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Bitwin Casino Review

Bitwin was developed and currently managed by the good and professional men and women of CoinGaming LTD. It began its operations in 2014 and it is currently based in Curacao,

Bitwin Online casino

Bitwin provides a comprehensive selection of classic, modern and truly fun games customized to every gambler’s preferred choice of earning money and playing the game of risk. From the tradition slots, roulette, poker, to the more fun and exciting games.

Bitwin Online casino

Bitwin was developed and currently managed by the good and professional men and women of CoinGaming LTD. It began its operations in 2014 and it is currently based in Curacao, Bitwin provides a comprehensive selection of classic, modern and truly fun games customized to every gambler’s preferred choice of earning money and playing the game of risk. From the tradition slots, roulette, poker, to the more fun and exciting games. It also holds live games hosted by live dealers for a more realistic experience. At the same time, it providers gamers with anonymity, a simple withdrawal and deposit system and…

Bitwin.io Ratings

Trust - 92%
Quality - 93%
Promotions - 80%
Games Diversity - 94%
Support - 92%


Great Bitcoin Casino!

User Rating: 4.45 ( 1 votes)

It also holds live games hosted by live dealers for a more realistic experience. At the same time, it providers gamers with anonymity, a simple withdrawal and deposit system and a seamless gaming experience. To learn more about this casino site, read this Bitwin review.

Easy to Navigate Interface

One of the main advantages of Bitcoin.io is its website. Appealing, colorful and captivating, the website immediately pulls potential gamers in with its dynamic design and its clean interface. One of the best things about this site is it is very easy to navigate and use. Several selections of the games are already available on the landing page and there are link options if one wants to just check out a specific category. There are also links that allow users to get a bitcoin wallets, secure bitcoin funds and even websites where one can spend their winnings.

The landing page also includes a side bar where more links to information are found. There is a button that leads to the casino, another that points to one’s personal account and two links that provide valuable information about bitcoins, from its basic definition, their use and where to get them, the terms and conditions of the Bitwin site, privacy policy and Bitwin’s stand on responsible gaming.

As for logging in or registering, that’s also found in the landing page. There are links found in the upper left corner of the landing page for both. Logging in changes that into one’s username and a link to one’s account.

The pages of Bitcoin.io doesn’t lag, even with minimal internet access or data from mobile phones. All of the pages load fairly quickly as soon as you click them. It barely takes a few second. Responsiveness doesn’t slow down because of the graphics. One can expect full, complete and moving pages at each click or tap. And best of all, there are no ads on the side or that pop up to derail you from the gaming experience it offers on the landing page.

Anonymous Registration for its Users

The registration process is simple and barely takes two minutes. After you click on the register button found on the upper left corner, Bitcoin.io only requires a username, a verified email address and a complex password. Afterwards, one only needs to verify that they are 18 years old and that they have read the terms of the site (a link to the term is also found in the registration page). Once that is finished, a user is immediately taken to the landing page of the registered login. Then, one only needs to deposit bitcoins to begin playing their favorite games and earn more money.

A Simple and No-Fuss Dashboard Interface

Bitwin Get New address

Once the registration process is complete, users finally have access to their dashboard, which is both simple and clean. There are only two tabs, one for deposit and withdraw, so users can keep track of their currency with ease, without being bothered by too many information and numbers. All of the bitcoins are there and accounted for.

Fun and Exciting Games for All Types of Gamers

As of this Bitwin.io review, there are over 117 games to choose from. They are listed alphabetically, so users can see the comprehensive selection they have at their fingertips. There’s also a search bar to make finding games easy. For someone who’s focused and concentrated on a specific genre of casino gaming, there are categories and filters, such as video slots, blackjack, roulette, jackpot slots, video poker, table games, keno, and baccarat, which makes finding a certain type of game so easy.

Bitwin with Viking age,under the sea and many more

The video slots category, which has 17 options, features games that have a twist on the classic slot machine. Each game has a theme, from the movies and classic film, roman gladiators, complete with avatars of warriors and soldiers, a bank heist, to outer space and even monsters straight from horror movies. For anyone looking for something more active, this is the list for them.

Bitwin You are playing bet on poker

Blackjack, on the other hand, presents seven variations of the ageless game that fans will certainly enjoy, while the category Roulette offers 5 options: two live variants, American, British and the classic casino. Jackpot Slots, in the meantime, offers larger winnings and more risk, with 11 special themes designed to elevate the game to new heights.

Bitwin You are playing bet on poker

Video Poker showcases 17 poker variations with a video twist, making this game of chance a little bit more exciting than what is seen in the real world. Can’t find friends to play poker with? This is for them. Table Games presents 13 favorite casino staples, such as stud, rummy, a poker hold em type, and trumps. Keno, is for a more specialized audience that loves this more obscure game, with the category having 4 options to choose from. Lastly, Baccarat, of features 2 variations of one the most beloved games in the world.

Starting a game is also pretty easy. One only needs to click on the button and they are provided with the game’s starting and a sidebar where one could see requirements of the game, from the minimum bet and the maximum bet, to the pay lines, jackpot and whether or not the game provides a bonus round or free spins. There a list of who just won, listed by the username of the winners and large red button where one can immediately deposit bitcoin funds to their respective accounts.

Tired of the Usual Games? There Are Lives One to Try

Bitwin For Real Money

One of the major advantages of the bitcoin.io platform is that it has live games for roulette, table games and poker – this casino reviewer gives excellent on the live section! Offering the ultimate casino experience, the live games are played with actual live dealers and against real people who are have also connected to the same experience as you did. The live games are hosted by real people who are prepared to give a good round 24 hours a day. They also interact with the players in real time.

With this type of game players are able to feel the thrill of the match and compete with thinking individuals, rather than smart and quick codes and algorithms provided by the software the website is using.

One of the Best Online Bitcoin Software

Bitwin.io’s platform is powered by Coingaming.Io. It is also supported by several other providers including Aristocrat Gaming and Betsoft. Together, these provide Bitwin with premium graphics and a seamless playing experience.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Bitwin on mobile

While the online casino has no complementary app that can be used by i0S and Android users, the website in itself is optimized to mobile consumption. Bitwin.io is mobile responsive, allowing its hundreds of users around the globe the ability to load their favorite game on their mobile home, whether they are at work, or at home, or during their idle time.

For mobile, it’s a more difficult experience, given that the size of the screen limits what one can see. The information that’s usually found in the games can also become a problem, however one can press a button to hide that instantly.

Bitwin on mobile

It’s a much better experience for tablet users. The size of the device allows users the benefit to view the games much better and clearer. Even with the menu at the bottom, the users have full sight of their favorite games.

Bitwin Accepts Bitcoin

Bitwin with Bitcoin info

Bitwin.io utilized one of the fastest rising currencies available right now, Bitcoin, guaranteeing its customers anonymity and fast transactions.

Deposit and Withdrawal with Maximum Ease

Bitwin with Bitcoin info

Users only need to transfer funds from their personal Bitcoin wallets. There is also a QR code to help users deposit bitcoin accounts faster.

However, it is important to note that one can only pay a certain game depending on the amount of money in their dashboards. If they don’t have any bitcoins that amounts to the required minimum amount to play, they won’t be able to engage in a game.

Withdrawals are also section. It can be done from one’s Bitcoin wallet address and with a press of a button, however there are 6 confirmations before it pushes through, to ensure that the bitcoin amount being transferred has approved by the user.

For this casino, there is no maximum payout or cash out.

No Welcome or Deposit Bonuses

Bitwin.Io does not offer any welcome bonuses or any deposit bonuses. Fore this Bitwin casino review we done some research outside of the casino website, and we didn’t found anything about any deposit bonuses.

Cash Bonuses are Available

Bitwin offers cash bonuses during special promotions. These bonuses does not require any deposits from its users. As long as one clicks on the promotions that show up in the website, they should be eligible.

Cash bonuses are given to a user’s account as either additional real cash. They typically come with several rules and regulations. These usually have to do with how the winnings are used, wagering and withdrawals.

There is a time sensitivity to the cash bonuses given by the website. They are typically valid for thirty whole days from the date when it was given. Failure to use it usually results in Bitwin deducting the cash from one’s account.

The winnings from any casino bonus only becomes real money after it was wagered 35 times. For example, if a player was provided 5 bitcoins, he would have to have wager 175 bitcoins. That’s only when it will become a user’s real money balance…

Bitwin offers several promotions during the year.

24/7 Customer Support

Bitwin Welcome to live chat

The telephone number, email address, Twitter, Facebook and discussion board are not visible or available in the Bitwin website. However, there is a live chat feature that will immediately answer all queries and concerns at a very immediate time. However, one needs to sign up for the chat before it can be used.

Games are not Provably Fair

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of the website is that there is no indication that it is provably fair. There is no indication that the games will not alter its outcome depending on the bet of its users.

The Pros and Cons of Bitwin.Io


  • More than a hundred different games to choose fromProvably Fair
  • Includes live games hosted by live dealers
  • Easy and quick registration process
  • No geographical restrictions for its platers
  • 24/7 customer support provided by the live chat system of the website
  • Website is responsive and optimal. It provides ease of access and convenience for its users around the world. Pages load quickly and there are category and filter features that makes it easy and efficient to navigate.
  • Deposit and withdrawal system is simple and not at all complicated. Also includes a QR code for easy deposits
  • Provides several helpful links on where to get bitcoin wallets, where to deposit bitcoin and where to spend your earnings
  • No minimum deposit needed for users to resigers
  • Mobile responsive. Websites can be used and play games on using mobile phones and tablets
  • Offers several cash bonuses as parts of its ongoing promotions


  • Not provably fair
  • No indication that it is licensed. Information is not found in the website
  • No phone and email details available on the website. No social media accounts links available in the website
  • Utilizes bitcoin alone
  • No welcome or deposit bonuses
  • No language feature that helps native speakers read the website in the language they are used to
  • Live chat feature requires a separate login before it can be used

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