned, a welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC is offered to players. Cloudbet offers 100% of your first deposit bonus. However, you will not automatically earn this as bitcoins. This amount will be reflected as part of your loyalty points balance. It’s not going to be in your bitcoin or betting balance. To have this in your bitcoin balance, you have to obtain loyalty points first. You will earn 0.01 BTC of this deposit bonus for every 800 loyalty points you earn. That means you need 400,000 loyalty points if you were to earn your full 5 BTC. You have 365 days to claim your bonus once it is activated. You can find a cloudbet promo code on this website.

You will earn reward points for every bitcoin bet you place. The points are calculated as follows

For Sportsbook:

  • LoyaltyPoints = Stake x pricescore
    The price score is the square root of the odds less one decimal odd.

For Casino games

  • LoyaltyPoints = Stake x gamescore (depends on the casino game played)

Bottom line: it’s not going to be a walk in the park earning this supposedly high first deposit bonus. Also, it’s the only bonus offered. The Terms and Conditions page has a guideline regarding reload bonuses but we can’t find any information on the site that says reload bonuses are being offered. The welcome bonus advertised on the homepage is essentially just the first deposit bonus.

Privacy and Security

Cloudbet emphasizes privacy and security throughout its site. That’s why it provides the option for players to use a two-step authentication process via Google Authenticator.

All bitcoins in the system are kept safe by maintaining a hot wallet and a cold wallet. The hot (online) wallet is only filled with just enough funds to deal with the requirements for daily transactions. A separate cold wallet is maintained to move funds away from online access for greater security.

Although there are no privacy and security seals or certifications invoked, this Cloudbet review does is inclined to believe that this online casino can be trusted.

Customer Support via Email Only

Unfortunately, this casino provides support only per email. Clicking on the Support link, will just launch the email client. While doing this Cloudbet review, it somewhat felt odd that everytime we had to click on Support, we didn’t get to see the page we expected…

Cloudbet, however, has social media accounts. You can send message through CloudBet Facebook page or CloudBet Twitter.

To be acquainted with the rules and policies of Cloudbet, be sure to read its Terms and Conditions. Also, check out the FAQ page to find answers to the most frequently asked questions. To learn more about the rules for the sports games, be sure to go to the Sportsbook Rules page.

CloudBet Casino Pros and Cons


  • High first deposit bonus of up to 5 BTC
  • No minimum and maximum withdrawal amount!
  • Excellent collection of games with great graphics
  • Live casinos and sports games
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Mobile playing supported


  • You need a very high amount of loyalty points to earn the first deposit bonus (the only bonus being offered at the moment)
  • The bonus offered is only the first deposit bonus
  • No provably fair games
  • Email-only customer support, No live chat support.
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