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Bitcoin Gambling Laws: Italy Rules and Regulations

Italy has been in the grip of political upheaval for the better part of the year with the fears that the country could be poised to leave the E.U. dominating debate and clouding the minds of decision-makers in Rome. And even though the Country’s president vetoed the attempted appointment of …

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Bitcoin Gambling Legislation: China Rules and Regulations

china bitcoin flag

All over China, millions of ardent gamblers have to play cat and mouse with the police first before accessing any betting forum. The main legislation governing the industry is Article 303 under the republic’s Criminal Law (amended in 1997) jointly with the 6th Amendment to China’s wider Criminal Law, which …

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Bitcoin Gambling Legislation: France Rules and Regulations

France has contributed greatly to the invention of some of the World’s most popular casino games from as early as 1500s. Indeed, Pari-mutuel betting was invented in France way back in 1870 setting the stage for the growth of the betting industry which continued unabated for many years. However, under pressure …

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Bitcoin Gambling Laws: Netherlands

Bitcoin Netherlands Flag

For decades, Netherlands has earned a name as one of the countries with kind laws even on activities which are frowned upon in the rest of the World. Amsterdam prides itself on its wholesome liberal and hugely tolerant attitude to affairs embracing the ‘open’ fact that its people could be …

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Bitcoin Gambling Laws: South Korea

Visiting Kangwonland, the hotel cum casino complex located strategically in the Korean mountains, you get an impression that Koreans truly love their game. The place is a beehive of activities with players busy enjoying roulette games, slot machines, blackjack, and a myriad other casino games. Watching their excited faces, it …

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Bitcoin Gambling Laws: Russia

bitcoin in Russia

Russia has been flexing its muscles around the World scene for sometimes now and is one of the countries that really divides opinion in political and trade debates around the World capitals. It’s also worth noting that one of Russia’s staunchest allies is China which means that some of their …

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Bitcoing Gambling Laws: South Africa

Bitcoin South Africa

Aside from its beautiful sun-bathed beaches and rich game, South Africa can be a good destination for gamers. You will meet giant casino operators in the land including Tsogo Sun Holdings Limited and Sun International each offering almost all the popular games to locals and tourists. Indeed, just like its beaches, South …

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Bitcoin Gambling Laws: Sweden

Sweden bitcoin gambling laws

In what had been billed as the mother of all battles, the Swedish parliament on June 7, 2018, voted to overwhelming support the new Swedish gambling laws confounding both friend and foe. After countless, sometimes breathless debating sessions in the floor of the house, and which often appeared unpredictable, Urban …

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Bitcoin Gambling Laws: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great city and one of the World’s busiest. Big and little buses, a tramway, ferries, teeming cabs, railways, …..you name it. Hong Kong has it all. And they’re all perfectly interconnected, making the city’s system one of the World’s most sophisticated. But life isn’t as complex …

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