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  1. Andrius Užkalnis

    Don’t play with Bitstarz, they will not honor your winnings.
    My initial deposit was 0.58 bitcoin (or over 300 euros). Received 100% bonus with 40x wagering requirement as promised. Got lucky, won a few bigger bets on slots. My balance grew up to 9 bitcoin at one point. I was so happy, wanted to cash out it as quickly as possible, therefore I raised my bets up to the max. All the time while betting I was monitoring my balance and wagering indicator in %. Everything went smooth, and within few hours I managed to reach 40x requirement with over 6 bitcoin in my balance. Decided to cash out and went to bed. Just to wake and read an email from Bitstarz that I breached their terms and conditions of betting more than 0.025 bitcoin per roll, therefore all my winnings has to be forfeited. There’s so many ways they could make it right, but they simply refuse to do so. They could make their platform so that it wouldn’t be possible to make incorrect bets. They could make so that bets over the limit wouldn’t count towards wagering requirement. Even after the fact, they could discard just the offending bets, but leave the other. But instead what they do they just steal your rightfully earned money. I feel like someone had stolen money from me. Don’t play with Bitstarz as they follow unethical business practices.


      • Hi Andrius,
        I’m sorry that the confiscation had to be made Sir, but this is quite a standard rule when you’re playing online and it’s also important that you’re aware of the rules prior to playing in the casino as you’ve accepted them by default by opening an account.

        BitStarz is licensed and registered address is Wilhelminalaan 13, Willemstad, Curaçao. Casino goes through regular checks and there is no way it could operate if wouldn’t following the rules. All winnings are paid without any issues, only if player violates the rules or Terms and Conditions there can be an issue, that’s why you always need to read them before starting playing.

        If you have any questions, please contact us via LiveChat on bitstarz.com

        Best regards,
        Max BitStarz

  2. Bitstarz is best in support and cashout speed

  3. As far as I’m concerned it’s storage is the best online casino there is Mike is the best customer support agent if I can find everyone at 7 bit Casino and all the other Big Win Casino for that matter your customer service is rude as hell

  4. Bitstarz Big Scam And change game result

  5. It’s a scam site I can prove it. I lost 13 btc here and they won’t pay my 3 btc win

  6. As per my check this very average which communicate with Softwiss (White label) i think, or running by Softwiss.
    have many games from many providers Netnet, Betsoft etc none of theem are unique
    Support 24/7
    If you want to withdraw , you have to wait for their confirmation.
    I prefer casinos that allow instant deposit / withdrawal so i don’t need depend on them.


  7. mbit sucks and bitcasino best offer x1wager if you given a bonus

  8. Can you review TradeStars ?
    Thank you

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