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Chopcoin.io Review

“The new interactive bitcoin game” – this is the short tagline that comes with Chopcoin, a bitcoin gambling site that is being compared to the Blob Wars game of Agar.io. It can be described as an incredibly addicting game. Its unique game setup allows players to earn bitcoins at the same time players are able to buy into a game.

“The new interactive bitcoin game” - this is the short tagline that comes with Chopcoin, a bitcoin gambling site that is being compared to the Blob Wars game of Agar.io. It can be described as an incredibly addicting game. Its unique game setup allows players to earn bitcoins at the same time players are able to buy into a game. Chopcoin is unlike any other game we have reviewed here so far. The game is skill-based. The results of the game depend on the actions of the players. There’s no typical casino randomness here except for the randomness in how…

Chopcoin.io Ratings

Trust - 94%
Quality - 88%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 85%


Great BTC Game!

User Rating: 4.73 ( 2 votes)

Chopcoin is unlike any other game we have reviewed here so far. The game is skill-based. The results of the game depend on the actions of the players. There’s no typical casino randomness here except for the randomness in how the players act within the game. Chopcoin offers an excellent bitcoin gambling option that is filled with lots of fun and thrill.

This bitcoin gambling site mainly uses bitcoins but it also accepts other cryptocurrencies or altcoins. Deposits and withdrawals are promptly processed. Although there is no demo version of the game, there is a bitcoin faucet. You may also observe how it is played by clicking the Spectate button. You may not participate in the game as you “spectate” but you should be able to have an idea of how this exciting game works.

Get to know more about this interesting interactive bitcoin game by reading further into our Chopcoin review.

Chopcoin Homepage

Account Registration Not Needed But You Can Opt for a Standard Login

If you visit the Chopcoin website, you will already be able to access an account created for you. This account is assigned its unique URL similar to the setup many dice and lottery websites do. You need to remember this unique URL or login address. You can save it in your email account or bookmark it in your browser. To find this unique URL, you have to go to the Account tab (beside Play, Statistics, and FAQ on top of the page). You will then see under the Unregistered User section a link to your Unique URL.

Chopcoin Account Registration

While having an account with a unique URL (unregistered account or cookie account as referred to in the site), you have the option to also register for a standard account (one with a username and password). The process shouldn’t take longer than 15 seconds. You will only be asked for your preferred username, email address, and password. There’s an email verification step involved but you should be able to complete everything quickly. Also, the balance you had in your unregistered account will be transferred to your registered account so don’t hesitate to sign up for a standard account while you still have a balance in your unregistered account. Just be sure that you register before you leave the site or close your browser.

Account Dashboard

The account dashboard is generally intuitive. You can easily find the different functions you need such as the Deposit and Withdrawal processing as well as the Transaction monitoring. There’s also a page for personal account and game statistics. Overall, the website is good. Don’t expect a messaging system here or a self-exclusion feature here since these features are very unlikely to be found on one-game bitcoin gambling sites like Chopcoin; they are mostly only offered by bigger online casinos.

Chopcoin Account Dashboard

The Exciting Chopcoin Game

To play the game, you have only have to do two steps (1) Select a Playground and (2) Play. The gameplay is described below.

Chopcoin Game - Spectate

Chopcoin is a skill-based game. It is not your typical online casino game. The goal is for a player to “eat” or absorb smaller orbs. Only a bigger orb can absorb a smaller orb. In the process, though, as an orb increase in size, its movement slows down. This makes it difficult to catch smaller orbs. However, there’s an option for a player to split the big orb to get faster and increase the chances of catching smaller orbs. Moreover, it is possible for an orb to shoot small portions of it at bombs (or are they supposed to be mines?).

As shown in the game screenshot above, the to players have split their orbs to enable faster movement. The bombs are those non-orb figures that look like the icon for settings. Shooting at those bombs blow them up on nearby players’ “faces”(game interface), making the game more exciting. If your orb hits a bomb or mine, it is broken into smaller pieces, which means it will be difficult for you to continue absorbing other orbs.

It’s really an interesting game although it may not suit everybody’s tastes. It’s great for those who want action, a high level of thrill, and a chance to influence the outcome of the game.

Game Controls

You will need your mouse to move around and your keyboard to do certain actions. Press the space bar to split your orb, W to eject some mass, T to chat with other players, Q to flood mass, and the escape button to open and close the money.

The Playgrounds

You may notice in the game interface that Chopcoin has 4 different playgrounds: Faucet, Paid, Paid Team, and Tournament. The important features of these playgrounds are summarized in the screenshot below. Obviously, the faucet playground is for those who only play using faucet funds. The Paid playground is for those who make deposits but players here are not allowed to team up. The Paid Team playground permits teams so if you enter this playground and you are alone, don’t complain that other players are ganging up on you. The Tournament playground does not permit team play.

Chopcoin Game - Playground

We spent several hours observing the playgrounds for this Chopcoin review. Based on our admittedly brief experience (although not that brief for a review), we noticed that only the Faucet playground tends to have players. We have not seen players on the Paid playground throughout the duration of the writing of this review. Apparently, there aren’t that many players on Chopcoin. Since Chopcoin sources the prizes or the money in the pot it gives to winning players straight from the players themselves, there may not be that many opportunities to win big here. If you want to win big, you can’t just rely on the Faucet playground.

Largest Orbs Won’t Easily Dominate

Given the nature of the game, it’s to be expected that the largest orbs are bound to easily dominate. To counter this eventuality, Chopcoin imposes a size threshold when a large orb starts “decaying,” which means that a large orb will eventually slowly lose points or reduce in size. The points lost are reverted to the game as food. We are not sure what the size threshold for decaying is but if you notice that you are starting to lose points, that only means that you’ve already reached the threshold. Nobody’s cheating on you or the game is not trying to unfairly destroy your size advantage. It’s just the way the game works.

This feature of the game may sound unfair but it isn’t. It’s only right to impose this kind of handicap for dominating players. Otherwise, no new players will be enticed to participate in the games.

Customizing the Game Environment

You can change the way the game looks by going to the Game Settings, where you can toggle whether or not you want to show skins, show player names, show the chat board, show mass, use a dark background, enable mouse controls, switch to a black and white mode, or switch to performance mode.

No Play Money

Chopcoin does not provide play money or FUN currency to allow you to try the game. You really need to make a deposit to play. However, it has a button called “Spectate,” which basically allows you to spectate or observe the game to get acquainted with how it works. Also, you can try accumulating funds through Chopcoin’s free bitcoin faucet.

Chopcoin Game Software and Fairness

Chopcoin uses its proprietary software. The provably fair standard is not applicable in this Chopcoin review since the game is not similar to what typical online casinos offer. It does not involve luck although maybe there’s some of it. The result of the game does not rely on numbers produced by a random number generator.

Mobile-Friendly Website, Not Mobile Friendly Game

Chopcoin has a mobile-friendly website. The site’s content automatically adjusts to the size of the screen of the device used to load it. Don’t mind Google’s Mobile-Friendly test render we have below. It seems Google encountered some problems while loading the site but we tested the site for this Chopcoin review on two other mobile devices and we can attest that it is indeed mobile-friendly.

HOWEVER, Chopcoin’s game controls make the game not conducive to mobile playing. You will need to use a keyboard to be able to perform certain actions. You may attach a keyboard to your mobile device but it can be argued that Chopcoin’s game is not convincingly mobile-friendly.

Chopcoin Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, Withdrawals, and Fees on Chopcoin

The currency used on Chopcoin is mainly bitcoins but you can make deposits using altcoins through ShapeShift. Just scroll a little lower in the Deposit page to find the “Pay with ShapeShift” button.

Chopcoin Altcoin Payments with ShapeShift

Making deposits on Chopcoin.io is similar to how it is done in most other online casinos. You just have to send bitcoins to the bitcoin wallet address shown on the Deposit page. There’s also a QR code so you can conveniently make payments if you are using a mobile device to pay. It may take up to five minutes before a deposit is verified.

For withdrawals, the process is straightforward. Just go to the Withdrawal page and enter the amount you want to withdraw and your bitcoin wallet address. A withdrawal fee of 100 microBTC or 0.1 mBTC (0.0001 BTC) will be charged.

No Deposit Bonuses But there’s a Bitcoin Faucet

Chopcoin does not offer deposit bonuses or other forms of promotion. Nevertheless, it has a free bitcoin faucet. It’s not always available, though. We reckon the availability of this faucet is dependent on the funds on Chopcoin. If there aren’t that many paying players playing, it’s most likely that the faucet will seldom be available.

Chopcoin Does Not Make Money from the Games. Of Course, You Don’t Believe It…

Chopcoin claims that it does not make any money from the game mainly because of the cost of offering the bitcoin faucet and the website hosting and server fees. The site makes money through ads so Chopcoin’s owners are appealing to players, especially to those who only rely on the faucet, to not use ad blockers when visiting the site. Also, Chopcoin makes money from the withdrawal fees and from the fees on the paid playgrounds. The fee being charged is 5%.

Player Support and Site Languages

If you need to contact Chopcoin,  you can send an email to support@chopcoin.io. If you have business or legal concerns, send your email to info@chopcoin.io.  You may also send messages through its social media accounts are interact with Chopcoin’s moderators or with other players on Bitcointalk or on the official Chopcoin.io forum. The links are provided below.

Chopcoin also offers support via Freshdesk, with which you can search a knowledge base about Chopcoin. This knowledge base, however, is rather limited. Also, if you want support via the support ticket, you need to sign up for an account (separate from your Chopcoin account login).

Chopcoin Support

Moreover, if you don’t speak English, you have the option to view the Chopcoin website in other languages. These other languages are French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Polish. Not all texts on the site will be converted into another language but the important ones are adequately translated.

Country Restrictions

The Chopcoin Terms and Conditions clearly indicates that Australia and United States territories are considered as prohibited jurisdictions on Chopcoin.io. Players from these countries are not allowed to engage in real-money play on Chopcoin. Any attempt to go around this restriction will be treated as a breach of the terms and conditions and will merit termination of the account including all of the balance therein.

Also, even if a player is not located in a restricted country, the standard requirements still apply. These are (1) players should be of legal age and (2) it is the responsibility of players to make sure that there are no prohibitions in their respective countries against wagering on sites like Chopcoin.io.

Chopcoin License and Security

There’s nothing on the Chopcoin website that mentions its license and the authority regulating it. Similarly, there are no details about how player accounts and transactions are being secured. Nevertheless, we see nothing alarming or suspicious in how Chopcoin operates. As long as you properly secure your account (we strongly recommend getting a username and password instead of the unique URL) and your bitcoin wallet, you should be safe.

Learn More about Chopcoin through the Following Pages

You will find links to many of the most important pages of Chopcoin at the bottom or footer part of the website. You can find here the links for the Terms and Conditions, Frequently Asked Questions section, contact details or player support, and social media accounts. There’s also a link to press releases from Chopcoin and articles about Chopcoin in other pages.

Pros and Cons


  • Exciting and thrill-filled game but with simple rules and mechanics
  • Has a free bitcoin faucet
  • Live chat with other players
  • Altcoins accepted


  • Not many are playing on the paid playgrounds so there aren’t that many opportunities to win big
  • The game’s appearance could use some originality and distinctive features as it looks like a ripoff of Blob Wars.
  • No US and Australia players

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  1. “No option to convert a unique URL (unregistered account) into an account with a username and password”
    ^^ Not completely true, as soon as you log in to registered account, all funds from cookie user (unregistered account) will be transfered to registered account balance.

  2. In Cons, you write:
    – No option to convert a unique URL (unregistered account) into an account with a username and password

    When we connect to an account, the money of the unique URL is transfered to the account

    Example: https://i.imgur.com/ZeDPANs.png

  3. hey nice review and thanks, im one of the mods on chopcoin, we made a lot of updates and a new interface, i think you should take a look and see

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