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BitSler Review

BitSler is a site that offers bitcoin betting sites. At the time we were doing this BitSler review, the site claimed to have already processed more than 500 million in bet amounts. We’re just not sure if this number is in bits, satoshis, or microbitcions.

BitSler is a site that offers bitcoin betting sites. At the time we were doing this BitSler review, the site claimed to have already processed more than 500 million in bet amounts. We’re just not sure if this number is in bits, satoshis, or microbitcions. BitSler, at the time this review was made, only had two games although there were two other games that are expected to be made available soon. It offers provably fair games that are designed to be fun and easy to play. Moreover, the games feature automated betting, wherein you can set conditions for bets to…

Bitsler Casino Ratings:

Trust - 9.5
Quality - 9.7
Promotions - 9.2
Game Diversity - 9.3
Support - 9


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BitSler, at the time this review was made, only had two games although there were two other games that are expected to be made available soon. It offers provably fair games that are designed to be fun and easy to play. Moreover, the games feature automated betting, wherein you can set conditions for bets to be automatically played without having to repeatedly do clicks on the game interface.

The site actually has a few good things that make it enticing. It accepts three cryptocurrencies through its regular Deposit/Withdrawal system but it can accept more through a special payment method. Signing up for an account is very easy. BitSler also provides 24/7 customer support although it’s only through email.

BitSler claims to be one of the best and most popular gambling sites. Find out if it lives up to this claim by going over our comprehensive BitSler review.

BitSler Account Registration BitSler Homepage

Account Registration

To get a BitSler account, you will not be doing the usual process of nominating an account name and entering your email address, password, and other details. The process is much shorter. You will only be asked for your preferred username. Doing so will immediately create your account. You will also be automatically logged into your account. It’s as quick as that. You will not be asked for an email address.

BitSler Account Registration

However, you need to make sure that you add a password for your account. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your account later on (unless you contact BitSler’s admin and provide your username and IP address). Unlike 10xBTC, you can’t log into your account by just entering your username and leaving the password field blank.  To add you password, go to the sidebar on the left side of your account dashboard. Find the Set Password option under the Account tab and add your password. You also have the option to add two-factor authentication for your account. This option is also under the Account tab. Additionally, there’s a Contact Infos section under the Account tab. Clicking on this opens a modal window that asks you to enter your real name, country, email address, and passphrase. It’s not compulsory filling in these details but it is advised that you do so since these information will be necessary so you can access your account later on in case you forget your password.

We like that BitSler prompts you to add your password (in case you forget to do so) when you log out of your account. However, we think it would be better to also have this prompt every time you close the BitSler tab or the browser window. Thanks to browser cookies, the BitSler website automatically brings you back to your account whenever you return to the site (after closing the tab or browser window). If these cookies are deleted, though, you will no longer be able to return to your account if you failed to add your password.

Account Dashboard

Feature-rich: This is probably the best description we can give for BitSler’s account dashboard. We found a lot of features in it even though it only had two games to offer at the time we did this BitSler review. The account dashboard, however, mostly makes use of modal windows.

BitSler Account Dashboard

The Profile page provides a comprehensive overview of your account. It presents the bet amounts you have placed, your wins and losses, as well as listings of friends and followers. Yes, there are friends and followers. The site also serves as a social network. You can communicate with other players.

Your BitSler account also has a chat function. As mentioned, you can communicate with other players through your BitSler account, and this is done through chat. Additionally, you have a mailbox or an inbox for your account, which is dedicated to facilitating communication between you and BitSler’s admin or support team.

Moreover, you can have a comprehensive view of everything you have been doing with your BitSler account through the site’s Activities Feed. Access this through the globe icon on the top of your account dashboard. You can also add a custom avatar or photo for your account.

The Games on BitSler

There were only two games that can be played on BitSler at the time we did this review. The homepage presents a total of 4 games (Dice, Caraycruz, Multicolor, and Blackace) but the other two are yet to be added to the site. Only Dice and Cara Y Cruz are playable.


BitSler Dice Game

BitSler’s Dice is a bitcoin dice game that is not really that different from the other dice games offered by other similar sites. To play, you just have to enter your Bet Amount and your desired Payout multiplier or Chance. Once you enter your bet Amount and Payout (or Chance), the Chance (or Payout) and Profit numbers are automatically adjusted.

As mentioned, this dice game features automated betting. It also has a Flash betting option, wherein you can choose one of four numbers of rolls (100, 200, 500, or 1000) to be played at a roll speed of around 50 bets per second. Flash betting is comparable to automated betting but you will have to decide on a specific number of rolls and set whether you want to return to the base bet amount or increase/decrease your bet to a certain percentage if your roll wins or loses.

We have to note in this BitSler review that when you change the game mode from normal, to automated betting, or flash betting, there may not be noticeable differences in the game interface. Just pay attention to the bottom part of the dice game interface (not the bottom part of the site but the part below the Roll Over to Win, Payout, and Chance numbers). Only these parts change as you shift to the different game modes.

Cara Y Cruz

BitSler Games - Caraycruz

BitSler’s Cara Y Cruz game is a provably fair coin flip game. It’s similar to the dice game. The playing mechanics are comparable. It also features automated betting. To play, just enter your bet amount (in the middle part of the game interface), choose 1 to 3 combinations for your Bet Choice (yes, you can have more than once bet choice), and click on the Play Now button. The result of the game will then b e displayed on the three circles on top of the Bet Choice box.

The game actually has its built-in step-by-step playing guide. The Rules are also conveniently presented on the site.

In this game, if you choose just one combination, your bet will be multiplied by 3.92 if you win. If you decide to bet on two combinations and win, your bet amount will be multiplied by 1.96. On the other hand, if you chose 3 combinations, the multiplier will be reduced to 1.307.

These are simple games that don’t require any browser add-on to be played. They don’t even need Flash. They run smoothly. We have not encountered technical issues as we tried playing them. There’s also the option to change their aesthetics by changing the theme (theme toggle is near the upper right corner of the site).

BitSler Game Software, Fairness, and House Edge

BitSler’s games have been developed in-house. They are not supplied by known third party online casino software providers such as SoftSwiss and BetEast. The games are all provably fair. The site readily presents the server and client seeds. Just go to the Provably Fair section under the Account tab to get the seeds. The instructions for doing the fairness verification is explained in the Verification page. The Verification link located at the bottom part of the site.

BitSler’s games are set to have a 1% house edge.This is not the lowest house edge around but it’s comparable to the usual percentage adopted by most similar sites.

BitSler Is Provably Fair

BitSler Is Mobile-Friendly

Thanks to its responsive web design, Bitsler is mobile-friendly. There should be no problems accessing the site and playing the games of BitSler on mobile devices. BitSler has no iOS, Android, or Windows mobile apps for playing the games on smartphones and tablets but they are not really necessary. It’s even better just having a mobile-friendly site since you can immediately proceed to playing without having to download anything. It’s not a full-fledged bitcoin mobile casino but it offers enough fun for bitcoin betting enthusiasts.

BitSler Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

BitSler is a multi-cryptocurrency site. It’s not only for bitcoin betting. It also supports accepts litecoins (LTC) and dogecoins (DOGE). However, because the site supports ShapeShift payments, it can accept deposits in most other cryptocurrencies. You can deposit in bitCrystals (BCY), blackcoin (BLK), bitshares (BTS), clams (CLAM), dash (DASH), digibyte (DGB), thedao (DGD), digixdao (DGX), emercoin (EMC), etherium (ETH), ether classic, factoids (FCT), lisk (LISK), maidsafe (MAID), mintcoin (MINT), monacoin (MONA), omni (OMNI), nubits (NBT), namecoin (NMC), novacoin (NVC), nxt (NXT), peercoin (PPC), reddcoin (RDD), siacoin (SC), storjX (SJCX), startcoin (START), tether (USDT), voxels (VOX), vericoin (VRC), vertcoin (VTC), counterparty (XCP), monero (XMR), and ripple (XRP).

BitSler - ShapeShift

To make a deposit, you need to have set a password for your account. You can make a deposit from your BTC, LTC, or DOGE wallet to the wallet address indicated on BitSler’s Deposit interface or you can use ShapeShift. The standard deposit requires at least 1 confirmation before the transaction is reflected on your account. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0011 BTC, 0.15 LTC, and 2,000 DOGE. The corresponding fees are 0.0001 for BTC deposits, 0.001 for LTC, and 1 for DOGE transactions. There is no maximum limit for deposits. You can transfer as much bitcoins, litecoins, or dogecoins as you want without questions asked.

BitSler Deposits

For withdrawals, you will have to transfer your account balance to your BTC, ETC, or DOGE wallet address through the Withdrawal window. The withdrawal transaction fees are similar to the deposit fees (0.0001 BTC, 0.001 LTC, and 1 DOGE).

Bonuses, Promotions, Player Rewards, and Affiliate Program

Don’t expect the usual bonuses and promotions from BitSler. You can’t get the usual welcome or sign up bonus, deposit bonus, or reload bonus here. Instead, the site offers the following:

  • Double Deposit. You’ll get 100% of your deposit if your deposit get confirmed with the following time: XX:XX:20, XX:XX:40, XX:XX:00.
  • Double Lucky Roll. To get this bonus, you just have to roll the number announced in the chat section. Get 0.04 BTC for the big roll and 0.005 BTC for the small roll.
  • Happy Hours. Get up to 50,000 satoshis from the bitcoin faucet when during specific times.
  • Chat Quiz. Get rewarded with random prizes for answering general knowledge questions in the chat section.

BitSler also has a bitcoin faucet. Access it by clicking on the Free BTC link on the left sidebar.

Additionally, BitSler has its version of the VIP programs and rewards offered by other bitcoin betting sites. There are 50 levels of players on BitSler. The different levels determine how much you can get from the bitcoin faucet the maximum number of times you can use the faucet, as detailed in the image below.

BitSler Account Levels

Also, you may get rewarded if you find bugs on the site. Just contact the support team to report the technical glitch or other system issue you may have encountered.

Moreover, BitSler offers a commission of 10% of its house edge for its affiliate program.

Anyway, all bonuses don’t have rollover or wagering requirements.

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

BitSler does not impose country restrictions and can be accessed from the United States. However, its Terms and Conditions clearly states that those who are located in the United States and US territories are forbidden from using the services of BitSler. As such, this site is to be categorized as a non-US cryptocurrency gambling site.

Players, nevertheless, are not compelled to reveal their identities. BitSler can be considered as an anonymous bitcoin casino although all players need to ascertain that they are at least 18 years old (or of legal age) and that there are no laws in their respective countries, states, or jurisdictions that prohibit online gambling through cryptocurrency.

The BitSler website is only available in the English language.

BitSler Player Support

Player support on BitSler is provided mainly through email. If you have inquiries, requests for assistance, or if you need help to access your account (because you failed to add your password or because of other reasons), you just have to send a message to administrator@bitsler.com. BitSler provides 24/7 customer support; this is at least according to a Bitcointalk post made by BitSler’s creators.

If you fail to get a prompt response via email, you may also try contacting BitSler through its official Bitcointalk thread. BitSler may reply to your post as BitSler, BitSler Support, or Baryom. BitSler also has official Twitter and Facebook accounts. Get updates about the site or send a message through these social media accounts.

BitSler Support

BitSler License, Regulation, and Security

The BitSler website does not provide information pertaining to the site’s online gambling license and regulation. As usual, this is not something we can point out as a major drawback since most other similar websites don’t really present details about their licensing and the government authority that oversees their operations.

When it comes to security, we like that BitSler provides the option to enable two-factor authentication. Since the transactions are on a wallet-to-wallet basis, you can expect the system to be as secure as how the bitcoin system is made to be secure.

BitSler may offer a limited number of games but we have to commend it for offering something well-crafted.


Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Provably fair games
  • Mobile-friendly games
  • Bitcoin faucet
  • Support for three cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, and DOGE
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted through ShapeShift
  • No wagering or rollover requirements for bonuses


  • Limited number of games
  • Deposits have fees
  • Limited deposit bonuses (you can’t take advantage of the absence of wagering requirements)

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