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BitKong Review

BitKong is dubbed as a fun and addictive provably fair bitcoin betting game. We are not going to try pouring cold water on that claim. Somehow, we are convinced that this site is indeed trying to offer something a little different and is fun to play. It even has a mission statement, presenting the goal of not just offering another bitcoin dice game or third party copies of other slot machine games, but offering a 100% provably fair game that is entertaining to play.

BitKong is dubbed as a fun and addictive provably fair bitcoin betting game. We are not going to try pouring cold water on that claim. Somehow, we are convinced that this site is indeed trying to offer something a little different and is fun to play. It even has a mission statement, presenting the goal of not just offering another bitcoin dice game or third party copies of other slot machine games, but offering a 100% provably fair game that is entertaining to play. Before  you get to play on BitKong, you will be greeted with a dialog box asking…

BitKong Ratings:

Trust - 98%
Quality - 94%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 50%
Support - 89%



User Rating: 3.39 ( 11 votes)

Before  you get to play on BitKong, you will be greeted with a dialog box asking you if you agree or disagree as to whether or not you meet the site’s requirements for playing. There are two requirements, which are basically the standard requirements for almost all online casinos: being at least 18 years old and the legality of the site in the jurisdiction where the player resides.

As of April 2016, BitKong claims that at least 1,000 BTC or 1 billion bits have already been wagered on the site. During its first three months of operation, according to one tweet it posted on its official Twitter account, the site already facilitated more than 1 million games and by the time we did this review, more than 3.9 million games have already been played on the site with 1.287 million mBTC or 1,287+ BTC wagered. These are indeed great numbers for a small bitcoin betting site.

BitKong is a decent gambling site that could be a good option if you are looking for something that allows you to play quickly. It even offers free bitcoins you can use for playing.

BitKong Homepage

A Little Confusing Account Creation Process

We were a little confused with BitKong’s account registration process. At first, we thought we were given an automatically generated account that we only have to get our unique URL. This is because the site has a “Welcome, *RANDOMPLAYERNAME*” section that can be modified. The Deposit and Withdrawal buttons are also readily shown on the game interface. However, we couldn’t find a button or link for the account dashboard.

It took us maybe around a minute to finally conclude that the account registration is only through Facebook. There is no Register or Sign Up button on the site. What’s available is only a blue Log In button that requires a Facebook account.

Anyway, after realizing that we can only sign up using a Facebook account, the process went smoothly. It only took a few clicks to finally get an account and proceed to playing.

BitKong Account Registration

Account Dashboard

The BitKong account dashboard is rather simple. It only has three tabs, namely Profile, Transactions, and Affiliate. There’s nothing editable here. The alias (player name) and email address indicated here are locked. The alias can only be changed by going to the homepage and changing it by clicking on the alias near the upper right corner of the site (the “Welcome, *RANDOMPLAYERNAME*” part). The email address field is automatically filled out with the email address you used with your Facebook account and is apparently not modifiable.

BitKong Account Dashboard

The BitKong Game

The game here is very simple. It’s like a minesweeper game but you just have to move up one column at the time. You will only be playing with 3 columns and 10 rows for the Easy and Hard game difficulty settings while you will be dealing with just 2 columns and 10 rows for the Medium setting.

BitKong Game

The goal is to be able to pick the field (the rectangular cell with prize label) that has a fruit to be able to move up to the next row. In the easy setting 2 out of the 3 fields in a row have a fruit (a coconut) so you have a 2/3 chance of picking the right field and moving up to the next row. In the Medium setting, obviously, 1 out of the 2 fields in a row has the fruit (banana). For the Hard setting, only 1 out of the 3 fields in a row has a fruit (a pineapple).

If you pick the right field, your bet will increase based on the prize indicated on the field and you will be able to move up. However, just like in a minesweeper game, if you chose the field that does not have the fruit, you will lose all of your bet. The good thing with this game, though, is that you can just proceed to taking the prize you have earned so far after clearing a row. You don’t need to complete all 10 rows to be able to claim your prize. You can stop after you clear even just the first row.

The game is as simple as that but it can really be fun.

What we don’t like with the game, though, is that it takes time for the “reveal” to happen. You have to wait up to a few seconds after you click on the field before you know whether or not the field you picked has the fruit. It can get a little frustrating. Also, if you have Internet connection issues, the game may freeze your browser or you may have to

wait for a really long time before you can proceed with the game.

The game has a demo version so you can try it even if you have no bitcoins to deposit yet.

BitKong Games - Demo

BitKong Game Software and Fairness

BitKong uses proprietary software that makes for a provably fair game system. The site states that the game uses an “elaborate system of coconuts, ropes, and pulleys” but of course that’s just to infuse some humor in the About Us section of the site. BitKong makes use of a random number generator (RNG) just like almost every other game site.

BitKong’s random number generator makes use of hashes taken directly from the bitcoin blockchain. As such, the game is provably fair. Well, BitKong calls it “verifiably fair.” To verify or prove the fairness of the game results (for the next game), just go to the bottom part of the game interface and click on the Verify Ticket Fairness button (below the Easy, Medium, Hard game difficulty toggle). It will quickly show you the hash and client seed for the next ticket or game.

BitKong Is Provably Fair

BitKong Is Mobile-Friendly

The BitKong site is actually mobile-friendly. We just don’t know why it returns an error on Google’s Mobile Test tool.  BitKong does not have a mobile app for playing the game on smartphones and tablets. However, we reckon such an app would be unnecessary since the mobile-friendly website already provides a good enough mobile gaming experience.

BitKong Is Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals on BitKong

BitKong only uses bitcoins (BTC) but you can choose to have the amounts presented on the site in their equivalent US dollar (USD), euro (EUR), British pound (GBP), and Chinese Yuan (CNY) values. Bitcoins are presented on the site in bits (1/1,000,000 BTC) and mBTC (1/1,000 BTC).

BitKong Currencies

We have to emphasize in this BitKong review that the site only allows deposits and withdrawals in bitcoins. The fiat currencies mentioned here are only for expressing the amount of bets and winnings in more familiar currencies. Some players may not have a good grasp yet of how much a BTC is really worth. Converting BTC to other currencies just for presentation purposes may be helpful for some players.

To make deposits, you just have to click the Deposit button. You will then be presented a bitcoin wallet address to where you will be sending the bitcoins you want to deposit. There’s also a QR code in case you want to make the deposit through your mobile device. The minimum deposit amounts are indicated on the Deposit interface along with their corresponding BTC conversions.

For withdrawals, the steps are similar. Just hover your mouse pointer over the button with a bitcoin icon to show the Withdrawal button. There’s a transaction fee of 200 bits that will be deducted for every withdrawal, which is automatically deducted from the amount being withdrawn. Two confirmations are needed before a withdrawal is completed.

BitKong Bonuses, Promotions, and Affiliate Program

Just like most other single-game sites, there is no deposit bonus on BitKong. However, free bitcoins are offered through the bitcoin faucet as well as through the site’s affiliate program.

BitKong Free Bitcoin Faucet

The bitcoin faucet can be accessed through the game interface. Every time you lose or every time a game ends, you will be presented with three options: Play Demo, Deposit to Play, or Get Free Bitcoins. Click on Get Free Bitcoins to go to the faucet. The faucet provides 10 bits after every 10 minutes.

On the other hand, BitKong has a referral program that lets players earn bitcoins. This affiliate program grants 0.25% (that’s ¼ of 1%) of every bet made by the player you refer to the site, regardless of whether they win or lose. An affiliate URL is readily presented on the site. Just click on the Affiliate link or the Invite Friends and Earn Bitcoins button at the bottom part of the site. The site provides almost everything you need to quickly reach out to potential players you can refer to the site. There are buttons for quickly sending links to your contacts on Facebook Messenger, a button for sharing the link on Facebook, as well as a button for quickly tweeting your affiliate link. You can also download banners for your blog or website and copy the simple HTML forum signature code.

BitKong Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, BitKong does not offer VIP programs and rewards.

BitKong Player Support

Support on BitKong is only provided through email. The email address is support@bitkong.com. There is no live chat or telephone support available. However, BitKong has social media accounts and a thread on the Bitcointalk.org forum.

Countries Served and Site Languages

BitKong does not block players from any part of the world. However, when we sent an email inquiry to clarify whether or not the site accepts US players, we were told that BitKong will not prevent US-based players from playing because as far as they know, bitcoin gambling is not regulated in the US so there should be no issues. As such, we can state in this review that BitKong is a US-accepted bitcoin casino or gambling site.

The BitKong website is available in two languages: English and Russian. You can find the language selector at the bottom part of the site.

BitKong Players Served

BitKong License, Regulation, Security, and Anonymity

We couldn’t find information about BitKong’s license and regulation on its website. There’s also nothing mentioned regarding the security measures in place. Nevertheless, BitKong appears to be a safe site. Account are tied with your players’ Facebook accounts so it will not be that easy for anyone to just access anybody’s account. Moreover, the site is SSL secured.

When it comes to revealing player identities, we can state in this BitKong review that this site is comparable to the typical sites we would consider as an anonymous bitcoin casino. It does not demand personal information and proofs of identity from players. Also, even though the accounts are tied with players’ Facebook accounts, BitKong guarantees that player activity is not revealed on social media.

Important Notes

BitKong mostly makes use of modal windows (pop-ups within the page) so we couldn’t provide links to the important pages of the site. To quickly get acquainted with BitKong, just go to the bottom part of the website to find the About and Statistics links. The About link will show you some fancy overview of what the game is about but is not a detailed instruction on how to play the game. You will learn more about the site by going to its Bitcointalk.org forum thread (the link is also at the bottom part).

The site lacks a Terms and Conditions page but since the game mechanics and winnings withdrawal system are designed to be quick and easy, we can state in this BitKong review that there’s nothing much to worry about. As long as you are at least 18 years old and there are no legal prohibitions against bitcoin gambling in your country or jurisdiction, you should do just fine gambling bitcoins online with BitKong.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple and enjoyable game
  • You can stop and claim your prize after clearing a row, even after just the first row. It’s not necessary to clear all 10 rows to be able to claim your prize.
  • Free bitcoin faucet
  • Provably fair
  • Mobile-friendly


  • No live chat support
  • Only one game available
  • Facebook account required
  • There are no instructions or tooltips to help you understand the different parts of the site and to help you learn how to play the game.
  • The site can get sluggish over time.

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  1. I have been in the top 3 overall for 2 weeks …and wont make it a 3rd. not because of effort. BUT BECAUSE THIS SITE CHEATS. I HAVE EXTREME DOUBTS in the sites claim that its provably fair. considered that after I took my first withdraw of 1 btc. everything changed. To begin, the reason i was easily able to exploit the site for a btc was that there dwas pattern after paattern that was easily distingushable and allowed me to rake in the bits. After cash out,…not so much. Im lucky to make it past the 2nd row on easy…i mean come on! on EASY!! WTF? Ive played atleast 12 hours this way. over the past two days…not a chance does a player go from averagin a level 6 or 7 to a 2 overnight…its an enormous change. take my words…CASh OUT ONCE AND NEVER GO BACK!

    • True words this site makes you win at the beginning and then then start stealing I stole more than 15 thousand dollars and this site is not worth a thousand dollars I hope to take the precaution and caution This trap fraud

      • Sometimes you lost at the beginning they start winning, like me, won over $25,000 USD after loosing $3,000. Unfortunately I have returned and lost a lot, but still in profit ~$7K!

  2. This game steals indirectly so please beware is a scam trap
    اقتراح تعديل

  3. Please take the precaution and prudence professionally

  4. There’s no way to prove the game is provably fair. The server seed is only shown after the game ends therefore there’s no way to verify the legitimacy of the server seed since it can be generated in such a way to go against the client seed. The verification only verifies the server + number (which like I said, can be botched by the admin) and doesn’t take into account the client seed.

  5. Im playing already for 4 months and won about 10 btc during this period, all the tickets I lost I could verify, Im cant say this is scam, but anyway gambling is gambling sometimes you win sometimes you lose.

  6. This site is a huge scam and it´s not provably fair as it claims to be. Invest in it if you want to lose your money. I´m amazed with so many dumb people spending their money in SCAMS like this!!!! And worst of this site is the person who wrote this review that just wanna trick you into fall into this!

  7. Cool game, easy to play and safe what is most important

  8. Hi guys ,I want money if these is fack ,I am no more
    I already deposited on some fack website and lost 25k
    Plz guys help me ,if there is any website which gives at least 20$ per day ,plz share to my mail guys ,
    It’s request guys

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