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BitcoinCasino.net Review

We initially had to skip doing this BitcoinCasino.net review because there was something wrong with this site the first few times we tried to access it. We’re not sure, we actually forgot if this was the site that failed to load or it was the one that made Firefox flash a security warning. We decided to revisit it and we’re glad that the issue we encountered earlier has already been resolved. We can access the site now without problems.

We initially had to skip doing this BitcoinCasino.net review because there was something wrong with this site the first few times we tried to access it. We’re not sure, we actually forgot if this was the site that failed to load or it was the one that made Firefox flash a security warning. We decided to revisit it and we’re glad that the issue we encountered earlier has already been resolved. We can access the site now without problems. BitcoinCasino.net has a grand claim that it is “the world’s number one online casino.” It is “second to none” because, as…

BitcoinCasino.net Ratings

Trust - 93%
Quality - 93%
Promotions - 50%
Games Diversity - 95%
Support - 92%


Great Casino!

User Rating: 4.4 ( 1 votes)

BitcoinCasino.net has a grand claim that it is “the world’s number one online casino.” It is “second to none” because, as the texts on its website put it, of its fast payouts, huge jackpots, bonuses, and several features that make betting and “exciting and rush-filled experience.”  BitcoinCasino also claims to be a trusted, secure, and fully-licensed casino.

Moreover, this online casino brags about using the latest in 3D software to provide the best possible gaming experience. We are not sure if it is indeed the best possible experience being offered but we can say, based on what we have seen in this site so far, the games are at least good in terms of function and aesthetics. BitcoinCasino.net also takes pride in offering “market crushing jackpots” amounting to more than 420,000 mBTC.

Honestly, it’s difficult to review sites like this. It feels like you know that they know that they are not the best but they insist that they are anyway. But then again, we have to keep our impartiality for this BitcoinCasino.net review so we are not letting this affect our evaluation. We are trying to thoroughly evaluate the different aspects of this gambling site to find out if it’s worth considering or not. Read along and find out if you should register for an account in this online casino.

BitcoinCasino.net Homepage

Lightning Fast Registration

If there’s anything BitcoinCasino.net can truly brag with solid proof, it would be its registration process. Signing up for an account with BitcoinCasino takes perhaps less than 10 seconds if you are a fast typist. There is no email confirmation needed. Once you’re done filling out the form and hitting the Register button, you are already automatically logged in to your account. You can then start getting acquainted with the user interface and play.

BitcoinCasino.net Registration

The Account Dashboard: Demonstrating the Straightforwardness of Bitcoin Gambling

The account dashboard of BitcoinCasino.net is unlike what you see in other online bitcoin casinos. You can’t access it by clicking on your username. Instead, you have to click on the orangey Deposit button. This button opens the Cashier page that lets you access both the Deposit and Withdraw functions. There is no profile page. We could not find a specific page that would allow us to change our username or password. This dashboard is entirely about making bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. We can’t even find a section through which we can monitor our bonuses, rewards, bets, and winnings. Basically, this dashboard infers that the transactions will be just from one wallet to another, from the player wallet to BitcoinCasino wallet, vice versa. Looks like password changes will have to be undertaken with the help of a customer support representative.

BitcoinCasino.net Account Dashboard

Despite the straightforwardness, we appreciate that BitcoinCasino.net added a Help link to assist players who are new to doing bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. It’s not a very conspicuous Help link (beside Home) located on top of the Deposit and Withdraw buttons but it’s good to have it nonetheless. We just wish it was highlighted in some way or at least integrated in the Deposit or Withdrawal sections of the account dashboard.

What Games Can Be Played on BitcoinCasino?

There are quite many of them. The Casino games alone, according to the site, features more than 100 games but our count says there’s actually more than that, around thrice as many. We wonder why the writers for BitcoinCasino website don’t seem to be aware of the real number of games available on their own site. Manually viewing all of the games available (by repeatedly clicking the Load More button) is a chore. The game grid/gallery takes time to load and it acts erratically whenever we get to load so many game thumbnails on one page. Nevertheless, we like how this presentation of the games is implemented. Ordinary players wouldn’t be doing the kind inspection of the games we do anyway so the little issue we encountered shouldn’t be a problem. The game gallery has a search tool so it should be easy finding the game you like with the help of keywords.

Bitcoincasino.net Casino Games

The games come with their respective star ratings. Also, if you hover your mouse pointer on the game thumbnails, more details can be viewed. These details include the minimum and maximum bets, paylines, and indicators whether or not the game has a bonus game, progressive levels, and free spins. Additionally, the game thumbnails come with tags if they are high limit games or jackpot games.

The games also have their respective Play for Fun versions so players can try them out first without having to spend real bitcoins.

The Casino games in BitcoinCasino.net include blackjack, video slots, jackpot slots, table games, video poker, roulette, keno, and scratch cards. They feature good to great graphics. They look definitely better than the games of some online casinos that use their untried and untested gaming software or platforms. The games look modern and pleasant. Even better, they are adequately responsive and they load relatively quickly. We can say this because have encountered a number of online casinos recently that offer games with worse (low quality graphics) but still take time to load their games.

BitcoinCasino.net also features a variety of live games. These are labeled as Live Casino, Live Dice, and Live Lotto games. You may notice that there is a Table Games category alongside, Casino Games, Live Casino, Live Dice, and Live Lotto. This category is actually just a part of the Casino games section so just ignore it.

The Live Casino games include feature live roulette, blackjack, and baccarat games. The table limits are indicated on the game thumbnails along with graphical seat indicators.

Bitcoincasino.net Games

IMPORTANT NOTE: The games are by default not shown in full screen but there is an option to make them go full screen. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug in this full screen mode. When we clicked the full screen toggle, the result was a mess. The game does not appear as how it should, as shown below.

BitcoinCasino.net Casino Games Full Screen Issue

The BitcoinCasino.net Gaming Platform

BitcoinCasino.net joins the ranks of mBit Casino, 4Grinz Casino, 365 BetBit Casino in being one of the users of the CoingGaming.io platform. This platform operates under the iGaming license issued by the government of Curaçao to Antillephone N.V.

Since BitcoinCasino.net uses CoinGaming.io, you may expect the games to be provably fair. The site, interestingly, does not brag about having games that are provably fair.

We have inspected the games and they don’t come with their provability widgets. Since the games are from CoinGaming.io, our presumption is that many of the games can at least be manually tested for fairness. However, since BitcoinCasino.net appears to have a flare for self-aggrandizing, the fact that it does not highlight that its games are provably fair may mean that these games are not really provably fair. As such, we will not be writing in this BitcoinCasino.net review that the games are provably fair.

Mobile-Friendly Website

BitcoinCasino.net has a mobile-friendly website, which is good since it does not have mobile apps for either iOS or Android devices that can be used by players who want to take their games wherever they go. The site does not look perfect but navigability is not an issue with it. We like that the Chat Now button is always available so you can quickly contact customer support for whatever concern you may have.

BitcoinCasino.net Mobile-Friendly Website

Currency Used and the Handling of Deposits and Withdrawals

Of course, this BitcoinCasino.net review will not be complete without this section on the currency used.

BitcoinCasino.net only uses bitcoins. This should already be evident in the account dashboard we discussed earlier. The Deposit and Withdraw transactions only pertain to bitcoins. There are no options for making deposits or requesting cash outs through other methods.

BitcoinCasino.net recommends Blockchain, Armory, and BitcoinQT for those who don’t have bitcoin wallets yet. For those who don’t have bitcoins to spend, the recommended sites are BitStamp.net and Coinbase.com. The latter is particularly suggested for US players.

There are no minimum and maximum amounts mentioned for the deposits. The same goes for the cash-outs. However, the Terms and Conditions page of BitcoinCasino.net says that deposits need to have a minimum of six confirmations before a withdrawal can be made. Also, BitcoinCasino.net reserves the right to require additional confirmations for withdrawals exceeding 1 BTC. Moreover, in cases when players win 50 BTC or more, it is possible that the payout will be divided into ten installments for up to 10 months.

BitcoinCasino.net Bonuses and Rewards

Unfortunately, BitcoinCasino.net does not have clear details on the bonuses or rewards it offers. On its Terms and Conditions page, there are provisions related to the possibility of giving out bonuses but they don’t conclusively say that bonuses are being given. The 100% first deposit bonus, for example, is only mentioned hypothetically.

We asked in the live chat if the bonus pages is real, because it looked weird. Well, here is what they told us:


They asked us to try bitcasino.io, and the bonus page is…not real…

On the site, there is also no mention of an affiliate program. However, we found a page within BitcoinCasino.net that indicates that an affiliate program exists or may be offered in the future. This page requires login details. Unfortunately, when we used the login details we have for our BitcoinCasino.net account, we were unable to access the page. This probably means that the affiliate program is yet to be offered.

BitcoinCasino.net Affiliate program

Live Chat Customer Support Available 24/7

There is a 24/7 live chat facility offered by BitcoinCasino.net to players, current and prospective. The site does not have a Support page that provides comprehensive details on how to contact BitcoinCasino.net in cases problems or issues are encountered. The site does not readily mention that it is also possible to contact customer support via email. We had to do some digging to find out that the support email address is support@bitcoincasino.net.

BitcoinCasino.net Customer Support

No Restrictions against US Players

BitcoinCasino.net does not mention anything about imposing restrictions against players from the United States or from other specific parts of the world. However, based on how the site has been setup, we are inclined to believe that US players are welcome to the site. Besides, since the site exclusively uses bitcoins, it is unlikely that there are legal problems if US players play on this site.

Important Pages on BitcoinCasino.net

New players should consider going over the Terms and Conditions page of BitcoinCasino.net. The page includes the site’s privacy policy. There’s also a section on Responsible Gaming that come with links to articles on the use of bitcoins for online gambling. If you need more information or insights regarding the use of bitcoins, just visit the Communities page of the site.

Pros and Cons


  • Players can play anonymously as no personal details and identity confirmations are required
  • Fast bitcoin deposit and withdrawal transactions
  • Wide range of casino games available including games with live dealers
  • 24/7 live chat support available
  • Play for Fun option available (free bitcoin casino)
  • Mobile-friendly


  • No clear information regarding the deposit bonuses and other rewards for players
  • Games are not provably fair
  • There’s a problem in loading the games in full screen.

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