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Casinobum Review

Casinobum is an online bitcoin casino advertised as a “100% provably fair” gambling site. It’s not comparable to major BTC casinos when it comes to the number of games available but it has enough offerings to make it worth the try.

Casinobum is an online bitcoin casino advertised as a “100% provably fair” gambling site. It’s not comparable to major BTC casinos when it comes to the number of games available but it has enough offerings to make it worth the try. On its website, Casinobum is described as “the best bitcoin casino for professional players and for people who just play for fun.”It offers four types of games: blackjack, fortune wheel, roulette, and slots. It uses bitcoin for its currency and provides some play money for those who want to try the games first before making a deposit. Among the…

Casinobum Ratings:

Trust - 90%
Quality - 92%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 90%
Support - 92%



User Rating: 3.65 ( 1 votes)

On its website, Casinobum is described as “the best bitcoin casino for professional players and for people who just play for fun.”It offers four types of games: blackjack, fortune wheel, roulette, and slots. It uses bitcoin for its currency and provides some play money for those who want to try the games first before making a deposit.

Among the most notable features of this bitcoin betting site, based on its claims on its homepage, are its zero-confirmation deposit, 100% guaranteed anonymity, provably fair games, user-friendly game interface, “big variety of games,” and “reputation.”

Find out if this online bitcoin casino lives up to these claims by going over our comprehensive Casinobum review below.

Casinobum Homepage

Account Registration

To get an account with Casinobum, you need to go to the registration page. There is no link to the registration page on the homepage. You have to click on the yellow Sign In or Start to Play for Bitcoins button on the homepage first before you can find the Register link.

Account registration should take less than 10 seconds. The registration form only asks for your email address and password. Expect an email from Casinobum after you click on the Register button. It may take some time before the email reaches your inbox. If you don’t get an email from Casinobum, that means you don’t have an account yet. The email will include your secure-key, something you will need when you make your bitcoin withdrawals.

Casinobum Account Registration

The Games on Casinobum

As mentioned in the introductory part of this Casinobum review, there are only four types of games available. These are Bitcoin Roulette, Bitcoin Slots, Fortune Wheel, and Bitcoin Blackjack. To emphasize, there are only four games. There is only 1 roulette, slot, fortune wheel, and blackjack game on the site. These are not the game categories but the actual games.

All of the games have a minimum bet requirement of 0.001 BTC and a maximum of 1 BTC. They also come with play money so you can try the games first without having to make a deposit.

The games are just simple games with basic rules or mechanics. The graphics and overall aesthetics are similarly simple. They look just like many of the games in the single-game sites we have reviewed before. We also did find issues with responsiveness. Everything works as expected. The animations are also okay.

Casinobum Games

There is an information section for each of the game pages. However, the information provided is unlikely going to be very useful for those who don’t know how to play the games. The information shown below each of the games are only brief descriptions or overviews of the games. It would have been better if they presented the game instructions or mechanics. They appear to have been added only for the sake of the keywords.

Casinobum Software and Fairness

The Casinobum website does not provide information about the casino game software it uses. It appears to be proprietary. The games are all web-based and don’t require extra browser plugins or add-ons. They are also not in Flash so you can play them on Chrome. In case you’re not aware about it yet, Google’s Chrome browser has already abandoned Flash.

The games are all provably fair. They all come with a Provably Fair button on the lower corner of the game interface. Just click on this button to display the fairness checking tool that makes use of a hash, secret code, and server salt to prove the fairness of the game. If you are not familiar with provability testing, there’s a link on the provability section (How It Works) that points to a page that provides instructions on how to do the test.

Casinobum Is Provably Fair

Casinobum Is Mobile-Friendly

If you are fond of playing online casino games on your smartphone or tablet, you’d be glad to know that Casinobum is mobile-friendly. It employs a responsive web design (not a separate mobile version of the site) so it automatically adjusts its layout and the amount of content it presents based on the display size of the device used to access the site.

Casinobum does not have an iOS, Android, or Windows mobile app but the mobile-friendly site should already suffice if you are looking for a decent bitcoin mobile casino playing experience.

Casinobum Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Casinobum only uses bitcoins (BTC). The amounts are presented in BTC so expected several decimal points for the numbers you will be encountering.

To make deposits, you will have to click on the yellow Play for Bitcoins button on the upper right corner of the site. You will then be brought to a page where you can generate a bitcoin wallet address to which you will be sending your deposits. Send bitcoins to this address and click on the Reload Balance button. The site does not require confirmations for the bitcoin deposit transfer transaction so the amount will be quickly reflected in your account.

The minimum deposit amount is 0.0001 BTC but realize that it does not really make much sense depositing such an amount since the minimum bet amount on the site is 0.001 BTC.

Casinobum Withdrawals

When it comes to withdrawals, Casinobum has a slightly different as compared to what most other online casinos have. Here, you will need a secure-key to proceed with a withdrawal transaction. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and the recipient bitcoin wallet address along with your secure-key. As mentioned earlier, your secure key is given to you through the email you get following the account registration process.

Casinobum says that the longest waiting time for a withdrawal is 10 hours.

Bonuses, Promotions, Player Rewards, and Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, Casinobum does not offer any kind of bonus or promotion. It does not grant a first deposit bonus, welcome or sign up bonus, let alone a reload bonus. Also, don’t expect VIP programs and rewards on this site. Casinobum does not appear to be exerting any effort trying to attract new players. It does not even have an affiliate or player referral program. We’re not sure how it is being promoted. It does not even have a decent social media presence.

If deposit bonuses, loyalty rewards, or other forms of promotions are a big deal for you, it would be better to just look for other online bitcoin casinos.

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

Casinobum does not appear to be implementing IP filtering systems to prevent access for players from certain countries. It also does not provide a list of restricted countries. As such, we consider it as a US-accepted bitcoin casino in this review. Anyone from any country is welcome to get an account and play the games.

When it comes to anonymity, Casinobum guarantees the protection of the identity of all its players. As stated on its homepage, it is a 100% anonymous bitcoin casino. You will not be required to supply personal details for your account. You will not be obliged to submit identification documents to be able to make withdrawals.

The Casinobum website can only be viewed in English language texts.

Casinobum Player Support

If you have questions or if you need assistance on technical or administrative matters regarding your Casinobum account, the site only provides support through email. Send your question or request to support@casinobum.com.

We tried looking for the site’s social media accounts but we only managed to find its Twitter account. Unfortunately, this Twitter account is inactive and only had 3 tweets at the time we did this Casinobum review. You have to make do with the site’s email-only support system. Also, apparently, the site does not provide 24/7 customer support.

Casinobum Support

Casinobum License, Regulation, Security, and Notes

We scoured Casinobum’s website for details about its licensing and regulation but there’s no pertinent information available. We sent an email inquiry about this to Casinobum but we failed to get a response (as of the time this Casinobum review was posted).

In terms of security, we don’t find anything worrying in the system Casinobum has in place. The PIN key requirement for withdrawals is a good idea although it would have also been better if an option for activating two-factor authentication is included. Also, the deposited bitcoins, according to the Casinobum website, are stored in an offline wallet so the chances of bitcoin theft are somehow minimized. We are not sure if the site employs SSL encryption.

Casinobum Overview

Casinobum, at first glance, looks like a promising online bitcoin betting site. It’s just a letdown that it has a number of faults we can’t ignore. For one, some of the information presented on its homepage are inaccurate. It claims to offer a big variety of games when in fact it only has 4 games (or it only had 4 at the time this review was written). It also touts its reputation as one of its highlight attributes. This does not sound that credible, though, considering that it can’t even readily present details about its license and the government or industry body that regulates it. We also couldn’t find a Terms and Conditions page on the site.

Perhaps, Casinobum is just in the process of being completed so not everything has been added to it yet. It could still be improved, which hopefully happens soon because this online casino has great features players would really want. The 0-confirmation deposits is a good feature that will particularly delight new bitcoin gambling enthusiasts. Likewise, anonymous playing is a great feature players from different parts of the world want. Moreover, despite offering just a limited selection of games, Casinobum offers games that are provably fair, responsive, stable, and good enough aesthetically and functionally.


Pros and Cons


  • Fast, zero-confirmation bitcoin deposits
  • Provably fair games
  • Mobile-friendly site


  • Limited number of games
  • Some claims on the homepage turn out to be inaccurate
  • Seemingly incomplete website
  • No bonuses and promotions

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