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Dreamland Casino Review

Dreamland Casino claims to be one of the most trusted online bitcoin casinos. It is a relatively new bitcoin gambling site so it’s understandable if you may have some skepticism over such a claim. For this review, though, we are going to assess this bitcoin gambling site based on what really offers and not set our standards according to the “tall claims” it is making.

Dreamland Casino claims to be one of the most trusted online bitcoin casinos. It is a relatively new bitcoin gambling site so it’s understandable if you may have some skepticism over such a claim. For this review, though, we are going to assess this bitcoin gambling site based on what really offers and not set our standards according to the “tall claims” it is making. One thing that differentiates Dreamland Casino from other online casinos is that it allows players to open more than one account. We are not sure about its reason for doing this but it appears there…

Dreamland Casino Ratings:

Trust - 97%
Quality - 93%
Promotions - 94%
Games Diversity - 92%
Support - 95%


Top Rated!

User Rating: 4.15 ( 1 votes)

One thing that differentiates Dreamland Casino from other online casinos is that it allows players to open more than one account. We are not sure about its reason for doing this but it appears there is nothing in the Terms and Conditions that prohibit multiple accounts from availing of bonuses.

We like the way Dreamland Casino’s account dashboard works. It is very easy to use once you figure out how it really works (more on this later). Overall, this online casino is well-built. We can even say it was thoughtfully-developed.

Dreamland Casino only has a few games. There’s nothing really special about these games although they could be enjoyable enough to play. The games even slightly look dated. If it’s any consolation, though, they load really quickly and are highly responsive. The responsiveness of the games, however, is negated by the unresponsiveness of Dreamland Casino’s player support.

Get to know more about this online casino in our Dreamland Casino review.

Dreamland Casino Homepage

Quick and Easy Account Registration Process

Registering for a Dreamland Casino account is relatively quick and easy. The online form to fill out is slightly longer as compared to what most other online casinos have (where online the username, email, and password are required) but completing it should take less than 20 seconds.  It only asks for a player’s country instead of the full address and ZIP code. There is no email confirmation involved.

What’s rather weird with Dreamland Casino’s account registration process, though, is that nothing changes the moment you click on the Register button. You may end up clicking Register many times if you miss the brief prompt that says that you have already successfully registered. Also, the online account registration form does not automatically exit after you click Register and successfully get your Dreamland Casino account.

Dreamland Casino Account Registration

Account Dashboard

We can say in this Dreamland Casino review that the account dashboard is something we really like. It puts everything in one place (the box as shown below) with everything you need to access visible in one area of the page. However, we’re not sure if most other players will share the same sentiment. The account dashboard may not appear that intuitive to some. Many may not easily realize that the white “Change password,” “Finances,” “Deposit,” “Gameplay history,” and “Close account” texts are clickable. At first glance, many would likely think that the only interactive parts in this account dashboard box are the “Change details” and “Log out” links as well as the refresh button. Dreamland Casino should consider making the other links appear as typical links or perhaps turn them into buttons to make it more conspicuous that they are actually clickable.

Dreamland Casino Account Dashboard

Again, the account dashboard is everything you will find inside the box. You don’t have to reload the entire page just to go to specific sections of the account dashboard. Everything happens right within the box. We think this setup saves a lot of bandwidth and is very easy to use once you figure things out.

Anyway, the account dashboard enables the modification of almost all details including the email address and country. It also allows players to add an address, phone number, and birth date. There’s nothing no the site’s Terms and Conditions, though, that says that you have to update these details. If you want to remain anonymous, it would be better to not update these account details. It’s always better to be able to play anonymously on online casinos.

The Dreamland Casino Games and Game Interface

There are only 12 games on Dreamland Casino. These games are grouped into four categories: Arcade, Slots, Table, and Video Poker.

Dreamland Casino Games

  • There are 4 games under the Arcade category namely Rich Rick Scratch Show, Keno 80, Heads or Tails, and Quest for the Holy Grail Hi.
  • The Slots category also has 4 games. These are 777 Slot Country Cash, Pirates of the Seven Reels, and Super Super Hot.
  • The Table category has 3 games, which are American Roulette 3D, Crown and Anchor Dice, and BlackJack Classic DELUXE.
  • Lastly, there are is only 1 Video Poker game, which is Jacks or Better.

We like that the games have their individual pages that present their respective game descriptions, game rules, gameplay overview, progressive jackpot win details, pay tables, and information on the bonuses and other features such as free spins and paylines. Everything you need to know about the games are presented on the site, which is a good thing since Dreamland Casino’s support staff apparently spend most of their day in dreamland that they don’t have the time to respond to inquiries.

You may notice that the games in the game gallery don’t come with Play for Fun options. There’s actually a Play for Fun option for all of the games. You can find it in the individual game pages. You will be presented with two options on top of the games: Play for Real Money or Play for Fun. You get 5,000 Fun points to use to play the games for free. These Fun points, obviously, cannot be converted to real money.

The games load notably quickly. They don’t have the best graphics but they look good enough. The aesthetics shouldn’t be a deal breaker. The games require you to maximize your browser window—yes, they’re all browser-based so you don’t have to download anything to be able to play them. The games don’t adjust to the size of the browser window so we will not be surprised if Dreamland Casino turns out to be NOT mobile-friendly.

Dreamland Casino Game Software and Game Fairness

There is nothing mentioned on Dreamland Casino’s site regarding the game software it uses. The games look familiar to us but we couldn’t pinpoint from which software provider they really are.

Dreamland Casino Provably Fair

Dreamland Casino claims that its games are provably fair. It actually took us some time before we figured out where to find the details mentioned on the site’s Provably Fair page. If you are interested in proving the fairness of the games, you need to click the Gameplay history link on your Account Dashboard. Doing so will display the gameplay history as shown below. Dreamland Casino employs a complex randomness algorithm that integrates random.org and the Fisher-Yates. Algorithm.

Dreamland Casino Is Not Mobile-Friendly

As we already expected earlier, Dreamland Casino is not mobile-friendly. Its website does not have a responsive web design. The games are meant to be played only through the bigger desktop or laptop screens. You may also play them on tablets that support Flash. What’s important is having a bigger screen with at least an HD resolution. Playing through smartphones may not be a good idea. You may do so if you have a stylus so you can more easily deal with the links or interactive game elements that are too close to each other.

Dreamland Casino Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees on Dreamland Casino

Dreamland Casino only uses bitcoins (BTC) at the moment.  However, currency is not expressed in BTC on the site. Instead, they are expressed as credits. 1 BTC is equal to 1,000 credits.

Deposits are made through CoinPayments.net. Dreamland Casino has a good video tutorial for doing deposits so be sure to check it out if you don’t know how to use CoinPayments yet. The minimum deposit amount is 0.01 BTC or 10 credits.

When it comes to withdrawals, you will need to use your bitcoin wallet. Withdrawals can only be made in bitcoins, through your bitcoin wallet. You will need to go to your Account Dashboard, and click the Withdrawal link. You will be asked for your email address, wallet address, and the answer to the secret question you were asked to set during your account registration process. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1.00 point while the maximum is 10,000 points or 10 BTC. Withdrawals are generally processed within 24 hours.

Dreamland Casino Withdrawal

Dreamland Casino Promotions

A number of bonuses and promotions offered by Dreamland Casino. They are as follows:

  • 100% First Deposit Bonus. This bonus requires the following code: “first.” The wagering requirement is 10x of the sum of the bonus and deposit.
  • 30% Deposit Bonus. The code for this bonus is “Deposit.” The wagering requirement is similar to the requirement for the first deposit bonus.
  • Casino Cashback Bonus of 11 casino points for every 100 points increase of total bet amounts. You need to contact Dreamland Casino to avail of this bonus by sending an email to bonus@dreamlandcasino.com with the “Casino Cashback Bonus”  in the email subject and your username mentioned in the boy of the email. We are not really sure how this cashback bonus works because we couldn’t get a reply in our inquiries to Dreamland Casino. If you want to get this bonus, be sure to clarify how it works with the support staff.
  • VIP Points. These VIP points are given for every increase in total bet amounts. They are automatically given to players proportionate to their total bet amounts. One point is granted to a player for every 100 points increase in bets. The accumulated VIP points can then be converted to casino points and cashed out. There is no wagering requirement for the casino points that can be cashed out.

Not all games can contribute to the completion of the wagering requirement of the bonuses. The games that don’t contribute to the wagering requirement are as follows: American Roulette 3D, Table Roulette, and Blackjack Classic DELUXE.

Dreamland Casino Player Support

Player support on Dreamland Casino is provided through live chat and email. The live chat support facility can be accessed through the persistent “Need Help?” button  on the left side of the site. For email support, the email address to use is support@dreamlandcasino.com. You may also use the online email sending form at the Dreamland Casino Contact page.

Dreamland Casino Support

Country Restrictions and Site Languages

Dreamland Casino does not provide a list of banned countries. However, its Terms and Conditions require players to be a resident of a country or jurisdiction where the participation in an online casino is not outlawed. Based on the dropdown list for countries on the online registration form, players from the United States and United Kingdom are welcome to play on the site although we couldn’t be certain about this. We just deduce this based on what we experienced with other online casinos. Usually, restricted countries are not included in the dropdown country list for the account registration.

Also, although it’s not mentioned on the site’s Terms and Conditions, we presume that the standard requirement for players to be of legal age or at least 18 years old also applies.

We sent an email inquiry to Dreamland Casino regarding this (live chat was unavailable at the time we did this Dreamland Casino review) but we have yet to receive a reply. We also tried sending messages through social media but no response was given as of the time this review was posted.

Dreamland Casino appears to have a language selector on top but it’s actually only available in English. You will just end up refreshing the page as you click on this “language selector.”

Dreamland Casino License, Regulation, and Security

Dreamland Casino’s website does not mention anything about its license or the regulatory body that oversees it. We still have not received a reply from them when we inquired about this. There are online sources, Dreamland casino reviews in particular, that say that this online casino is licensed in Alderney and Costa Rica. However, the casino’s Privacy Policy page says that its Terms and Conditions “shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.” Agreeing to the Dreamland Casino Terms and Conditions is construed as an agreement to refer all disputes and issues to the courts of England and Wales.

Dreamland Casino guarantees that it provides secure and fast transactions. It claims to employ firewalls, encryption, and other security strategies. Access to the credit and debit details of players is limited to a few key personnel. Moreover,  Dreamland Casino claims to be in compliance with the Data Protection Law of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. It also claims to abide by EU privacy laws and the guidelines of the OECD to make sure that players are protected.

Learn More about Dreamland Casino

The first page on Dreamland Casino we recommend that you read is the FAQ. It provides a good comprehensive introduction to the online casino. Also, be sure to read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to know what to expect from the site and to be aware of your responsibilities as a player. For updates about Dreamland Casino, go to the Company News section or visit the site’s social media accounts.

Pros and Cons


  • Provably fair games
  • Easy but secure withdrawal process
  • Games load quickly and information about them are readily and comprehensively provided.
  • Play for Fun option for all games (5,000 Fun points granted)


  • Live chat is available but is mostly offline. Player support is mostly unresponsive.
  • Limited number of games
  • The games look slightly out of date.

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