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Bitcoin.com Casino Review

Bitcoin.com is one of the most prominent bitcoin-related sites at present. It features news, guides, live chat, and a forum. It also facilitates the buying of bitcoins. In May 2016, the site launched a high stakes bitcoin casino section with SoftSwiss as the game provider. It has since become a bitcoin casino site and it certainly deserves a spot on Bitcoin Casino Reviews.

Bitcoin.com is one of the most prominent bitcoin-related sites at present. It features news, guides, live chat, and a forum. It also facilitates the buying of bitcoins. In May 2016, the site launched a high stakes bitcoin casino section with SoftSwiss as the game provider. It has since become a bitcoin casino site and it certainly deserves a spot on Bitcoin Casino Reviews. Bitcoin.com’s online casino section is referred to as Bitcoin Games on its website. It is a provably fair gaming site that features a number of games. At the time we did this review, the site had video…

Bitcoin.com Casino Ratings

Trust - 97%
Quality - 91%
Games Diversity - 90%
Support - 95%
User Rating: 2.9 ( 2 votes)

Bitcoin.com’s online casino section is referred to as Bitcoin Games on its website. It is a provably fair gaming site that features a number of games. At the time we did this review, the site had video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slots, and dice games. Being a relatively new online bitcoin casino site, Bitcoin Games only has a few dozens of players online every hour. Bitcoin is the site’s exclusive currency and it does not require players to register for an account.

Some of the most notable features of Bitcoin Games are its high expected return and house edge. It claims to have one of the highest expected returns and lowest house edge numbers as compared to all types of casino (online and offline). Like most other bitcoin casinos, Bitcoin Games is not available to players in all parts of the world. There are restricted countries or territories. Learn more about these in the review below.

Bitcoin Games Homepage

Account Registration

As mentioned, Bitcoin Games does not require player registration. The moment you open the site and ascertain that it is legal to playe bitcoin casinos in your country, you can proceed to playing. You will be readily provided an anonymous account that is only identified by a random string of alphanumeric characters. There is no need to fill out a registration form or to enter some details about yourself.

Just like Chopcoin.io and BidyBit, Bitcoin Games makes use of unique URLs to let players maintain an account. We had some difficulty finding where to view the unique URL, though.. There’s a clickable account name on the top part of the site (the random string of characters) but it does not open any new page or modal window. We had to do some deeper scrutiny of the site before we found that the Account tab mentioned in the Help page is on the lower portion of the site  (in all game pages). It would have been better if there was a quick link on top pointing to the Account tab. It’s not that noticeable.

Bitcoin Games Account Dashboard

Anyway, like most other bitcoin casinos that make use of unique URLs to grant no-registration player accounts, Bitcoin Games also provides the option to secure an account with a username and password. In the Account tab, just click on the Set Your Account Password button and enter your desired password. Once you have a password, you no longer have to remember or bookmark your unique URL. You can return to your account by logging in using your username and password.

Since the default usernames appear to be random combinations of numbers and letters, it would be better to change them into something you can more easily remember so it wouldn’t be difficult logging in later on.

Bitcoin Games User Interface

The Bitcoin Games user interface isn’t that difficult to figure out but as stated earlier, it just took us some time to find the Account tab. If you have some difficulty finding your way around the site, just click on the Help button just below the list of currently active players on the right side of the site. You can also consult the FAQ page (link is on top) for questions you may have about the site.

If you want to do changes on your account, the options are mostly under the Account tab. Aside from modifying your username and password, you can also enable two factor authentication under this tab. You can also set a fixed bitcoin wallet address for your withdrawals here. If you want to make deposits into your Bitcoin Games wallet, just click on the green Deposit Bitcoin button on the bottom part of the site.

If you want to view your game stats, just click on the View Your Game Stats link below the Set Fixed Withdrawal Address button. If you want to log out, the logout button/link is right below the game stats link.

It’s not really a complicated interface. You might just need to get acquainted with it for a while, especially if you have been accustomed to sites that readily present the links to the most important pages on a menu bar on top.

What You Can Play on Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin Games only has 7 games. These are Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Slots, and Dice. These are no longer the games mentioned in news releases you may find online about Bitcoin.com’s partnership with SoftSwiss and the more than 1,000 games offered upon launching. Apparently, their partnership had already ended.

Bitcoin Games - Game Collection

All games are expected to be played within a period of two hours from the time of the deal. Any game not played within this period will be cancelled. If you have already placed a bet for a game, it will be forfeited if the cancellation has already been implemented.

Bitcoin Games can be considered a free

bitcoin casino as it provides test credits to allow all players to place bets and fully experience the games on the site without having to spend anything yet.

The games on Bitcoin Games may not be some of the best around but they are engaging and enjoyable. The jackpots are also good enough.

Bitcoin Games Software and Fairness

Since the partnership with SoftSwiss appears to have already ended, the games featured on Bitcoin Games are no longer from the said online casino game provider. They are now proprietary games under the full control of Bitcoin.com.

Bitcoin Games Provably Fair

As mentioned earlier, Bitcoin Games is a provably fair online bitcoin casino. All games are guaranteed to be free from cheating and the fairness of the outcomes for every game can be tested. Click on the Provably Fair button on top of the site to view the detailed instructions on how the testing is to be done.

The declared house edge for the games are as follows: video poker: 0.25%, blackjack: 0.4%, roulette: 1%, craps:0.2%, keno: 1%, slots: 1%, and dice: 0.75%. For the expected return, Bitcoin Games claims to offer as much as 99.7% for the main game and 62.7% for the side bet.

Bitcoin Games Expected Return

Bitcoin Games Is Not Mobile-Friendly

As usual, we did our standard test for mobile compatibility with the help of Goog

le’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Unfortunately, Bitcoin Games does not appear to be mobile-friendly. It does not have a responsive web design. Still, the games can be played on tablets or mobile devices with larger displays. A stylus may be needed to make it easier to click on buttons. The games don’t require Flash or other special software, though.

Bitcoin Games Is Not Mobile Friendly

Currencies, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Bitcoin is the only currency used on Bitcoin Games. To make a deposit, find the Deposit Bitcoin button, which appears on the game pages. Click on it to reveal the bitcoin address to where you will be sending your deposit. Expect your deposit to be credited on your account within a few seconds. There are no confirmations required. As soon as your deposit is detected in the bitcoin network, your balance will be credited.

Bitcoin Games - Making a Deposit

For withdrawals, the process is similar. Just click on the Cash Out button and enter the amount you want to withdraw and your bitcoin destination address. A fixed withdrawal

fee of 0.0001 BTC will be deducted from the amount withdrawn.

Bonuses, Promotions, Player Rewards, and Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Games does not have a bonuses and promotions scheme. It also does not offer player rewards. You just get the prizes you win in the games. Nevertheless, it does offer a referral program. This referral program offers up to 25% of house edge on all bets made for every new player referred to the site. There is no limit on how much can be earned through this referral system. There’s also no mention of a threshold for withdrawals but a standard 0.0001 BTC transaction fee will be imposed for each withdrawal of accumulated affiliate earnings.

Bitcoin Games Referral Program

Just click on the Referral Program link near the upper right corner of the site to view your referral link and learn more about the mechanics of the Bitcoin Games referral program and to view your real-time referral stats.

Country Restrictions, Anonymity, and Site Languages

We appreciate that on the very first time you load the Bitcoin Games page, it pops out a modal window that shows a list of countries deemed ineligible for playing on the site. These countries include the United States, Syria, Iran, and North Korea. If you are a resident in any of these countries, you might still be able to open the site but realize that you may only play using free credits. You cannot playing using real bitcoins. If you are found to be in violation of this country restriction policy, your account will be terminated. Fortunately, if you have made deposits, Bitcoin Games says that you will be refunded for your unwithdrawn deposit or balance (except your winnings if you have any).

Bitcoin Games Welcome Page

All players on Bitcoin Games are guaranteed their anonymity. Again, each player account is anonymous and no personal details are required to be able to play. The exclusive use of bitcoins on the site also helps ensure that your identity will be protected as you play on the site.

When it comes to site languages, unfortunately Bitcoin Games is only available in English. It is primarily intended for the English-speaking online gaming market except for those who are citizens or residents of the United States.

Bitcoin Games License, Regulation, and Security

As stated on the Terms of Service of Bitcoin Games, the site is operating under the laws of Nevis (Caribbean Island). If there are complaints or problems raised by players or if there are disputes, they shall be settled under the adjudication of the courts of Nevis.

On the other hand, on the apparent dissolution of the partnership with SoftSwiss, we actually sent an email inquiry about. We are thankful to have received a quick response from the Bitcoin Games support team. We were told that the partnership reached an amicable end August last year. Here’s a bit of the response we received:

“Our partnership with Softswiss, Casino.bitcoin.com, ended amicably in August, 2016, and we have since set up Bitcoin Games which is run entirely by Bitcoin.com. Given that we are a Bitcoin-centric website we preferred to take a ‘crypto only’ approach and decided to shed any connection to gaming with fiat currency entirely.

This setup also allows us complete control over our offerings and ensures that we can respond to the wants and needs of our players in a much more customer focused fashion than our partnership with Softswiss permitted, and also gives us complete autonomy over the jackpots we can offer. Collectively these currently amount to over 334.5 BTC!”

Bitcoin Games Player Support

If you have questions regarding your account or if you have complaints, you can directly contact the Bitcoin Games admin by email through games@bitcoin.com. You may also send a tweet or direct message through twitter.com/@BtcPlay.  Also, the site has a forum section. It is mainly intended for bitcoin discussions but there are some threads for discussions related to Bitcoin.com’s Games section. You need to sign up for a separate account for the forum.

We tried contacting Bitcoin Games’ support and we’re glad to report here that they are very responsive and accommodating.

Bitcoin Games Support

Pros and Cons


  • Simple but appealing and Intuitive website, with accompanying instructions for all games
  • Provably fair games
  • Two factor authentication
  • Refund guaranteed for those who have registered and made deposits but are found to be residents of ineligible countries
  • Complete anonymity


  • Difficult to find “Account tab” (for getting the unique URL for the account and for setting username, password, and two factor authentication)
  • Not available to US players
  • Limited number of games


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  1. DO NOT PLAY AT BITCOIN GAMES or any Bitcoin.com casino! They will STEAL YOUR COINS! If you accidentally send them BTh to a BTC address, They will not give it back to you or credit your account.

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