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CoinGG Review

CoinGG has a simple invitation: “Let’s play roulette with bitcoins!” Obviously, this is a roulette gambling site that focuses on the use of today’s most popular and most viable cryptocurrency. CoinGG is created for fans of roulette. It is devoted to this one type of casino game although you may not think it is at first glance. For players who are not that familiar with the interface of a roulette game, CoinGG does not appear to be a roulette site. There is no roulette image are something similar that makes the fact obvious. It’s the name (CoinGG Roulette) that explicitly reveals that this site is dedicated to playing roulette with bitcoins.

CoinGG has a simple invitation: “Let’s play roulette with bitcoins!” Obviously, this is a roulette gambling site that focuses on the use of today’s most popular and most viable cryptocurrency. CoinGG is created for fans of roulette. It is devoted to this one type of casino game although you may not think it is at first glance. For players who are not that familiar with the interface of a roulette game, CoinGG does not appear to be a roulette site. There is no roulette image are something similar that makes the fact obvious. It’s the name (CoinGG Roulette) that explicitly…

CoinGG Ratings:

Trust - 95%
Quality - 87%
Support - 78%
General experience - 84%


Great Bitcoin Roulette Game!

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Started in 2014, CoinGG is one of interestingly conceptualized roulette sites that uses bitcoins. It features a clean looking interface. It offers generous player rewards. The site shares a part of its house profits by allowing players to become an investor with just a few clicks. The games are provably fair and the bitcoin transactions are guaranteed to be secure. Moreover, players can start enjoying the game without the need to register.  There is also an autospin feature and a timeline for viewing the bets made by other players. The snappy interface is a joy to use plus there’s a chat community for all players on CoinGG.

So far, there have been more than 1 million bets made on this roulette site and over 54,000 mBTC wagered. Do you want to be part of these statistics? Find out if this gambling site suits your interests through our CoinGG review.

CoinGG Homepage

Automatic Account Creation but with the Option to Set Up a Traditional Login

As mentioned, there is no need to sign up for an account to be able to play on CoinGG. An account is automatically created for you the moment you visit the site. You will be assigned a player number as indicated on the “Logged in as XXXXX” part near the upper right corner of the site. As usual, we recommend that you don’t rely on this registration-free setup. It is still better to get an account protected by a login system.

You can easily sign up for an account  by clicking on the Settings button on the upper right corner of the site. You will then be shown an online form through which you can enter the specifics of your account. You only have to enter your desired username and password. There’s a field for an email address but this is optional. The registration process should only take around five seconds.

CoinGG Registration

Once you have created an account protected by a traditional login, you should notice some difference in the Settings. Once you click on the Settings button again, you will see that there’s additional information shown at the bottom part. These are the client seed and the sha512 hash of the current server seed. These are information that can be used for testing the fairness of the results of the game later on.

CoinGG Settings - Post Registration

The CoinGG User Interface

We really like CoinGG’s addition of a quick tutorial in-site pop-up. This can be accessed through a button on the top center part of the homepage. It really helps in getting acquainted with the site and the game. It even provides images of the different sections being discussed to be sure that you are really properly guided with the site’s different sections and functions. If you close this tutorial to view the actual part of the site it is referring to, it conveniently resumes from where it left off once you open it again.

CoinGG Affiliate Rewards

CoingGG Tutorial

Playing on CoinGG can be done through hotkeys. Hitting the spacebar, for example, performs a spin while pressing the Delete key clears a bet. We just wish CoinGG deactivated these hotkeys at first and put a toggle for activating or deactivating the hotkeys when a player is already playing to prevent accidental actions. The other hotkeys are “S” or “Backspace” for undo, “D” for double, “Delete” for clearing a bet, and “Esc” for closing a window.

Overall, the CoinGG interface is highly responsive. It is also intuitive. And thanks to the nicely-prepared tutorial, it becomes very easy to figure out how to make things work on the site. There are also tooltips (message that appear as you hover the mouse pointer on something) that appear for many page elements to help you get easily acquainted with the different features of the CoinGG.

Also, we shouldn’t forget to mention in this CoinGG review that the color theme of the site can be modified. There are color buttons on the upper right corner of the page, above the Settings button, that you can click to quickly change the site’s prevailing color. There are five colors available: green, red, blue, purple, and gray.

The CoinGG Game

CoinGG is basically a standard European roulette game, also known as a single-zero wheel. The stAndard rules apply. You just have to bet on red or black, even or odd, a number from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36 to have the chance to double the bet you placed (2x payoff). If you want to get a payoff of 3x, you will have to bet on first to third 12 or 2 to 1. To have the chance to win a 36x payoff, you have to bet on a single number, from 0 to 36. It is possible to come up with your own winning combinations. You just have to set your desired combination and the maximum payout indicated next to the Spin button will change accordingly.

CoinGG Game

The CoinGG Gaming Software

CoinGG uses its proprietary gaming software. It is a provably fair roulette game platform that is adequately responsive and easy to use. It’s not aesthetically impressive but we’ve had a good experience trying it out. It includes an Autospin feature for those who are tired of repeatedly clicking on the Spin button. It also comes with a chat board for players as well as a betting timeline.

Non-Mobile-Friendly Website

A good number of online casino players enjoy their games through mobile devices. That’s why it’s important to have a mobile-based interface. Unfortunately, CoinGG does not see any need to cater to the needs of mobile players. Its website is not mobile-friendly. It also does not have mobile apps for either Android or iOS devices.

CoinGG Not Mobile Friendly

The Currency Used on CoinGG: Bitcoins and PLM

CoinGG uses bitcoins. Deposits usually take only a few minutes to be processed and completed. There are no minimum and maximum amounts imposed. Cash out is usually completed instantaneously. It’s mostly a wallet to wallet transaction.

CoinGG Deposits

There’s also play money used on the site. It is designated as PLM. It’s the currency you see when you have not deposited bitcoins into your account yet. All players get to receive 1,000 worth of PLM to be used in testing out the site. Everything on the site is expressed in PLM until you make a bitcoin deposit.

CoinGG Play Money

CoinGG’s thoughtfully designed website puts important currency numbers right beside the Spin button. A player should easily find the remaining balance, total bet amount, and maximum payout amounts beside the spin button.

CoinGG Bonuses and Promotions

CoinGG does not offer the bonuses and rewards typically offered by other online casinos. There are no first deposit, second deposit, or reload bonuses. There are also no sign-up or welcome bonuses handed out. Moreover, the site does not have a VIP rewards program.

What CoinGG has, though, is an affiliate program that pays commissions of up to 37% of the house edge or 1% of the wagered amounts of the players referred. The affiliate program also offers rewards that are unlocked according to stages. In Stage 1, you get 1 mB for every 100 mBTC wagered by the player you refer. In Stage 5, you can get up to 500 mBTC.

CoinGG Affiliate Rewards

There is no limit as to how many players you can refer to CoinGG. Hence, the earnings you get from the affiliate program is unlimited.

We will still list the lack of deposit bonuses under the “Cons” at the conclusion of our CoinGG review, but just have to mention that the affiliate program is good enough. Some players may even appreciate the lack of bonuses since they no longer have to worry about the possibility of their winnings getting forfeited because they couldn’t meet the wagering requirement for the bonuses they avail.

Email-Only Customer Support

Contacting CoinGG, unfortunately, is only through email. Send your questions, complaints,and other concerns to help@coingg.com. You may also send messages or post comments to CoinGG’s social media accounts. The links are provided below.

CoinGG’s Game Fairness, Privacy, and Currency Security Assurance

The CoinGG roulette game is provably fair. The results can be tested for fairness manually (using the server seed and hashcode mentioned in the registration section of this CoinGG review) or with the help of CoinGG’s open source verification tool.

CoinGG Bets Verification - Provably Fair

The random numbers used in the game are generated by combining the following numbers: the server seed, player seed, and spin number. We appreciate that CoinGG has a thorough discussion of how its random numbers are generated. This discussion is in its FAQ page. The bottomline is that CoinGG’s roulette game is provably fair. It can be proven that there is no manipulation happening or that malicious internal and external inputs do not affect the results.

Player privacy is also guaranteed on CoinGG. This is because the site does not require personal information from players. There is no identity verification required when making withdrawals or deposits.

Moreover, the bitcoins collected by CoinGG from players is kept in cold storage to significantly minimize the possibility of theft. According to the site’s FAQ, 97% of the bitcoins collected are stored in cold storage. Only 3% are kept accessible online to address regular operational requirements. CoinGG has actually published its cold and hot wallet address on its website. They are as follows:

  • Cold Wallet Address: 1DLrVTDvZZiV2hskoj1UKDpkkus6aBELTd
  • Hot Wallet Address: 141Hor7Sz8icRNHwdnsGMvkLnrwipoTTeA

United States and International Players Accepted

CoinGG does not impose restrictions against players from specific countries or jurisdictions although it also does not specifically state that it accepts players from major markets like the United States. We are inclined to write in this CoinGG review that this site accepts players from all parts of the world. It’s unlikely that there are legal issues to be encountered considering that the deposit and withdrawal transactions are all in bitcoins. There is no government regulation or intervention involved. The CoinGG website can be treated just like every other entertainment site on the web or gambling sites that don’t involve the use of real money.

Licensing and Regulation

We couldn’t find information about CoinGG’s licensing and regulation. However, these details may not be that necessary or shouldn’t be a deal breaker for potential players who are thinking of signing up with CoinGG. This roulette gambling site has a provably fair game system and offers advantages that are comparable to what the best licensed online bitcoin casinos are able to offer. We are not necessarily condoning the refusal of online gambling sites to submit for regulation and licensing, though.

Important CoinGG Pages Players Should Visit

CoinGG has an FAQ section so if yo may have questions, consider referring to this page first. You may already find the answer you are looking for here. It also has a blog and a forum thread that can be used as reference for updated information and serve as platforms for discussions among other players. This gambling site also has social media accounts. Follow them for updates or send messages through these online accounts.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple but exciting game
  • Fully anonymous playing
  • Instant cash outs
  • Snappy user interface and well-designed website
  • Play money (PLM) available
  • Good affiliate program
  • Chat board for players


  • Email-only customer support, no live chat and telephone support
  • Site is not mobile-friendly and there are no mobile apps available
  • No deposit bonuses and VIP rewards program

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