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BitZino Review

BitZino is an online Bitcoin Casino that uses bitcoins for all of its games. It is well known for as the first online casino that introduced the Provably Fair, an additional feature of different gambling sites, which assures the players that the system shuffles the card fairly. In this bitZino review, you will see how it was able distinguish itself from the other online casino by infiltrating the area controlled by third party auditors. This gives the players more freedom to join and win more.

Bitzino homepage

BitZino is able to ensure that all of their games are fair with their algorithm they call the Sha256 algorithm. This hash function identifies which decks are already shuffled. This is the casino’s way of preventing players from knowing what the shuffle of the deck is. The cards are then shuffled again by the Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm to make sure that final deck will be unknown by the player and server.

BitZino is an online Bitcoin Casino that uses bitcoins for all of its games. It is well known for as the first online casino that introduced the Provably Fair, an additional feature of different gambling sites, which assures the players that the system shuffles the card fairly. In this bitZino review, you will see how it was able distinguish itself from the other online casino by infiltrating the area controlled by third party auditors. This gives the players more freedom to join and win more. BitZino is able to ensure that all of their games are fair with their algorithm…
Great casino for serious players!

BitZino Ratings:

Games Diversity
Pay Out

Great Bitcoin Casino!

Great casino for serious players!

User Rating: 3.25 ( 2 votes)

Aside from the fairness of the games, players can also expect that in bitZino they are well secured. The site uses another algorithm that keeps the identities of the players and wagers concealed.

As for the accessibility of the website, players can navigate through the user-friendly interface without any hassle especially through their desktops or netbooks. The drop down button on the left corner contains the set of rules of the games found in the website, and button on the right corner side will lead to the pop up box that will ask for the bitcoin information.

Super Fast Registration Process

Once you go to bitZino’s site, you can start playing from there, by using the money allocated by the system. You will initially have 1,000 play money for each game. You can use this money to try the games before starting to bet with bitcoins. You can refresh the page if you run out of play money to use. This feature offers you more opportunities on learning the ropes of each game.

To register, you can either go for the automated sign up, where you can use a bookmarked URL to log in or you can key in your user name, and your chosen password on the box below the auto-register. The email is optional, so you have the choice not to disclose it.

Overall, the Registration process in BitZino Bitcoin casino is super fast, most especially if you go with the automated sign up. It will only take you 5 seconds. If you’re going to fill out their form with your username and password, depending on your typing speed, it will take you 10 seconds tops if you don’t provide an email, and 20 seconds if you do provide one because you will need to verify your account with the email sent to you by the website.

bitzino registration

Traditional Casino Games In BitZino

For now, bitZino has only 6 games: Video Poker, 3 Card Poker, Slots, Roulette, Black Jack and Craps. At first, you won’t be able see any of the other games even when you click the button for “More Games”. The game display is limited to only 5 games.

Once you click a game, the 6th game will be displayed. Each game has very simple animation and graphics. They look like the typical card games that you can find over the Internet or the pre-installed card games in your desktops.

The graphics of the games are easy on the eyes. The background color for all of the games is blue. Basic information like the bet, and the “Deal” button and the info-texts that occasionally appear look okay. But it could use a bit more details and the animation can also be improved.

The games here operate on specific rules which you can read from the top right corner. In there you will get to read about the maximum bets. For your reference, the maximum bet are as follows:

  • 3 Card Poker: 25 BTC
  • Blackjack: 25 BTC
  • Craps: 5BTC
  • Roulette: 5 BTC/number
  • Slots: 2 BTC/line
  • Video Poker: 2 BTC

Bitzino casino games

Before the games start, a dialog box will pop up, with a welcome message from the game you have selected. It will also give you the link for your bitcoin deposit address. If you want to try out the games first, you can click on the “Ok, play with play money” button to proceed.

Every bitZino review says that the games are fairly easy to play and because the games are provably fair, it’s very enticing to play here in bitZino.

Outdated Gaming Software

A proprietary software provider provides the minimalistic graphics of the game. It uses the HTML 5

video poker - bitZino

browser to facilitate all of its games. Over the years, bitZino has maintained these design and graphics.

The site can use a lot of improvements most especially on the color motif used. It lacks the typical lively vibe of other online casino. You can’t find a bitZino review that would say that the website has cool graphics.

The background of the website is of a dark shade of gray, while the game’s interface is lined with a darker shade and a blue background on the center as the backdrop of every game. The animation can also be improved with a bit of re-programming. The gaming software used by bitZino needs a major upgrade.

Is bitZino a Mobile Responsive Bitcoin Casino?

SAMSUNG bitzino bitcoin casinoBitZino does not have a mobile app for Android or Apple devices. It can only be accessed through the site. Players don’t have much choice but to use the site whenever they please.

Players who prefer playing on their Android gadgets will be pleased to know that bitZino
works perfectly fine on these mobile platforms, with the exception of the fact that you will need to zoom in and out a little, for you to access the sign in boxes more efficiently.

As for the games’ interface, the buttons that are used to control the bet and deals are large enough for you to see. But as for the screen for the game, you would need to zoom in and out to see everything clearly. If you rotate your IPHONE bitzino casino

phone horizontally, the size of the game will also adjust and will appear bigger, although from time to time, you will still need to adjust as needed.

Do take note that it’s specified in this bitZino review that it works fine on Android gadgets. Apple

gadgets don’t work well with the site. The site’s layout appears like how it usually does in desktops. The game’s screen is not adjusted to the width of the gadget’s screen. You will need to do plenty of re-adjustments to look through the games and controls successfully.

The colors, and the layout appear the same as in the desktops or PCs but they are slightly adjusted to the size of the screen of your gadgets. All of the features of the game work well. There aren’t any broken links or any unresponsive buttons.

Currency Accepted by BitZino.com

BitZino uses bitcoin as its exclusive currency. In order for you to start betting with bitcoins, you will need to make a bitcoin wallet. To do that you will need to deposit your bitcoins to your personal wallet. BitZino will provide a URL or a QR code that you can use to access that wallet.

You will need to wait at least 10 minutes for the confirmation from the bitcoin network before you can finally start using the bitcoins.

For withdrawals, the minimum amount is 0.0001 bitcoin. Expect the bitcoins deposited to your account within 24 hours and that you will be charged 0.0002 bitcoin per transaction.

Large Maximum Pay-out

Payouts above 500 BTC will be sent to your bitcoin address in increments of 500 BTC every two weeks.

BitZino Email Customer Support

BitZino Support

BitZino has no live support system but you can only voice out your concerns through their contact email. You will be required to provide your account name, and relevant details to support@bitzino.com. You can also send them a tweet @bitzino

Non-Existent Sign-up Bonus

Unfortunately, bitZino doesn’t offer any Sign-up bonus or any bonus at all. The only takeaway for this casino is that you can start off with really small amounts of cash.

Is BitZino.com a Provably Fair Casino?

As you already know by now, is among the first web-based casinos to use Provably Fair to help players check that the server does not cheat them. As mentioned earlier, bitZino takes pride with its special algorithms used in shuffling the cards. Players like you can verify this information through the Provably Fair feature installed in the website. You can even customize some of the setting just to make sure.

Game License and Security

BitZino was established back in 2012. However, there aren’t records or information about any gaming licenses provided for in the site or in any resources. Developers however assure the players that the games are all secured. A lot of players have also attested to that.

Languages Used

Right now, this web based Casino is only available in the English language. There aren’t any other options available in the site as most of the players hail from English speaking countries.

Some Helpfull Links

So far, bitZino doesn’t have a Facebook account but it has a Twitter page. Fans and players can voice out their concerns by sending in a private tweet to @bitzino. If you want to learn more about the specific terms and conditions of the site, you can click here. In there you will get to read about the limitation of liability, inactive account issues and your personal information’s security.

You may also read a bit about news related to bitZino through their stream of news articles, which is located at the bottom left corner of the homepage. If you want to be more acquainted with the site’s Provably Fair policies, you can read them here.

Weighing in BitZino Casino Pros and Cons


  • The website is easy to navigate through because of its simple layout
  • Based on this bitZino reviews and the others, it can mostly be seen that the major advantage of this online casino is the low minimum number of bitcoins that can be deposited through one’s bitcoin wallet.
  • Another advantage is that it’s among the few sites in Provably Fair.
  • They also have a very huge payout limit of 500 BTC.
  • The identities are well protected too, so players will no longer need to worry about disclosing their account information.


  • For the cons, based on some bitZino reviews, a lot of players take note on the absence of the sign up bonuses for the new players.
  • There aren’t also a lot of incentives as well. Players do complain of the very minimalistic design of the site, making it look too dull for an online casino.
  • The site is not mobile responsive
  • It doesn’t have a live support system
  • They only have a few games as compared to the other online casinos.

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  1. Never ever bet at this casino!. It’s rigged beyond a doubt. When I tried their ‘Provably fair’ Blackjack not only did I lose nine out of every 10 hands (Routinely), but ‘every time’ I got a 12 where the only value that could bust me was a 10, low & behold it kept occurring!. Moreover, consecutive dealer BJs occurred & other fishy things also include the dealer getting 20s or 21s from a starting card of 7 or 9 & rarely if ever busting on 5s or 6s. Statistically this is very suspicious & not only improbable, but consumer fraud of the word ‘Fair’.

  2. These guys took me for .26 bitcoins. Had much faith in this site but what was i thinking. Cant get in touch with anyone

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